Siskin Report

I have several e-mails this morning asking how the ailing Pine Siskin is doing.

The problem seems to be an injured/lame leg or foot.

This morning I arose to find him at the feeder, still separate from the flock, eating.

It pretty cold.

– 21°F  or  – 29°C

I suspect you will see him often today via the Z-Cam on the feeder at the upper right.

He takes off when the larger birds, such as woodpeckers, come around, but he is there a lot.

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  1. Tomas says:

    I’m praying for the little guy. Who could resist such a face?

  2. PMcGrath says:

    (begin brutal nature alert)

    I hope there aren’t any hawks around.

    (end brutal nature alert)

  3. Jillian says:

    Save the Pine Siskin!

    Father, do you have a heated bird bath? Maybe you should add one to your wishlist.

  4. Mark R says:

    “Siskin” is one of very few words in English that is Polish-derived (I won a Slavonic philology prize once).

  5. Andreas says:

    When I was a young boy I picked up a sick birdie in winter and took it inside. Within minutes the bird died. Then I was told that such change of temperature is sure to kill any bird. Somehow they do not benefit from being taken into a warm house. If I remember correctly it has something to do with their lungs.

  6. Janet says:

    Father Z, looking at your webcam image this morning reminds me of the Christmas hymn, “In the bleak midwinter”. So dark and snowy, and no color to be seen. Keep warm, and thanks for the great view of the birdfeeders!

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