Two nice landmarks

Two things, for which I owe you participates a dept of gratitude.

Tonight the results of the 2008 Weblog Awards were finalized. 

2 – Standing On My Head
3 – Happy Catholic
4 – Conversion Diary 

Catholic Blogs took the top spots.

Also, since I have been keeping stats, we had the 5,000,000th visit this evening.

The 5,000,000th was from Bozeman, Montana on Jan 16 2009 3:50:59 am GMT.

Thanks everyone!

Now …. please remember to vote for this! 




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  1. Congratulations Fr. Z

    It is wonderful to see you have that many visitors. 5,000,000! I don’t think I will ever see that number for my own blog!

    God bless you and all your good works!

  2. Father Z,

    Why no button for the “Best blog of all time” category? You’ve been nominated in it but have only 4 votes! Surely we can do better than this, folks? Besides which it’d be nice to see the blogs labelled “Adult Content” left in the ha’penny place!

  3. Popular and good; a difficult combination. May God reward you.

  4. cuaguy says:

    Congrats on the win, but now I see that I have a few more votes to counts before I get an official position :)

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