Just a little Latin for your feast day

I turned on the mic and read aloud part of the Office of Readings today from the Liturgia Horarum.

Hear if you chose the two readings, from Romans 5 and a selection of St. Anselm, as well as the responses, then the Te Deum and oration.

No frills.  I just read some Latin I had to read anyway. 

If you want, you can get a little Latin into your ears.

A little text to follow.  you can find the rest elsewhere.

Errata lectoris ignosce.

St. Anselm, Speech 52

Caelum, sidera, terra, flumina, dies, nox et quaecumque humanae potestati vel utilitati sunt obnoxia, in amissum decus sese gratulantur, domina, per te quodammodo resuscitata, et nova quadam ineffabili gratia donata. Quasi enim omnia mortua erant, cum amissa congenita dignitate favendi dominatui vel usibus Deum laudantium, ad quod facta erant; obruebantur oppressione, et decolorabantur abusu idolis servientium, propter quos facta non erant. Quasi vero eadem resuscitata laetantur, cum iam Deum confitentium et dominatu reguntur, et usu decorantur.
Nova autem et inaestimabili gratia quasi exsultaverunt, cum ipsum Deum, ipsum creatorem suum, non solum invisibiliter supra se illa regentem senserunt, sed etiam visibiliter intra se eisdem utendo sanctificantem viderunt. Haec tanta bona per benedictum fructum benedicti ventris benedictae Mariae provenerunt.
Per plenitudinem enim gratiae tuae, et quae in inferno erant, se laetantur liberata; et quae supra mundum sunt, se gaudent restaurata. Per eundem quippe gloriosum Filium gloriosae virginitatis tuae, omnes iusti qui obierunt ante vitalem eius mortem, exsultant diruptione captivitatis suae, et angeli gratulantur restituione semirutae civitatis suae.
O femina plena et superplena gratia, de cuius plenitudinis exundantia respersa sic revirescit omnis creatura! O Virgo benedicta et super benedicta, per cuius benedictionem benedicitur omnis natura, non solum creata a Creatore, sed et Creator a creatura!
Deus Filium suum, quem solum de corde suo aequalem sibi genitum, tamquam seipsum diligebat, ipsum dedit Mariae: et ex Maria fecit sibi filium, non alium, sed eundem; ut naturaliter esset unus idemque communis Filius Dei et Mariae. Omnis natura a Deo est creata, et Deus ex Maria est natus. Deus omnia creavit, et Maria Deum genuit. Deus qui omnia fecit, ipse se ex Maria fecit; et sic omnia quae fecerat, refecit. Qui potuit omnia de nihilo facere, noluit ea violata sine Maria reficere.
Deus igitur est pater rerum creatarum et Maria mater rerum recreatarum. Deus est Pater constitutionis omnium, et Maria est mater restituionis omnium. Deus enim genuit ilum, per quem omnia sunt facta; et Maria peperit illum, per quem omnia sunt salvata. Deus genuit illum, sine quo penitus nihil est; et Maria peperit illum, sine quo omnino nihil bene est.
O vere dominus tecum, cui dedit Dominus, ut omnis natura tantum tibi deberet secum. 

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  1. Bornacatholic says:

    I went to Mass at St. Therese in Wellington, Fl where we said The Sanctus and The Agnus Dei in Latin. That was inspiriting.

    However, the Pastor wore a powder blue Chasuble.

    One never encounters such contradictions at the Extraordinary Mass.

  2. mattwcu says:

    Father – my traditional breviary is being shipped for rebind so this morning I too prayed the Office of Readings for the Immaculate Conception. I was a little disappointed that Pius IX’s Bull was not part of that and the Immaculate Conception was not really mentioned until the Collect.

    Oftentimes during your podcasts you will delve into the reasons behind changes like this. (Christ the King podcast comes to mind.) I was wondering if you had any insights into this change? I noticed that the Immaculate Conception was not even mentioned until the Collect.

  3. mattwcu says:

    Mea culpa! I mentioned the collect twice. I only meant to say that once.

  4. Father,

    The Eighth Lesson this morning in the Monastic Breviary came from the official proclamation of the Dogma in 1854. How thrilling that was to read!

    Also, the sermon on the Gospel by St. Germanus in Nocturn II was probably one of the best ever written about Mary. I wish that my Latin was good enough to translate it.

  5. Rellis says:

    Father: I thought you prayed the Breviarum, not the Liturgia Horarum? Or do you simply use the LOTH for the shorter Matins?

  6. irishgirl says:

    Today is my favorite Marian feast! When I used to read at the OF Mass, I went ‘all out’ in the first reading from Genesis.

    Since Mary Immaculate is Patroness of the USA, I had a fleeting-and moving-thought as I made my thanksgiving after Communion at the TLM chapel I now go to: I visualized all the American Saints, Blesseds, Venerables and Servants of God coming in glorious procession to pay homage at her throne. I nearly started to cry tears of joy!

    Te Deum Laudamus! Laudate Mariam!

    And of course-great PODCAzT ‘as per usual’, Father Z!

  7. irishgirl: This wasn’t really a PODCAzT. I just read some Latin.

  8. irishgirl says:

    Well, Father, it was a good one, anyway!

  9. Bill in Texas says:

    O no! “ineffabili” alert!

  10. Jillian says:


    Thanks, Father Z!

  11. joan ellen says:

    Thank you, Fr. Even a reading, especially in Latin, can lift one’s soul.

  12. Stephen Anthony Gregory says:

    Thank you Father. It’s nice to hear the Mother Tongue read aloud once in a while.

  13. crazylikeknoxes says:

    Father, a question for you or anyone who might have an answer. It there a (recommended) reading of the Vulgate available? Perhaps as a download or on cd? And more generally, are there any audio versions of scripture (even Greek would be interesting) that you would recommend?

    From a commuter.

  14. crazylikeknoxes says:

    A footnote: I own a version of the Douay-Rheims New Testament on cassette, read by an Al Covaia and produced by St. Joseph Communications. I am grateful it exists and it is all that I have, still I can only imagine that better versions are available.

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