Some reactions to the Viganò Testimony. – UPDATED

UPDATE 27 August:

CNN… what a bunch of dopes.

Former Archbishop wants Pope to resign


In a statement seen by CNN on Sunday, former Archbishop and Vatican ambassador to the US Carlo Maria Vigano said he told the Pope about allegations of sexual abuse against high-profile American Cardinal Theodore McCarrick five years ago, but that the Pontiff did nothing about it.Source: CNN

That unbeatable combo of ignorance and arrogance.

UPDATE 27 August:

Wuerl goes on offense. He wants Viganò investigated.

Perhaps the starting point for a serene and objective review of this testimony is the inclusion of Archbishop Viganò’s tenure as Apostolic Nuncio to the United States in the mandate of the Apostolic Visitation already called for by Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

From the Archd. of Washington DC site:

UPDATE 27 August:

Bp. Olmsted of Phoenix has stated:

I have always known and respected [Archbishop Viganò] as a man of truthfulness, faith and integrity. … For this reason, I ask that Archbishop Viganò’s testimony be taken seriously by all, and that every claim that he makes be investigated thoroughly.

UPDATE 27 August:

Matt Walsh at Daily Wire writes:


A few points about all of this:

1) There are no flattering ways to interpret Pope Francis’ non-denial. Either he is guilty as sin or he has so much disdain and hubris in his heart that he does not think he owes anyone an explanation. I suppose a third possibility is that the man has gone completely senile. But until Vatican doctors testify to the latter option, we are left choosing between the first two or both combined.

Whichever is true, Francis’ answer is shameful. Catholic faithful around the world had already been deeply distressed and heartbroken as they watched their beloved Church gasping and staggering under the weight of cowardice, debauchery, and corruption. Now that the Pope has been implicated, many Catholics have found themselves teetering on the edge of despair. In the face of such scandal and pain, Francis has nothing to offer but smugness. It is disgraceful.


2) If the allegations are true, Pope Francis must resign. He would lack the moral capacity to lead even a local parish in North Dakota, let alone the entire Church. If he will not resign, then he must be pushed out. The message would need to be sent from every good Bishop, every good priest, and every good Catholic lay person, that they will not tolerate such abuses from anyone — even the Pope. Especially the Pope.

3) But that raises the central question: are the allegations true? They are certainly credible, as they come from a reliable and knowledgeable source and are well-detailed and documented. They have been corroborated by at least one witness and aspects of the story have apparently been confirmed by Benedict. Many of the people implicated are known cowards and liars, so Vigano would seem to have the edge in a “he said/they said” debate. Vigano’s story also sounds reasonable and fits into the overall puzzle. These factors do not remove all doubt, but they do remove a significant portion of the doubt.



Originally Published on: Aug 26, 2018 @ 13:37

Some reactions to the Viganò Testimony.

First, Massimo “Beans” Faggioli on Twitter.

Really, Beans. You can do better.

Viganò explained precisely the things you mention.

Few people have more skin in the game than homosexualist activist James Martin, SJ. Vigano wrote quite a bit about the “deviant” wing of the Jesuits, pointing out Martin in particular. If Vigano is right, then Martin’s cred is done. Martin attacked Vigano on Twitter, deleted, but others had it already and re-posted. Thanks, to Thom Peters!

A different perspective shows how those around Francis treated people in the conservative end of the spectrum:

In the Illustrated Catholic Dictionary, the FFI’s photo would be placed at the entry for “persecution”.

In Italy, I am told, the papers and sites are pretty hot. At La Stampa Andrea “Wormtongue” Tornielli writes (in Italian):

The document again offers, in detail, hearsay and information already circulated for at least the last two months in the antipapal and American and European traditionalist media galaxy, seeking to place all responsibility on the shoulders of the present Pope.

See what he did there?

The fact remains that everyone knew what McCarrick was, including Pope Francis, who had been informed. Pope Francis not only did not do anything about McCarrick, he rehabilitated him.

