Yesterday’s news: a Sunnie supper

Last night’s supper was a qualified success.

I posted about the line up yesterday, I think.

Friends came from far away and so we had a nice meal, a bit fancier than usual.

They brought exquisite wine.


We used this with the big chunk of Stilton sent by WDTPRSer through the amazon wish list. 


But I am getting ahead of myself.

As I worked a bit in the kitchen, we popped a cork on some bubbly wine and used it with an appetizer I like with shrimp.  Someday I will tell you about it.

The opener was a small bowl of the Potato Leek Soup I whipped up in the morning.  I had a shot of an earlier batch here with a similar presentation, though not the same pedestrian bowl.  I also added a little fennel and some cayenne pepper.  That worked.

For a second “first”, I presented ravioli in butter with sage.  The sage, which I have growing in my house still from the fall, is a little anemic, so I used more leaves.

I wasn’t perfectly happy with the Sunfish Fish fillets I told you about.

They had been frozen and so I wanted to treat them in some way.

I ground some hard lemon wafers for the “breading”.

The flavor was good, but they needed something more.  I needed a touch of the savory with them. 

Adding salt at the table helped.  But we sure didn’t need the lemon.  I didn’t really need to use my fish set, either.  But it is fun to pull it pull it out once in a while.  Those pieces are better for larger fish you must skin and bone.

The veggies were Brussels sprouts I got on sale.  I scratched up Hollandaise sauce.

Thus I used the infamous sauce spoon… because we could!  It was the first time I had ever placed all four.

I rarely cook for four at home and only once for more than that, unless it is summer and I can expand onto the deck.

“But Father! But Father!” you are surely exclaimin, “All that lemon!  Wasn’t that just a bit…”

Over the top?  Yes. In retrospect.  That is why I say “qualified”.

The firsts went with a 2004 Chassange-Montrachet which was excellent.

Dessert was in two stages as well.

First we had some Stilton with the Margaux.

Then after a pause with the last of the Margaux in front of the fireplace we had apple crisp I made in the afternoon, with a bit of vanilla ice-cream and strong black coffee.

There were a few sips of something at the end just to “kill the coffee” as the Italians say.

As I said, the food was a qualified success.  The company was exceptional.

It is nice to pull out the stops once in a while and spend time at the table with friends.

BTW… this morning the FedEx guy delivered several nice little Roman style sausages/salami.  Thanks to C, who sent it.

I have also fired up the webcams and some other gizmos on the 7 port USB hub I received the other day.  Now I must get the external hard drive integrated in the proper place as a good backup for everything I have going on.  You are making my life a little easier and I thank you.

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  1. JoyfulMom7 says:

    “I rarely cook for four at home” – LOL, Father, I cannot relate to that lifestyle at all! I cook for nine every night! Your dinner looked and sounded wonderful! Glad you had such an enjoyable evening with your friends.

  2. V says:


    Where did you get the name tag holder?
    These are really class.

  3. Margo says:

    (Ok, I just have to say it: )

    How many of you can say you have the same name as any wine? (especially a *good* wine?!)

    None of the cheap plastic stuff in the 80’s ever had my name on it.

    This *TOTALLY* makes up for it. :)

  4. Margo says:

    BTW, Father Z, lovely dinner! Thanks for sharing the sights and description with us :)

  5. Chris Brennan says:

    Ah, you were celebrating in anticipation of the Holy Father lifting the excommunication of our courageous bishops. Most appropriate!

  6. BobP says:

    Meal looks good. Perhaps I’ll learn to take pictures of everything before I eat it. That should shed a few pounds, I’ll bet. :)

  7. John Enright says:

    My goodness! Better than the Food Chanel! You’re making me hungry, Father!

  8. Rudy Of CC says:

    Glad to know we are making your production of Z-TV available to all who will listen.

  9. Dave Pawlak says:

    You served them Brussels sprouts? What did your guests do to deserve penance?

  10. Megan says:

    You sure know how to eat, Father. Looks delicious… [The eating is really not the hard part.]

  11. Limbo says:

    YAWN !

  12. Anne-France says:

    …And here I thought only French priests could appreciate a good meal and a good wine!
    Lovely, Father Z!

  13. Padre Steve says:

    You make preparing a meal a real art form! I am getting hungry! God bless you!

  14. Patrick says:


    How was the shrimp appetizer prepared? What was it like?



  15. Alan says:

    Dear Fr. Z,

    Thank you for posting the photos of your dinners. They bring great joy to my family. (If only you could hear the “ooo’s and the ah’s that are often expressed as we scroll down the page revealing each culinary delight, each tidbit of advice.) The Potato Leek soup was studied with great intent. “How to dress down a fish” posted some time ago dispelled the darkness of our ignorance. Your step-by-step instructions on the soup gave us an encouraging sense to try your recipe at home. Thank you as well for the shots of the dining table. Beautifully set. On a cold winter days your photos gently awaken the desire to create a Sunday dinner that is as warm and cordial as your own. With prayers, Alan

  16. irishgirl says:

    You’re such a good host….and cook!

    You should put out a book: The Recipes of Fr. Z!

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