“All the wishing in the world…”

Thanks to Fr. ER of Orthometer for this!

Spurred by this.

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  1. Great caption.

    Now on his site he shows a bad picture:

  2. Magdalene says:

    I was eating lunch at my computer and just about choked!

  3. Andy K. says:


    I want to buy a tent!

  4. Imprudent use of a communion in the hand picture. Whose hands? Biden?

    What a turn off

  5. Joe says:

    of course I agree with the idea that what is portrayed is ludicrous. A Chasuble, though, is meant to be a holy item, blessed for use in the Eucharist by an ordained minister of Christ. Let the mockers abuse them (and the Cross that adorns the one in this picture), but let us always hold even the vestments of the Church in high respect. Not to mention (pictures of) the Body of Christ.

  6. Anne-France says:

    Is this something we are supposed to like? For cleaning stairways, I can see it it would be functional but I would have chosen black over white. A matter of taste probably.

  7. Joe says:

    Could she really be as happy as she is trying to appear?

  8. chironomo says:

    Notice that the audience (or is it the “Gathered Assembly”) seems to be all women? Hard to tell about the person on the right in the back though….

  9. Megan says:

    Awesome caption. Definitely laughed about that one for a while…

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