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A “walking together” opportunity for Australian Catholics! ACTION ITEM!

There’s going to be a webinar on Synodality (“walking together-ity”). SYNOD ON SYNODALITY – A NEW KIND OF CHURCH Australasian Catholics Coalition for Church Reform (ACCCR), Yarra Theological Union (YTU, and Garratt Publishing are pleased to present the Synod on … Read More

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But, you know, “unique expression” and all that. That’s why the Traditional Latin Mass faithful must be crushed.

The powers High Atop The Thing fear people who desire the Traditional Roman Rite and hate the Vetus Ordo because they know that the demographic sink hole opening under the Church is gobbling the people they have neglected to catechize … Read More

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“Prisoner 5993, you have been denounced as having attempted to communicate with a mythical transcendent being for the sake of petitioning a selfish and criminal outcome.”

At First Things read this carefully: “Prohibiting Prayer in Australia” by Carl R. Trueman The core with my emphases and comments: […] The state of Victoria in Australia … just passed a bill that will considerably intensify the conflict between religious freedom, … Read More

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Reason #987680 for Summorum Pontificum

On this anniversary of Summorum Pontificum going into effect I share with you something from Tradition In Action. There was on 28 August 2020 an ordination of a deacon in the Diocese of Wollongong.  As part of the ceremony, an Aboriginal performed pagan … Read More

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Australia: New legislation – priests must violate the Seal or face jail

It believe it is more important now than ever that we return to the old-fashioned confessionals with a complete physical barrier between the penitent and confessor, with a window having a fixed grate and a curtain or something to obscure … Read More

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URGENT PRAYER REQUEST: Australia and removal of all abortion restrictions

From a reader… Dear Fr Z I read your Blog all the time. At the moment we have some horrendous legislation before our parliament, with voting to commence next week. The vote will be an attempt to remove all legal … Read More

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Australian Anglicans abandon their “seal of ‘confession’. Trouble to follow.

The pressure will now rise, since Anglicans have betrayed Christian tradition and history (again). Never mind that the Church of England has cobbled up a rite of baptism that omits any reference to the Devil (HERE), now we have this … Read More

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Z-SWAG IN THE WILD – Down Under Edition

His Hermeneuticalness is Down Under at the moment and he caught sight of some Z-Swag! Check it out.

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Anti-Catholic MSM and their pre-Conclave yellow journalism

I think you can all find examples of how the liberal, anti-Catholic MSM, published or broadcast stories on the eve of the Conclave – stories held back until the eve of the Conclave – to hurt the Church and certain … Read More

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Benedict XVI establishes Anglican Ordinariate in Australia

Benedict XVI is the Pope of Christian Unity. From The Catholic Herald: Pope Benedict XVI has established a personal ordinariate in Australia and named a Lancashire-born former bishop of the Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC) to lead it. The ordinariate, the … Read More

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News about Toowoomba, Australian bishops

Remember Toowoomba?  The Holy Father accepted Bishop Wm. Morris’s un-proffered resignation after years of misguidance of the diocese. From CNA with my emphases and comments: Australian bishops to issue Toowoomba statement By David Kerr Vatican City, Oct 19, 2011 / … Read More

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Australia: A bill to force priests to break the Seal of Confession

After I posted the story on a legislative attempt in Ireland to force priests to break the Seal of Confession, I had a few emails suggesting that I was panicking, that such a thing would never happen, that this was … Read More

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Australian bishop removed from diocese for heterodox ideas

I have often thought that the Holy Father should reach out and remove a red hat from some cardinal’s head.  Just one.  Pour encourager les autres, as it were.  Well… perhaps from time to time. From the Australian with my … Read More

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Getting it wrong down under

I have now read one of the shallowest articles yet on the new, corrected translation.  It is from The Age in Australia and it written by one Barry Zwartz, a writer whose “journalistic” offerings I have had the displeasure to … Read More

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Hating the Church in Australia

When it comes to the selection of bishops, finding good candidates, it is the usual practice for the Nuncio, or another figure, to send questionnaires to some priests and, I suppose, lay people, asking for input.  This feedback, as well … Read More

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Australia: Auxiliary bishop writes to Pope, considers resignation, Church too narrow

The Canberra Times has this Hard times: troubled bishop writes to Pope BY GRAHAM DOWNIE, RELIGION REPORTER 08 Mar, 2011 08:12 AM The parlous [“parlous”?  This is somewhat obsolete version of “perilous”.] state of the Catholic Church in Australia led … Read More

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Australia: Some priests claim they will refuse to use the new English translation of Mass

The fruits of the “Spirit of Vatican II” are detaching from the vine. There was an article the Australian site The Age, I believe of Melbourne, about some priests who claim they will refuse to use the new, corrected translation … Read More

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Priest in Australia says he will marry homosexuals

UPDATE 16 Feb 1552 GMT: From the The Age: Father Bob Maguire was the page three story in the Herald Sun with the screaming headline: ”I’ll do gay weddings.” Being a modern priest for the modern era who keeps his … Read More

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Australia: Holy See tells Catholic diocese not to host Anglican ordination of women

Yes, you read that correctly. I picked up this story from an Australian source theage.com.au. I get the sense that, in the past, the local Catholic diocese in Victoria had allowed Anglicans to have ordinations in a My emphases and … Read More

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POLL ALERT: S. Australia voluntary euthanasia law

There is an important poll on the site of the Independent Weekly, in South Australia. VOTE HERE

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