Il Messaggero, on the other hand, accepts the Testimony. In its story, we are reminded about the financial clout certain prelates, now being defended by Martin, Beans, Wormtongue and the rest, had in Rome. Oh, and there’s the “gay” angle.

A dossier (made known by various blogs and critical headlines about Pope Bergoglio) fell like a lightning bolt on the Pope’s trip to Ireland, … In this Testimony, signed by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, ex-nuncio to the USA (who was in his time at the origin of Vatileaks during the reign of Benedict XVI, uncovering a corrupt financial system infiltrated by the gay lobby) there are very heavy testimonies about one of the most obscene cases of coverup of a system of pedophiles, that of Card. Theodore McCarrick, once Archbishop of Washington and munificent financier of the Holy See.

It goes on to mention Wuerl also as a “generous benefactor” for the Vatican.  McCarrick founded the Papal Foundation in 1988.  Big money.

Nichole of AP, dear Nichole can always be counted on, can be found in the McClatchy paper, the anti-Catholic Kansas City Star. Watch the language she uses.

The National Catholic Register and another conservative site, LifeSiteNews, published the letter attributed to Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano on Sunday as the pope wrapped up a two-day visit to Ireland dominated by the clerical sex abuse scandal.

Viganò, 77, a conservative whose hard-line anti-gay views are well known, urged the reformist pope to resign over the issue and what he called the “conspiracy of silence” about McCarrick. He and the pope have long been on opposite ideological sides, with the pope more a pastor and Vigano more a cultural warrior.


The letter also contains a lengthy diatribe about homosexuals and liberals in the Catholic church. It often reads like an ideological manifesto, naming all of Francis’ known supporters in the U.S. hierarchy as being complicit in a cover-up of McCarrick’s misdeeds.

No, no! That’s fine principled reporting! Not an implicit position in it. Nope, objective to the end.

Then she winds up with the old smear stories. That’s the tactic now. Discredit Viganò by reminding people of the Pope’s meeting with Kim Davis (who refused to sign same-sex marriage certificates) and Archbp. Neinstedt, who resigned after not taking care of credible accusations made about priests, but whose TRUE crime was his strong opposition to legalization of same-sex marriage through a change to the Minnesota Constitution.

At the National Sodomotical Reporter (aka Fishwrap) there is nothing yet from Madame Wile E. Defarge (aka Michael Sean Winters) but there is a “news” piece.   There is something telling in it:

NCR has chosen not to name prelates identified by Vigano in his report except in cases where the officials were known to be his or McCarrick’s direct superiors or predecessors, due to the inability to corroborate the former ambassador’s account.

No no… they’re not carrying any water for anyone.  Nosirrrrrreeeee!


Madame Wile E. Lafarge has issued his reaction.  It is predictable.

It is mainly character assassination and complaining about the focus Viganò gave to Lafarge’s own predilections.  That’s surely what set him off. Given Madame’s inclinations, you can understand why he would speak so virulently of Viganò.

He also trotted out of a couple of his favorite words!  “Putsch” and “vemon”.



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  1. arga says:

    Vigano implies a motivation for Francis’ rehabilitation of McCarrick: a quid pro quo for his own election as pope.

  2. majuscule says:

    Speaking of dossiers…whatever happened to the one about homosexuals in the priesthood that was delivered to Pope Benedict? Surely Pope Francis must know about it…

  3. Kathleen10 says:

    Some demons can only be removed by prayer and fasting.

    We have no illusions these demons and their helpers will accept responsibility and leave. No no, they will fight to the bitter end. If the papacy, the church, the faith, the flock, the integrity of the clergy are torn apart, there will be no concern from them. This is a battle for the soul of the Church. This is the temporal manifestation of the spiritual battle. Gird up.

  4. Benedict Joseph says:

    Archbishop Viganò’s testimony is a confirmation of what we all essentially understood. No one has observed the Danneels, Maradiaga, Pineda, Ricca, Barros, Ticona, et al, debacles over the past five years and did not know the depth of nepotism and corruption in the Bergoglian pontificate from its conception to now. Danneels, Murphy-O’Connor and McCarrick brazenly flaunted the genesis of the Bergoglian pontificate. God willing them and all the vast supporting cast of will now be the means to bring it to its termination.
    God reward Archbishop Viganò.
    Finally double-talk is cast aside
    Archbishop Viganò is held in high esteem and is a man of accomplishment. He does not endanger his temporal or eternal welfare for no reason.

