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#ViganoTestimony 3.0!  Powerful response to accusations, points to crisis of homosexuality #sodoclericalism

Huge. Archbp. Carlo Maria Viganò has issued a third Testimony.  It is a neutron bomb. First, at CNA we read that the present “Sostituo”, the 2nd in command in the Secretariat of State for matter within the Church, Archbishop Edgar Peña … Continue reading

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Card. Ouellet’s Letter to Archbp. Viganò about the #ViganoTestimony

The Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops wrote an Open Letter to Archbp. Viganò, once the Nuncio to these USA.  As you know, Archbp. Viganò released a “Testimony“.   Then he went into hiding, for good reason. In the sequel to the … Continue reading

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#ViganoTestimony – THE SEQUEL

At LifeSite we see that Archbp. Viganò has released another statement. ROME, September 27, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has today issued a new extraordinary testimony, responding to Pope Francis’ refusal to answer the charge that he knew of … Continue reading

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Bishop R. Walker Nickless of Sioux City on #ViganoTestimony

Bishop R. Walker Nickless of Sioux City has made a statement about The Viganò Testimony. […] As I mention our priests, seminarians and deacons, I want to thank the faithful of the Diocese of Sioux City who have offered support, … Continue reading

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Henry Sire: “Archbishop Viganò is now living in fear of his life, quite literally.”

From the Twitter feed of the author of The Dictator Pope. 1) IMPORTANT NEWS: my sources confirm that Archbishop Viganò is now living in fear of his life, quite literally. As everyone knows, Archbishop Viganò went into hiding after his … Continue reading

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The Viganò Testimony: Was it justified or was it a violation of an oath?

For a while I’ve been mulling The Viganò Testimony, as have we all. When it came out, some libtards, especially those who are energetically defending the heavily embattled Card. Wuerl, said that we should attack equally other (more conservative) figures, … Continue reading

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8 Sept. 2018 – Most Rev. J. Strickland @BishopOfTyler – Solemn TLM for Nativity of Mary

Good news from Tyler… no… mooorrrre good news from Tyler, TX. You might recall that Most Rev. Joseph E. Strickland, Bishop of Tyler, was just about the first US prelate out of the gate to say clearly that the content of Archbp. Viganò’s “Testimony” … Continue reading

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The Hunting of the Viganò

Church Militant has a fascinating story, the stuff of novels. THE HUNT FOR VIGANÒ: VATICAN SPIES TRACKING WHISTLEBLOWER By Rev. Michael X., JCL Vatican officials are on the hunt for Abp. Carlo Maria Viganò. According to sources within the Vatican, … Continue reading

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Will Francis punish Archbp. Viganò for his Testimony?

Archbp. Carlo Maria Viganò is experience what virtually all whistleblowers experience.   He is being smeared and savaged by those on whom he has blown the whistle.  Also, there is the threat of punishment, or being sued or prosecuted.  That often … Continue reading

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Ed Feser: Why Archbishop Viganò is almost certainly telling the truth… #V

Very smart philosopher Edward Feser has posted his assessment of The Viganò Testimony.  I won’t go into detail.  You can visit over there.  However, let’s see where he goes: There are five considerations that seem to me to make it … Continue reading

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Omnium Gatherum: Of chilling out, new revelations, and Job’s job

Some quick views of bits and pieces. First, Michael Cook is editor of MercatorNet. He offers is a piece that we should all just “chill out” over The Present Crisis. He manages to make a few decent points, but the … Continue reading

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Francis, generally voluble, now surprisingly mum

Ubi loqui et debet et potuit, qui tacet consentire videtur. Washington Examiner: Pope Francis normally won’t stop talking. He’s picked a funny time to go silent by Becket Adams | August 30, 2018 01:08 PM For a guy who loves … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: If Francis resigned… then what?

I’ve had a lot – A LOT – of emails about various aspects of the possibility of Pope Francis’ resignation.  There is talk about this, since The Viganò Testimony.  More and more people are calling for Francis to resign.  That’s … Continue reading

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29 August: What are people chanting at end of Francis’ General Audience? Is it “VIGANO! VIGANO! VIGANO”?

UPDATE: They could be chanting “VIGANO!”. I scrubbed the audio a little and slowed it down. I am hearing “ITALO!” There was a bishop there, Lucca Italo Castellani. Still, it is hard to tell exactly.   Here is some cleaned up … Continue reading

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Italian press in full, spittle-flecked nutty. Malicious idiocy from Beans and Wormtongue.

For those of you who read Italian here are a couple of pages of typical reportage. The images are large if you open them in another tab or window. First, Wormtongue writes for La Stampa.  Notice that breathy Beans bubbles … Continue reading

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