A sad sight


Many thanks to FGZ for this wonderful gift from the wishlist. 

I enjoyed every drop.

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  1. Very few people, when confronted with a bottle of anchovy syrup, say “sniff”. :)

  2. Roland de Chanson says:

    Nonne liquamen istud re vera garum est? Numquam id gustavi ego, sed te commendante fortasse mox ausurus sum …
    (Isn’t that sauce actually garum? I’ve never tried it but based on your recommendation, maybe soon I’ll will …)

  3. A Random Friar says:

    Hmmm… the poverty in me thinks that bottle would make a nice container for herb-infused olive oil, with some garden or farm market-fresh sprigs. If you get more, you could get quite a collection of nice oils to use. No?

  4. Flambeaux says:

    Fr. Z,

    How does it compare to dissolving some anchovy paste in hot oil in the pan before tossing with the pasta?

  5. Random Friar: Yes! And I make that sort of thing.

  6. Petrus says:

    Flambeaux: You need to add some red pepper flakes and garlic to that. Oh great, now I’m hungry.

  7. Flambeaux says:


    Garlic is always in there. Whether or not I use red pepper depends on my mood. :D

  8. Yes… raw garlic and hot red pepper. I also use some chopped parsley.

  9. Flambeaux says:

    Mmm…I know what I want for dinner tonight. Alas, it won’t happen. *sigh*

  10. Every Christmas Eve we have linguine alle acciughe and pan fried smelts…mmmmmmmmmmm !

  11. Sharon says:

    How much would you use for a family of four in say, pasta?

  12. Cory says:

    I get emotional whenever I realize my can of Mountain Dew is empty.

  13. little gal says:

    I checked the Amazon website-store for this item and it appears to be not available at the moment…

  14. Doug says:

    I do so love those stinky little fish and anything made from them! If I knew how to type Homer Simpson’s “yummy” sound I would. You’ll just have to use your imagination.

  15. Chef says:

    A subtle hint for more?

  16. A Random Friar says:

    I think they’re out on Amazon, so alas, he is only able to reminisce, for now.

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