  5. Prayerful says:

    It really does suggests that PF will try his hardest to ignore this. I cannot see him resigning, short of something implicating him directly. He has no sense of shame and enjoys empty adulation.

  6. Benedict Joseph says:

    The MSM (secular and otherwise) is in a tizzy this weekend. Propping up a pope — the office is usually one of their glamour targets — and canonizing John McCain who was most often regarded as a deranged conservative.
    How times change. It’s a mad house.
    God reward Archbishop Viganò abundantly.

  7. The Astronomer says:

    Mdm Wiley E. DuFarge has broken cover and is claiming it’s a ‘putsch’ against the Pope by those homophobic meanies.

  8. Prayerful says: It really does suggests that PF will try his hardest to ignore this. I cannot see him resigning, short of something implicating him directly.

    Something HAS implicated him directly. Hence the present firestorm.

  9. Luciano says:

    I’m just a layman and not a smart one. But maybe I can suggest to the people at top of the Church a good damage control strategy: Pope Francis need to consecrate Russia to the Imaculate Hearth of Our Lady. No need to hire expensive PR expertos, brother spin the truth or spread lies.

  10. comedyeye says:

    Should Archbishop Vigano be looking over his shoulder?

  11. jgrigorian says:

    with all the sexual abuse stories over the past 20 years, how can anyone deny the true source of these problems in the Church? For those who say vigano is making up stories, do they really believe a Cardinal of the Catholic Church does not know that God knows all truth past, present and that the purpose of Vigano’s confession is, in part, to tell the Lord he is sorry for his sins. Why would a Cardinal doom himself to Hell by publicly confessing lies to God, who already knows the Truth?

  12. MitisVis says:

    I pray that other good bishops and cardinals gain courage and support Archbishop Viganò or come forward with their own information. Since the McCarrick horror I have seen a sudden and greater surge pushing for homosexual acceptance and heterodoxy.
    McCarrick’s actions have been minimized with comments about “misdeeds”, or
    “consenting adults” by anyone who even bothers to mention him. It has been “nothing to see here’’ at all the masses and the sermons have been open dissent, as if the lid is off.
    They have already labeled Archbishop Viganò a conservative malcontent. They will not acknowledge or admit what is happening, and now that they hold almost all positions of power will not relinquish. They minimize and ignore the truth and this isn’t going to change. Unless I have proof, all is calumny even if there is proof. All that is missing is a scapegoat, and any faithful catholic ordained or lay with our troublesome ways should remember the last time you suggested women priests was a bad idea, let alone homosexual behavior was wrong and disordered. God bless and protect Archbishop Viganò and all good priests and bishops for what might come. So much for my unplugging as father likes to call it.

  13. jgrigorian says:

    Correction – past , present and future

  14. jgrigorian says:

    I wonder if this is one of the big reasons pope Benedict resigned? At his age he probably didn’t have the physical and emotional stamina to fight it anymore.

  15. LorrieRob says:

    Interesting that on the plane ride back to Rome, Pope Francis , who speaks off the top of his head to media all the time , said he would make no comment about the Archbishop’s statements. I guess he needs some time to think about his response since he can’t just deny the accuracy of the Archbishop’s claims. I am so grateful that my faith journey led me into the church during Pope Benedict’s time. I do not believe I would have been able to see past the leftist political agenda that Pope Francis promotes in addition to the Gospel message. I wish men such as McCarrick could experience true conversion and in their contrition make a powerful witness but that seems like a pipe dream…but still I will pray…I know we are in a battle but it is so discouraging to have so little leadership.

