What did you have for breakfast today?

Ah… breakfast.

People around the world have different breakfast habits.

Italians often have just a roll and coffee with milk.  And let’s not forget Nutella!

Germans will eat also some meat and cheese, like the "continental" breakfast.

The Chinese have sweet fried bread and rice porridge.

In Vietnam it is common to have a bowl of noodles in broth, pho.

In Mexico, you might have tortillas and huevos rancheros.

English and American breakfasts recall our agrarian past as we ready ourselves for the plow: eggs, bacon, potatoes, etc.  And in America, of course, pancakes and the like.

What did you have?

This morning I had knee-straightening filter coffee, black, and toasted crumpets with strawberry jam.


As one wag added below:

Drink the Black
Eat the Red.

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  1. a catechist says:

    I’m reading this drinking my coffee out of a mug that looks just like yours!

    I’ll have a pretty traditional American breakfast, not to plow but to take care of my little kids, which probably takes the same energy ;)

    God bless you, Father!

  2. Mike D. says:

    I had what I normally call my “weekend breakfast” today. Normally, on weekdays,
    I have a couple of pieces of toast, a cup of Kenyan AA coffee (sugar & cream), and
    some type of fruit juice. Today, thought, I had bacon, eggs, toast, Kenyan AA
    coffee, and orange juice. It was great!

  3. RichR says:

    Breakfast?!? I have teeth to fix! Who has time for breakfast?

  4. Coffee, ususally, black, and brewed to quicken corpses. On very rare occasions, I will do the whole nine: 2 eggs sunny, dry toast (pref. rye), bacon, hash browns with onion and pepper, coffee (black, and strong enough to rouse the dead). One of the maxims by which I live my life is: “if there is no bacon, it is not breakfast.”

  5. Henry says:

    Virtually every morning for over 20 years — since one day when I realized I was approaching 50 and should start getting in shape for the long haul: A bowl of shredded wheat and a Granny Smith apple with a bit of grapefruit juice splashed in selzer water. After 10 decades of the rosary while hitting the street before 5 am. Coffee comes later during morning prayer (in Latin, of course). Body and spirit!

  6. marc says:

    Whatever minute amount of toothpaste I ingested this morning while brushing and coffee from work. :(

  7. Charivari Rob says:

    Most mornings – cold cereal (usually something somewhat healthy – can’t take Froot Loops or Lucky Charms anymore), maybe a banana, milk, juice, toast.

    Saturdays or Sundays there’s sometimes a little more time for a more leisurely and heartier breakfast. I’ll make omelettes or pancakes or go out for Irish breakfast or explore leftovers from the night before.

    This morning was a treat. Neither of us had much of our supper last night, so there was plenty of our entree (chicken sausage) left over. I had one of those on a roll instead of toast.

  8. Kradcliffe says:

    American breakfast is the BEST. My husband loved going out for breakfast in America. On our honeymoon in Chicago, we went to a great greek-owned diner every morning. I didn’t realize that in only a week, I would be moving somewhere where breakfast options would be forever limited. No more pancakes or waffles or french toast. No IHOP or Dennys or Perkins or Waffle House or Bob Evans or Cracker Barrel… sigh… when I tell people here that there are numerous chains of restaurants that exist primarily to serve breakfast all day long, they can’t fathom it. I’ve learned to like the full British fry up, but it’s just not the same.

  9. TNCath says:

    Unfortunately, just coffee. If I were to eat breakfast during the week, I’d have to get up at 4 A.M. to do so.

  10. jarhead462 says:

    I am a Jersey Boy, and I break my fast with Taylor Ham (aka pork roll) egg and cheese on a hard (kaiser) roll. mmmmmmm!

    Semper Fi!

  11. I drink coffee, one or two mugs full, each morning. I eat a bowl of oatmeal each morning. If I am feeling adventurous I might also have some toast with butter. This is what I eat every weekday. On weekends, I usually have something that involves eggs and bacon. I am a creature of habit.

  12. Eric the Read says:

    Ham, egg, and Swiss on an onion bagel. I heart Potbelly’s– it’s one of the few things that makes me glad I came to Chicago.

  13. Romulus says:

    I fast, and abstain from meat, on Wednesdays and Fridays. Also, no coffee or tea on Fridays till dinner time.

    Otherwise, I’d be having strong black New Orleans coffee and chickory (café au lait on weekends). Sundays, my wife and I enjoy a nice brunch after Mass — but real bacon and real eggs are off the menu since my quadruple bypass earlier this year.

