TLM in Ramsgate, Kent

From a priest reader:

Fr Z,

For information (and publication if you wish). As well as the weekly EF Low Mass on a Sunday morning at 8.30am we are introducing regular EF Sung Masses in this parish, thanks to a quartet of music scholars from our local university in Canterbury. We will be starting on Sunday 7th December at 6pm with Palestrina’s Missa Brevis.

The Parish is St Ethelbert’s, 72 Hereson Road,  Ramsgate, Kent, UK
(Tel: +44 1843 592071;

In 597AD St Augustine landed in Ebbsfleet (which is in the parish of Ramsgate) and converted the pagan King, Ethelbert. We are delighted to be regularly offering Mass in a form that would have been, in its essentials, the same as that offered by Saint Augustine when he arrived on these shores.

P.S. Except on Sundays we face ad orientem at all Masses (OF & EF,  
including school ones). Brick by brick…

With my best regards

Fr Steven Fisher

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  1. Wow, impressive that he’s facing ad orientem at Masses with Children.

  2. Tim Ferguson says:

    Fr. Fisher is an excellent priest, and a good friend. I studied canon law with him in Ottawa, and can attest to his brilliance, his wit and his graciousness. Back in the days of the indult, he would daily celebrate the TLM in the chapel at the student residence, which was wholly unsuited for such a Mass – shag carpeting, plywood altar, low ceiling. Yet even in such a setting, the transcendence of the Mass would come through.

    He also has some interesting insights into clerics and clamorous hunting, best shared over a nice cold martini.

  3. Fr Steven Fisher says:

    And Mr Ferguson mixes a most excellent Martini I must say.

  4. Michael says:

    Is that the parish in which Fr. Nesbitt of the Faith Movement is a priest ?

  5. Fr Steven Fisher says:

    No, Fr Nesbitt is parish priest of Folkestone; about 30 miles from here. Same diocese though.

  6. Ottaviani says:

    An appropriate drink to have after a traditional mass should surely be a “Dry Montini” in memory of our beloved Paul VI (as opposed to Martini)

  7. John says:

    It is a pity that the Abbey at Ramsgate is failing. I know it does not own the church it uses but its not likely to give up posession of it so that it can be used properly again (for a liturgy Pugin could stomach!) even if the diocese wanted it.
    The monks have consistently withdrawn & left Fr Fisher to cope single-handedly. Thank you Fr, you are doing well & have a lot of damage to repair in this town thanks to OSB.

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