Archd. Milwaukee: TLM established

From a reader:

Having received the approval of the Archbishop, Timothy M. Dolan, an apostolate for the celebration of Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form (TLM), under the care of the Pontifical Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest with Reverend Canon Olivier Meney, ICRSP, is being established in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

Fr. James Connell has generously opened the use of his church, Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church, 818 Huron, Sheboygan, to the Institute. Mass will be celebrated on the 4th Sunday of each month at 3:00PM.

The first Mass of this new apostolate will be celebrated on Sunday, January 25th, the Feast of the Conversion of Saint Paul. Mass will be preceded by the Rosary at 2:40PM. A reception with refreshments follow immediately after Mass.

Brick by brick, folks!

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  1. I think its something in the St Louis water :) As you all are aware, Timothy Dolan is originally from St Louis.



    Dolan :) Its like the all- star of Tradition minded bishops.

  2. Former Altar Boy says:

    Recall, also, that Bishop Dolan has already established a TLM parish under the ICRSP at St. Stanislaus Church on Milwaukee’s south side. May there may be many more!

  3. Andy K. says:


    The one thing to be less excited about is that I think this make’s the *third* parish that Fr. Meney, ICRSP, “covers” in Wisconsin. He’s got St. Stan’s, I think he does one out in the La Crosse area, and now this one! ICKSP needs to ordain more priests! :-D (Which, of course, isn’t to say Wisconsin doesn’t love ICKSP! We do!)

  4. Brian Mershon says:

    Three p.m. once a month. At least the Spanish Masses at most parishes that are gaining grater Catholic attendance in some parts than their numerous options for morning Anglo Masses are usually at 12:30 or 1 p.m. and they get at least a weekly Mass.

    But 3 p.m. once a month. Gosh. We should all just be thrilled I suppose. Now there is a recipe for gaining a large attendance, huh?

    Think about it. 3 p.m. monthly. Wow. I am underwhelmed.

  5. Andy K. says:

    Brian Mershon,
    I feel compelled to post again, because your post is negative. The priest, Fr. Meney, is currently the “head” (I don’t know the name for it) of St. Stanislaus Oratory in Milwaukee. He is ALSO the priest that travels ACROSS THE STATE OF WISCONSIN practically every week to say Mass in the La Crosse area – the Cashton, WI church that ICKSP runs. He shares this responsibility with the St. Mary’s of Wausau priest. That’s about a three hour drive, minimum. NOW, he is going to be saying Mass in SHEBOYGAN. That’s around an hour drive from Milwaukee.

    Now, let’s see you be such a jag, after *YOU* try saying two Masses in one day with a 3 hour drive (one way), and then go and add another Mass once a month an hour away.

  6. William of the Old says:


    3:00PM is the only time that Canon Meney is available—–on a Sunday. It is the Hour of Mercy; the hour that Our Lord died for us.
    Humble beginnings……………..we are most grateful.

  7. Peter Karl T. Perkins says:

    This is wonderful news. I wonder if anyone on this list knows more about the sitaution in the Diocese of Superior. It is now the only Diocese in the State of Wisconsin (or ecclesiastical Province of Milwaukee) which does not have the T.L.M. on the every-Sunday basis. I note that Superior was also one of two Dioceses in the U.S.A. which allowed Mass in the vernacular before 29 November, 1964, the date set for that by the U.S. bishops. That’s a long time ago but I wonder if Superior has a reputation for liberalism.


  8. Andy K: I wonder whether there wouldn’t be some diocesan priests in Milwaukee ready and willing to share some of the heavy load you describe. I believe you’ve provided a pretty convincing argument why TLM celebration should not be restricted to over-loaded traditional order priests.

  9. LHansen says:

    Andy K:
    Luckily for us, ICKSP’s got about 50 seminarians right now. So it won’t be long until there are enough to go around. :)


  10. Steve says:

    The church is an wonderful old one built by German immigrants in 1872. Although it went thru a “wreckovation” in 1985 (to follow the spirit of Vatican II) that removed communion rails, etc… it still has one of the nicer interiors I have seen for a church of it’s age. I for sure will make the drive to attend these Masses.

    Picture is at:

  11. Romulus says:

    I am underwhelmed.

    Me too, Brian. Anything is better than nothing — we all understand that. That the Mass as scheduled will attract those who know and love it is a fine thing. But at this odd and inconvenient time it seems most unlikely that this celebration in the EF will succeed in touching and forming many hearts that don’t already long for it. It’s no basis for parochial life.

  12. Jordanes says:

    It’s the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, folks, the Wasteland of Weakland. That there is even one traditional Mass in that archdiocese should be cause for jubilation (and until comparatively recently I think there was just one). Now there are more. We should be greatly encouraged if not ecstatic. Things are starting to recover from the long misrule of Abp. Weakland.

  13. Stephanie says:


    I have to agree that Archbishop Dolan has done A LOT for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. Brick by brick, indeed.

  14. Andrew W says:

    This is fantastic news! I think that having such a high demand for priests such as those from the Institute is a fantastic problem for a (Arch)diocese to have. May God grant groups like the Institute many more holy priests, and increase even more the demand for them.

    God Bless,

  15. Anonymous says:

    You’ll be happy to know that Fr. Kotecki of Immaculate Conception Parish/Bay View (Mke) has also celebrated an EF Mass for his parish, and will likely do so again.

    Historical note: a former pastor of Holy Name/Sheboygan was a notorious sex-abuser–one of the worst in the Diocese.

    It was also the location of the 35th anniversary of Ordination Mass for Fr. R. Skeris, Ph.D.; the Mass was complete with choir/orchestra/soloists performing Mozart’s Coronation Mass conducted by Roger Wagner, chorus prep by Paul Salamunovich. The cantor was Ted Marier, and the organist was Paul Manz.

  16. Frank H. says:

    Perhaps someday Abp. Dolan can restore the Weakland-ruined Cathedral of St. John to its former grandeur.

  17. JW says:

    This is a nice development. I’ve been to St Stanislaus a few times and the masses there are very beautiful. There’s also a fantastically beautiful and well-preserved church (St Anthony) just down the street with a school attached where the priest from St Stanislaus celebrates the TLM once or twice a month for the children there.

    IMO, I think in time the Archdiocese of Milwaukee will get even more TLMs. I know there’s a church in Kenosha that wants one, but their new priest doesn’t want to offer it. I don’t belong to that particular parish, so I don’t know the whole story/details, but supposedly a *lot* of people signed the petition and they are known as the “really really traditional” parish :P. It would be nice if there was one south of Milwaukee – a lot of people don’t want to go into the Mitchell Street neighborhood (not that it’s a really horrible area, but it doesn’t have a good reputation either), nor do they want to drive all the way into Chicago.

    I must admit I’m a tad ignorant to this, but why should Fr Meney have to travel around so much? The bulletins for St Stanislaus lists four “assisting priests.”

  18. Steve says:

    Father William Effinger was the priest at Holy Name from 1979 thru 1992. He molested a 13-year old altar boy after giving the boy alcohol. Notice that the church “wreckovation” of 1985 occurred during Effinger’s tenure.

    Hopefully lots of incense will be used at the TLM masses to purify the church.

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