Calgary Communion Controversy Concluded

You all know about the controversy over Communion on the tongue in Calgary, Alberta.

There has been a development.

The website of the FSSP parish in Calgary announces that the "suspension" on celebration of the older form of Holy Mass has been lifted.

There is a small note on the main page.

There does not seem to be any such announcement on the site of the Diocese of Calgary.

It seems that this resolved peacefully, considering the earlier trajectory of the disagreement.

God Bless all involved, whoever and wherever they were.

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  1. Choirmaster says:

    Maybe someone in Rome or from the FSSP wrote a polite and charitable letter like Fr. Z at Ecclesia Dei. (I can’t locate the link to that post).

  2. All praise and honour to the Lord Jesus Christ both now and forever!

    And honour to His Holy Mother for this grace on her feast day!

    Thank you.

  3. Prof. Basto says:


  4. C. says:

    Thanks be to God!

    This is hopeful news, also, for the many people in other dioceses who have been told not to approach Communion at Novus Ordo Masses if they want to receive on the tongue.

  5. Gabriella says:

    Deo Gratias!

    And Happy solemnity of the Immaculate to you all.

  6. AM says:

    “This is hopeful news, also, for the many people in other dioceses who have been told not to approach Communion at Novus Ordo Masses if they want to receive on the tongue.”


    This exception, for which God be thanked, only applies to the old form Masses celebrated by the FSSP in Calgary. The various dioceses across the country that have policies in place prohibiting communion on the tongue, mandating alcohol washing of hands during the rite, prohibiting hand-shaking, etc.., still have them.

  7. Lurker 59 says:

    Might I suggest that writing letters of thanks to the Bishop of Calgary, offering him ones continued prayers of support, are in order?

  8. Jon says:

    I’m delighted, especially for Our Lady on her feast, that the issue has been resolved.

    Our former FSSP chaplain, Fr. Joseph Poisson, was until recently stationed there, and I know such a struggle would have pained him deeply.

    Now, for the Great Midwest Blizzard I understand has overwhelmed you. If you’ve mastered the duct-tape, how about some pics?

  9. Rob Cartusciello says:

    Deo Gratias! I trust that calmer heads (on both sides) prevailed.

  10. Re: Why hopeful?

    Our current bishops are great ones for peer pressure and/or consensus. This can be good (as in the current movement towards showing some backbone when needed) or bad. We want it to be used for good.

  11. THREEHEARTS says:

    I had the same but different subjective argument with Bishop Fred over Joe Clark and his Wife Maureen. They were visting Catholic Schools and promoting birth control etc. I wrote a letter telling the Bishop what I thought of his allowing these two to preach in catholic schools against church dogma. He wrote a stupid answer telling me to pray more and that I did not know him. I gave him an answer and a week or so later he told Joe Clark and his wife no to expect to be buried from catholic church in his diocese.
    By the way all of you who who have no knowledge of Death Judgment, heaven and hell certainly got exited when the GOOG catholic reminded Bishop Fred of the last day. You should all be aware he was right and it was a great act of charity and certainly made it obvious this person was not complicit in the bishop’s denial of the properties of the Body and Blood and the lack of belief in Genesis. Also in case someone writes with the silly defense using the philosophical thoughts of accidents tell me does the Divinity of Christ take on the dust of this world or does it cure it. Do relics with the dust of the ages upon them loose their values. Is Jerusalem not Holy as the dust of this world covering the ground in Jerusalem make Her less holy. Does the early chapters of Genesis say the devil brought sin and corruption into this world. Or do you believe Christ did when he shed his blood for us. Most of you knew to know the catechism and catholic scriptures. Especially I write the doctrine on complicity in sin.

  12. irishgirl says:

    Deo Gratias!

    And all honor to the Immaculata on her Feastday!

  13. james says:

    Jon – We love Fr. Blust and miss Fr. Poisson deeply here in
    Calgary. Glad to hear you were blessed to have known Fr.
    Poisson, as well. Both great men.

  14. Randy says:

    Went to mass at noon. The holy water is back. The priest said effective yesterday the H1N1 order was lifted. No explanation. The weather had gotten colder so the flu threat should not have gotten any less. Anyway, it is good to have this over with.

  15. Mitchell NY says:

    Amen, but am curious if Rome intervened..Happy for the people in Calgary.

  16. Jordanes says:

    Somebody anonymous posted this email from Bishop Henry at Rorate Caeli. This is what the FSSP priests received letting them know that they were again allowed to celebrate traditional Latin Masses in Calgary.

    Date: 2009-12-07
    From: Bishop F.B. Henry
    To: All Persons on Diocesan Mailing List
    Subject: H1N1 Update
    This morning I received the following communication from the Calgary
    Medical Officer of Health:
    “All indications are that we have essentially moved to the level of usual seasonal influenza virus circulation. In other words, the ‘second wave’ (H1N1) appears to have subsided. Of
    course, the possibility of a ‘third wave’ remains, but we will monitor that and communicate as appropriate.

    With respect to resumption of usual liturgical practices, I would very much like to encourage the continuation of the message that we have a responsibility to one another, to avoid
    carelessly transmitting infectious agents. Attention to good hand hygiene and cough etiquette, are important measures to avoid the transmission of the usual seasonal influenza virus, as
    well as others, such as respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), which all may cause significant illness in vulnerable individuals. Parishioners need also to be reminded to stay home when they are ill.”

    Accordingly, all of the restrictions that were mandated concerning communion on the tongue,communion from the cup, holy water fonts, and hand shaking at the greeting peace have been
    lifted effective immediately.”

  17. becket1 says:

    Deo Gratias!

  18. Chris says:

    The restrictions were officially lifted on Monday and word put out that the Feast of the Immaculate Conception would be celebrated as a sung Mass on Tuesday evening. We enjoyed a very good turn out for Our Lady’s feast. For those of us whose temporary home was the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukranian Catholic Church, the suggestion of Our Lady’s intervention is rather strong.

    For myself, I’d like to say a heartfelt “thank you” to the Clergy and Congregation of ABVM and the other churches who welcomed us in during this time. And to those of you who offered your prayers, thank you. God bless you all.

  19. Hidden One says:

    I take it that we’re done with the crazy people who wanted Bp. Henry summarily drawn and quartered, tarred and feathered, excommunicated, and forcibly retired (preferably in that order)? Good.

    Maybe this change will cause more changes in dioceses in Canada.

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