I had a couple donations from the donation button which have allowed me to revive the WDTPRS voicemail telephone numbers!

I had allowed them to lapse.

They are now living again, ad experimentum (that is, according to the donations… this project has to pay for itself).

More and more I am considering how to move into video and audio "broadcasting", and therefore your voicemails could be a very important element of what I consider.

The numbers are …

UK 020-8123-1545

USA 651-314-4554

When you call this number, you will go into my voicemail.   This is a service through SKYPE.

If you have skype you can, for free, call: wdtprs

Let’s see what happens!

The numbers will be on the left-side bar.

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  1. Jim says:

    You should get a remotely taped show for EWTN.

  2. Rev. Paul L. Vasquez says:

    I’ve tried adding wdtprs in skype but it doesn’t recognize the username.

  3. I have had a about a half dozen voicemails since I posted this. Thanks!

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