POLL ALERT: S. Australia voluntary euthanasia law

There is an important poll on the site of the Independent Weekly, in South Australia.

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  1. adt6247 says:

    Fr. Z:

    Why are you so obsessed with stacking polls? Do you think this actually accomplishes anything? If anything, it makes the polls less accurate, and thus less useful. We, as faithful Catholics, should be soberly aware of the fact that we’re philosophically outnumbered. Stacking a decidedly non-scientific web poll won’t change public opinion or be viewed by politicians as mandate from the masses.

  2. MichaelJ says:

    I disagree. What is the purpose of this poll (or any poll) if not to influence public opinion or direct some political change? Do you really think that it will serve no purpose other than to satisfy idle curiosity?

  3. ghp95134 says:

    adt6247, the polls are NOT restricted to local areas. If such polls requested that residents within a certain geographic vicinity should vote, then I would not participate (unless I were a resident).

  4. JARay says:

    Well I actually live in Australia but not in South Australia. I don’t want this kind of legislation in my State and such legislation has a way of creeping over State borders. I am very glad to know that there is such a Poll.

  5. JARay says:

    Following my previous post, my own State of Western Australia now has such legislation before it for consideration! The Premier, speaking on the radio said that he did not expect it to pass but he was allowing the House a “conscience” vote. This was then followed by an advocate of the euthanasia lobby who put forth the argument that the “conscience” should not represent the politician but his/her electorate since more than 80% of the population are in favour of this legislation!
    I hope that the Premier is right in his opinion of the outcome!

  6. Peter says:

    You will be pleased to know that this legislation failed in the Legislative Council (upper house) by essentially 1 vote when a Liberal party (read ‘conservative’ member) who had previously indicated he would support its introduction changed his mind.

    Deo gratias. However this won’t be over.

    Meanwhile in the jurisdiction of the Australian Capital Territory a ‘Civil Unions’ (aka gay marriage) law has just come into effect. It is possible that it will be overturned as inconsistent with the Federal Marriage Act. However with Labor in power this is less certain than the previous 2 times.

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