  14. Bernie says:


    I am a big fan of my country’s food. Brazilians do a wonderful job mixing the Portuguese with Italian, Lebanese and adding the South American twist. Father would absolutely love Brazilian food, the whole nine not just the feijoada. That said, American breakfast is awesome! I miss those breakfast restaurants and sometimes my wife prepares waffles with bacon and eggs on weekends. The maple syrup (the real thing) is just a jewel we can’t find here!

    Today, as usual, I had my Brazilian coffee with fresh “French” roll (we buy daily from small bakeries). Sometimes jam, sometimes requeijao (a creamy cheese spread, NOT regular cream cheese, in the US you can find a similar product in mediterrenean/arab stores:

  15. JohnE says:

    Most days it’s oatmeal mixed with mixed berries and a scoop of chocolate or vanilla whey protein powder. But today, since it’s Friday, just a cup of coffee and water.

  16. Al says:

    This morning, vanilla health shake and banana..a bit later, bowl of mini-wheats..

  17. Geoffrey says:

    Sadly I rarely eat breakfast. I’m lucky to grab a cookie on the way out the door! (Hey, it’s like breakfast pastry, no?)

  18. Bruce says:

    A medium double double Tim Hortons coffee & a toasted whole grain bagel with butter. I live in Canada.

  19. Romulus says:

    Greg Hessel: On Wednesdays and Fridays, I eat dinner only, no meat. During Lent I eat once a day every day (except Sundays), no meat on Wednesdays. Abstain from all food on Fridays in Lent. No alcohol, dairy, or coffee during Lent, including Sundays.

    I ate twice a day during Lent this year as a concession to my wife, who was worried about me following my surgery in late Feb. But I hope to get back with the program in 2009.

  20. Romulus,

    Wow! That’s pretty flipping intense. I used to do the one meal only on Wednesdays & Fridays and it was hard. Only once a day during all of Lent (and none on Fridays!). I don’t know how you don’t lose a ton of weight but that is pretty impressive. Way to be a MAN!

  21. alf says:

    I am sipping my morning coffee with cream at work. I had toast and an apple for breakfast at home.

  22. Daniel Muller says:

    Grits Monday through Friday. If I am at home Saturday, grits with butter. After Mass Sunday, it is time to hit the Vietnamese restaurant for fried egg, egg cake, grilled pork on rice with fish sauce, or a Mexican restaurant for huevos con chorizo or possibly an omelette. Coffee either way.

    I think that any American could tell where I live.

  23. Derik says:

    Un poco de fruta reci’en rebanada, un plato de huevos rancheros, un vaso de jugo de naranja y una taza de leche con chocolate. I miss my mother’s breakfast so much!

  24. Marnie says:

    Weetabix, milk and a banana. It’s No-Coffee-Friday :(

  25. Ellen says:

    I had a bagel and a cup of tea – Earl Grey – hot.

  26. Fascinating that as I read this entry earlier, I was enjoying a very similar meal. WHole wheat toast instead of the crumpets, though. Good Choice, Father.

  27. I had a day off today and met another member of my secular Carmelite community at Fr. Perrone’s 7:30am TLM, then enjoyed a spinach-artichoke souffle at Panera Bread!

    It was sinfully delicious and Mass…..absolutely heavenly.

  28. Cathomommy says:

    Peanut-butter toast with my kids. Half of a banana that the baby didn’t finish. Big glass of milk. Coffee. I usually try to have two scrambled eggs with cheese for the extra protein boost when I am expecting, but this morning’s queasiness would not allow it. :(

  29. Father Totton says:

    Fridays I make my own version of an Atkins shake using ice, whey protein, water, a little heavy cream, and 1/2 tbs of ground flax seed. This was accompanined by a cup of coffee (this morning from the Senseo – when I have time, I brew six cups of the Mystic Monk Coffee)

    Just about every other day of the week my breakfast consists of two “large” eggs cooked “over easy/medium” with four slices of thick sliced bacon cooked nearly to a crisp – again see coffee as above and a glass of ice water.

  30. sharon stockard says:

    How very unique a way to get a point across. Kudos to you.

  31. Father Totton says:

    Oh Yeah, and on Sundays (and Solemnities) I put a packet of splenda in my coffee!

  32. Thomas says:

    I had cheerios and coffee, but I too am a Jersey boy and Taylor Ham is making me salivate. Rotten abstinence.

  33. B. says:

    That Germans are eating meat and cheese for breakfast must be a legend. At least I’ve never met one who does.
    I ate (as every morning) bread with butter, nutella, marmelade and honey (not all on the same slice of bread, of course).

  34. Lee Gilbert says:

    Day after day, a) a banana smoothie containing 1 large frozen banana, milk, a large egg, a teaspoon of flaxseed oil and a packet of stevia ; b) 3 or 4 ounces of smoked salmon; c)a cup of Earl Grey or green or blueberry/green tea.