  16. Mallu Jack says:

    I think it will be good if Fr Z makes another update/post:

    Pope Francis responds:

    Asked whether it was true that Archbishop Carlo Viganò, the statement’s author, had informed him in 2013 about Archbishop McCarrick’s alleged sexual misconduct with priests and seminarians, and if it was true Benedict XVI had previously imposed sanctions on the former cardinal, the Pope said he was distracted by the previous question and would have preferred to talk about the trip.

    “I read the statement this morning, and I must tell you sincerely that, I must say this, to you and all those who are interested: Read the statement carefully and make your own judgment,” he answered. “I will not say a single word on this.”

    Speaking aboard the papal plane from Rome to Dublin Aug. 26, Francis said he believes in the “journalistic capacity to draw your own conclusions,” calling it an “act of faith.”

    “When some time passes and you have drawn your conclusions, I may speak. But I would like your professional maturity to do the work for you. It will be good for you,” he told members of the press.

  17. Legisperitus says:

    So Wile E. wants to compare Viganò to Oliver Stone.

    Nice try. He’s no Oliver Stone. He’s a John Dean.

  18. Shonkin says:

    May God help us all.

  19. Malta says:

    Our Lady at Akita said there would be bishop against bishop, and then fire would fall from the sky, wiping out a great part of humanity. #Shonkin: God help us indeed.

  20. Dad of Six says:

    This thing is getting legs. One of my regular political blog sites has a very good right up of what has happened, and has links to a lot of good sources:

  21. Dad of Six says:

    “Write up”

  22. frmgcmma says:

    I believe honestly one of the hardest things for the Church in today’s society, to maintain her credibility, is if her members are not living chaste lives. Chastity, in every state of life, is unmistakably a sign of God’s presence because no one, no one, can remain chaste without the grace of God.

    Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J. speaking in 1978
    0104008.mp3 @ 10’56” ff.

  23. Ave Maria says:

    Already the name calling has begun–oh, those haters, homophobes, anti-gay people…blah, blah, blah. Anyway, no name in the expose is a surprise. Many heterodox have reasons for being so. And the homosexual agenda is well embraced and promoted by very many in very high places, including the papacy. The agenda is still moving forward in spite of barnacles clinging to it.

  24. Malta says:

    There is also the possibility that “pope” Francis is not a valid Pope. There have been 23 anti-popes in the history of the Church. In any case, he will go down in history competing with the Borgia popes as a despicable leader of 1.2 billion Catholics.

  25. robtbrown says:

    Fr Z says,

    Really, Beans. You can do better.

    I doubt that he can.

    Btw, here’s an interview with Henry Sire.

  26. fmsb78 says:

    “Our Lady at Akita said there would be bishop against bishop, and then fire would fall from the sky, wiping out a great part of humanity. #Shonkin: God help us indeed.”

    If the situation keeps escalating there will be nothing left for the fire to burn…

  27. iamlucky13 says:

    I haven’t read Cardinal Vigano’s letter, but the National Catholic Register article seemed to indicate that Pope Benedict’s and Pope John Paul II’s knowledge of the situation was interfered with by their Secretaries of State.

    Until demonstrated otherwise, I am willing to consider similar interference may be at least a part of the reason for Pope Francis to have previously lifted Archbishop* McCarrick’s sanctions, whether due to ignorance or coercion. This is a very serious matter, and I don’t want to jump to conclusions as if this were merely national politics.

    * My understanding is he has resigned as a cardinal, but will retain his status as bishop until his canonical trial. Unless I am mistaken about that, it seems proper to me to use the title out of respect for the office he holds. Respect for the office is not derived from the person who holds it.

  28. YoungLatinMassGuy says:

    One man, Archbishop Viganò, within minutes of releasing a simple letter, has changed the course of human history.

    So glad I went to Confession last Friday.

  29. benedetta says:

    Watching PBS coverage: leading questions designed to bash Vigano from an editor of the Fishwrap! Ugh!

  30. Susanna says:

    Can Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI speak?
    Definitely the best witness to confirm at least part of Viganò’s Testimony.

  31. Nightcrawler says:

    Right out of the Clinton playbook. Attack the accuser.

  32. richiedel says:

    Casting call: a Wile E. Coyote movie is happening!

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