ACTION ITEM! Petition Jesuits to abort big-business abortion leader Cecile Richards invitation!

From CNS comes this notice about a petition.

Jesuit-run (who else) Georgetown University – which covered up the Holy Name when the pro-abortion, anti-freedom POTUS Obama visited – has invited big-business abortion tycoon Cecile Richards, CEO of abortion-industry leader Planned Parenthood.

The Newman Society is calling on Georgetown to formally rescind the invitation to Richards, and restore its Catholic identity and fidelity, “which have been diminished and even scorned in recent decades.”

The petition, which can be signed at reads:

I join with The Cardinal Newman Society and faithful Catholics in calling on Georgetown University to uphold its Catholic identity and commitment to human dignity by rescinding the Lecture Fund’s invitation to Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards to speak on campus in April.

The Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) is America’s leading agent of the culture of death, promoting and selling abortion and contraception and even selling the parts of aborted babies.  As the chief executive of PPFA and the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Richards formally cooperates in these activities and promotes positions and activism that directly contradict Catholic teaching on the dignity of human life and on human sexuality.  According to PPFA’s records of “abortion services” disclosed in annual reports, Richards has overseen the deaths of more than 2.8 million babies since taking charge of the organization in 2006.

It is shameful that Georgetown University would defend the Lecture Fund’s invitation to this horrific speaker.  There is no academic freedom that can justify the willful denial of basic truths and advocacy for gruesome crimes against humanity.

We call on Georgetown University to restore the Catholic identity and fidelity that once were the foundation of America’s oldest Catholic university, but which have been diminished and even scorned in recent decades.  May Georgetown once again be a beacon of light for students seeking truth in the Light of Christ.

Read all about the event at CNS.

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  1. benedetta says:

    I was raised by Jesuit university educated man of integrity and a dedicated civil servant who respected our nation’s values of pluralism and diversity.

    It’s time for Catholic academe to divest, now. Cecile Richards is a partisan political hack who obtained her position at the helm of big business abortuary basically via political establishment nepotism — a cash cow for establishment Democrats, Planned Parenthood was a plum and a protection of turf pet pork interest.

    Of a time, “Catholic politicians” would go to Catholic universities to make some big speech to justify the party line by way of twisted legalism dressed up as serious thought or theology. The 1970s are no longer. What was justified for the party’s support then, a “last resort” scenario, has turned into the torturous, macabre tens of millions and in New York a near genocide. Not only can no self respecting Catholic university host someone at the helm of destruction of humanity and therefore humanism, but no university campus which prides itself on open debate and proceeding on reason can anymore provide advertisement, vote getting under a kangaroo forum to something that in twenty years will be regarded as an embarassment and failure of our nation’s character.

  2. excalibur says:

    Signed, and sent out on Twitter as well.

    Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

  3. robtbrown says:

    Has the Cardinal Archbishop of Washington commented?

  4. Papabile says:

    I can’t wait to see Wuerl comment. That’s where we should focus our annoyance.

  5. acardnal says:

    Here’s Cdl. Wuerl’s actual statement for the Archdio. website:


  6. benedetta says:

    These last decades have rendered the Cuomo Notre Dame politico justification pseudo doctrine utterly worthless and a hypocritical embarassment. All that was good for was to get votes and campaign cash, in exchange for looking the other way, while a whole generation was put up for torture, dismemberment, and their horrible demise. It justified the whole rigging for just enough time to get the vote transaction while the big loud arrogant politico looked the other way. It was a charade.

    It’s so pathetic that Georgetown is still falling for the bigoted intimidator tactic, which bullies anything labeled Catholic in academe into letting itself serve as moutpiece for more baby death just so it can remain in appearance copacetic with the shell that is left of Democratic values and as if somehow it ever entertained any open mindedness and reason.

    Abortion culture is inherently unreasonable and anti humanist. I hope young students there demonstrate and register their righteous indignation that their school will host a partisan hack, one whose only interest is the investment of money and support for more death. Barf.

  7. benedetta says:

    Can’t you just see the program now “If you haven’t notice, it is an election “year”, and Georgetown is no different from the common rabble rouser who wants in on the reality show public consciousness and arousing. That being said it is with great pride that we present a hack apologist for death, whose organization to the tune of billions for greed happily dismembers and tortures tiny humans in the womb. After we teach what we have taught, and taught it once again, the glamorous and beautiful Ms. Richards, the daughter of Texas Governor Ann, will take select and censored questions from the student body herein. **Legal disclaimer: the university takes no responsibility for any messed up lives due to the lies and deception which is the promotion of billionaires for more abortions for an already messed up nation or for students who mistake lies for truth. All are welcome.”

  8. Alanmac says:

    This is like B’nai B’rith inviting Adolph Eichman in for a Q and A on ethics. Should never happen.

  9. HeatherPA says:

    While I appreciate that the Cardinal commented against the invitation, doesn’t he also have the power to once and for all strip Georgetown of its claim of being a Catholic university? I have read of other bishops doing so to “Catholic” hospitals that began or continues to offer sterilization etc… and isn’t there a alumni supported petition asking for just that?

    An act as that would truly resonate in the Catholic college circuit. All it takes is one bishop to say “Enough!” with the outrageous goings on in many so-called Catholic colleges for the ball to begin rolling.

  10. Joseph-Mary says:

    I have no confidence that a modernist Jesuit would / could respond to such a petition…

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