    On feastdays, a litle bit of vanilla goes into the smoothie, and maybe some nutmeg as well.

  35. tara says:

    One egg over easy–one wheat toast with butter and homemade jam–one large coffee with half-half–the same breakfast I have every morning.

  36. trespinos says:

    Instant oatmeal, vanilla yogurt, applesauce.
    On Tuesdays, the “little one”: one egg over easy, two strips of bacon, hashbrowns flavored with ketchup, coffee with creamer and sugar.
    On Saturdays, maybe an omelette with mushrooms and spinach, toast and coffee as above.

  37. Stephen V. says:

    Nice photograph…

    “Drink the Black. Eat the Red.” [LOL]

    [cringing over awful joke]

  38. J. Wong says:

    Glass of water & 1 tablespoon of flax seed oil.
    Glass of (homemade) fruit smoothie: papaya, pineapple, apple, kiwi fruit & acai (a Brazilian fruit).
    Bowl of oatmeal (mixed with flax seed meal, apple sauce, honey and blue berries).
    1 hard boiled egg (with a pinch of sea salt & 1 teaspoon of olive oil).
    Glass of soy milk.

  39. Art says:

    Fish congee (rice porridge) and chinese doughnut (the long, salty type).

  40. wsxyz says:

    That Germans are eating meat and cheese for breakfast must be a legend. At least I’ve never met one who does.

    I never met anyone who pulled out the cold-cuts and cheese at home, but they are common in hotel and restaurant breakfasts in Germany. When I went to a cafe for breakfast in Germany, I quite often ordered the cheese plate. I love cheese.

  41. Anthony in Texas says:

    Daniel Muller,

    You must be in Texas. I had left overs from last night’s breaksfast for dinner of chorizo with eggs. Although I must admit it was Soyrizo, not the real thing. It’s just as tasty but without having to ingest all of that fat.

    Normally, breakfast consists of oatmeal or a bowl of cereal and coffee – milk, no sugar.

  42. Andreas says:

    Smoked bacon with rye bread and a shot of “palinka” Any Hungarians here to explain what “palinka” is? The closest comparison would be “vodka” – no?

  43. Templar says:

    Monday through Friday it’s 1/2 a cup of good granola (like Kashi) and a cup of fat free yogurt.

    On Saturdays and Sundays it’s usually an egg sandwich (like Jarhead I’m originally from the NE), but can also be homemade waffles with fresh fruit compote depending on what berries are in season, or even full blown eggs-bacon-potatoes or grits and toast.

  44. Xpihs says:

    Today it was banana nut bread.

  45. Doug says:

    Coffee and sometimes a chicken biscuit during the week. (I pass the best good old southern country breakfast place in the world on the way to work. The biscuits…mmmmmmmm.) On the weekends I cook pancakes, eggs and bacon or biscuits and gravy with eggs and bacon for the family. Southern breakfasts RULE!

  46. jarhead462 says:

    I should clarify:
    No Taylor Ham today (friday), just apples, grapes and yogurt (rats!)
    But T/H egg, and cheese is my breakfast of choice (with lots o’ pepper).

    Semper Fi1

  47. jarhead462 says:

    Sorry, that is supposed to be Semper Fi!
    I thought it said DRINK then post ;)

  48. Cathy Dawson says:

    Machaca burrito plus 2 cups of decaf coffee (as much caffeine as I can handle)

  49. Every day: 2 eggo waffles with whipped butter; a glass of orange juice and a cup of coffee.

    Breakfast in my German relatives’ homes consists of those wonderful hard rolls, butter and marmalade and coffee. Oh, for some of those “Semmeln”!!! Yummy!!!

  50. Maureen says:

    Palinka is plum brandy, I understand. If you’re comparing it to vodka, you must have some pretty strong palinka! :)

    I was gonna have Slim-Jims for breakfast, but I suddenly remembered it was Friday. So I had a Little Debbie cherry pie. (I guess I’m the slacker in this crowd, as I don’t have a usual breakfast. I alternate between nothing, caffeine, and tons and tons of food.)

  51. Christa says:

    Today, grits with butter, large glass of orange juice, and black coffee. (I did heat some Jimmy Dean sausage for my puppy, who is in the habit of sharing breakfast with me). I vary this with soft boiled eggs and rye toast and French toast with low-cal syrup. Orange juice is always a must, as is the coffee.

    On special days I like big breakfasts with scrambled eggs, bacon or sausage, grits or potatoes, and toast with jelly. REALLY special days include sausage gravy and biscuits.

