Tweetin’ machines

I tweet.  You tweet.  We all tweet. 

Well… some of us tweet.


But this is really fun and downright weird.  It sure has potential, however.

From Engadget

We’re truthfully not sure what’s cooler: the fact that the above pictured washing machine tweets when it’s done, or the fact that the above pictured washing machine still works.

We’re guessing that the geeks in the crowd would argue that it’s clearly the former, and for those interested in a little proof / explanation, you can head on past the break for a video demonstration.

But just so you know, it’s highly unlikely that your Twittering washer will have any diehard followers.

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  1. GCC Catholic says:

    A setup like this would be most useful in a college setting, where machines would report when they are in use and when they are done. Maybe that would reduce the incidence of students leaving washed/dried clothes in machines for hours on end!

  2. GCC: Great point! Excellent application.

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