From Bytom, Poland, a beautiful photo

A lovely view of a Mass in Poland at Holy Ghost Church in Bytom:

Brick by brick, people.

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  1. That is quite possibly the most beautiful picture I have ever seen.

  2. Inqiusitor says:

    Not sure it’s so beautiful, since it’s rubrically incorrect. The chasuble should only be raised at the elevation! Beauty must be chaste.

  3. don Jeffry says:

    Dear Inqiusitor, such criticisms are really not necessary because they serve no purpose. You are criticizing a young boy who has, it seems to me, not yet even elevated the chasuble. His arms are straight out to the left ready to elevate the chasuble most likely exactly as he was instructed to do. It is very beautiful in any case. Only if there were obstinate rubrical infractions rather than errors would this not be beautiful. In Christ, don Jeffry

  4. Roland de Chanson says:

    Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! ;-)

    As a side note, in the Novus Ordo, Poland does not seem to have the problems with translation that English-speaking countries have. Viz., “et cum spirity tuo” is “i z duchem twoim” and “pro vobis et pro multis” is “za was i za wielu”. These are both literal translations, i.e. slavishly accurate.

    Niech ?yje Polska! (Vivat Polonia.)

  5. Roland de Chanson says:

    Oops. The question mark is a “z” with a dot on top: zyje. It appeared in the preview fine but got eaten somewherer in the ether. Same think happened with Greek once as I recall.

  6. pjo says:

    Indeed Roland, but we have another problems.

    E.g. “Ite missa est” was translated (NOM 1983 version) as “idzcie, ofiara spelniona” (Go, the Sacrifice is completed) and now (NOM 2002) it is “idzcie w pokoju Chrystusa” (Go, in the Peace of Christ)

    The worse inaccuracy is in “…pacificare et coadunare digneris” which was (1983) “napelniaj go pokojem i umacniaj w jednosci” (fill Her with Peace and strengthen in unity) and now is “napelniaj go pokojem i doprowadz do pelnej jednosci” (fill Her with Peace and bring Her to the full unity).

    I thought that Catholic Church IS ALWAYS in the full unity…

  7. Eric says:

    Who took the picture? One of their Guardian Angels?

  8. porys says:

    @Eric – pjo is this Guardian Angel :-) and he took the picture from the right-hand upper balcony in the church.
    @Jeffry – this is not ‘young’ boy, who eleveted chasuble :-)

  9. Catholic Guy says:

    In agreement with an earlier poster…it is truly beautiful.

    Oh if we could only see beyond the veil what is really happening during the Consecration! I’m sure if we could we would weep at how pitiful even this extraordinary display of reverence is.

    I once heard that the demons are not permitted to witness the Consecration. That resonates with my experiences. Even in less (far less) than ideal Liturgies…there’s always a stillness in the atmosphere during the elevation of the Host.

    Thank you for this wonderful image Father!

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