  52. veritas in srq says:

    The egg whites from two hard boiled eggs that my 98-year-old grandmother makes each morning for me (because she feels helpful in doing so :)), one piece of untoasted wheat bread with a butter-substitute spread, and a venti Starbucks latte of some variety…all of this at least partially consumed in the car after the 7am Mass while on my way to work.

  53. Jason says:

    I eat a bowl of Cheerios and a banana every morning. I’m not much of a breakfast person.

  54. isabella says:

    a slice of taleggio cheese on a salty new york flatbread cracker with a little dollop of sweet dalmatian fig preserves, washed down with a double expresso.

  55. Barbara Rickman says:

    As it was Friday, bacon or sausage was out of the question. I had coffee and a bowl of cereal with milk.


  56. Porkchop says:

    In my twenties I used to have a couple of cigarettes and a can of Dr. Pepper for breakfast.
    In my early thirties it was a quarter lb of bacon, 2 eggs over-easy, and a cup of coffee.
    Now in my late thirties, it’s a diet banana muffin, a cooked egg white, and 2+ cups of coffee.

  57. Irenaeus says:

    “That Germans are eating meat and cheese for breakfast must be a legend.”

    Eigentlich essen viele Deutschen diese Sachen zum Fruehstueck. Actually, many Germans do indeed eat such things for breakfast. Living in Germany with German hosts, we’d often have a variety of breads, marmalades, quark (=”Greek cottage cheese” here in the US), as well as butter and meats, including salmon. I think Germans have gotten quicker about life and that means less intricate breakfasts, but we Germans still do the meat thing for breakfast. We can never have enough meat!

    Although this morning I had Trader Joe’s organic cheerios with organic wild blueberries and flaxseed. And mystic monk coffee. A pot of it.

  58. Jeanne Hunter says:

    Today and everyday (I don’t find it boring at all)….scotch oatmeal – really grainy – with golden raisins and milk….no sugar…
    And coffee with milk….no sugar

  59. Margo says:

    Irenaeus: Das stimmt! Wir hatten brot und kaese (und – ugh!- mate tee) jede morgen wann ich im Deutschland war. Der brot war “pfladenbrot” genennt — LOL! That is true! We had bread and cheese (and — ick! — mate tea) every morning when I was in Germany. The bread was called…well…according to its shape, NOT according to its ingredients or taste!

    Er, I had a protein drink and a cuppa Irish Breakfast. But oh! for an Italian breakfast again! Delicious!

  60. Felix says:

    if I have breakfast at home, I have raw oats with milk, and a piece of fruit

    if I have breakfast at the office, I have yoghurt, nuts and berries, and a piece of fruit

  61. Charivari Rob says:

    Jarhead462, Thomas:

    You fellow Jersey boys are making me homesick, and hungry. And I normally don’t even like pork roll! Just the description, however! Somewhere between ‘Taylor Ham’ and ‘Kaiser Roll’ you triggered a Pavlovian response.

    Do you make it yourselves, or get it from a grease truck somewhere? Or perhaps a diner? Sigh… I miss diner food.

  62. leutgeb says:

    Porridge oats (=oatmeal? acoss the pond,) made with milk, with dark brown sugar, white coffee.

    Am reminded to get some Mystic Monk Coffee as Christmas Presents.

  63. Carter says:

    I eat Catholic Traditionalists for breakfast.

    (Oh relax…just having some fun.)

  64. isabella: taleggio cheese on a salty new york flatbread cracker with a little dollop of sweet dalmatian fig preserves


  65. GOR says:

    As no one seems to be having a “Full Irish Breakfast” herewith: rashers, sausages, eggs, black and white pudding, fried tomatoes/mushrooms (in season), a slice of toast with Old Time Irish Marmalade and a slice of fried bread – washed down with multiple cups of coffee (in the past it used to be tea!).

    But that’s only when I have all the ingredients, which need to be special-ordered this side of the pond. Now if I could just find some place that does an Irish “Mixed Grill” for dinner…

  66. Jane says:

    Toast with vegemite. It is really good. I am told that it is an acquired taste. No problem for me being an Australian, but my husband is of Lithuanian parents and was born in Austria. It took him a long time to get used to vegemite. I like to have strong tea or coffee with milk as well for breakfast.

  67. Vincenzo says:

    Stephen V:

    “Drink the Black. Eat the Red.”

  68. jasmine tea says:

    Here in Japan the traditional breakfast usually contains miso soup, white rice, some topping for the rice like dried seaweed, dried fish, vegetables etc., and green tea. Some people also eat nattou (fermented soybeans), fish, pickled plums…

    Of course, for the large number of busy students and workers, things like cereal and white bread (always white; the more hearty breads are yet to come) have been making their way into the morning routine instead.

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