Checking out Mystic Monk coffee for the first time

A kind reader recently sent me a bag of Mystic Monk coffee beans.

I tried it this morning.

This is "Hermit’s Bold Blend".

I will have to try a stronger batch tomorrow.  I like a pretty sturdy brew.

This was not bad, however.

I am happy to advertise things made by convents and communities.  But I like to be able to endorse them knowing what I am talking about!

You can get your coffee mugs from me, however.

I have been punishing these mugs, microwaving them for long periods and putting them in the bottom part of the dishwasher near the heating element.  They are holding up, though under this relentless hammering with heat, etc., they are showing some wear after a year or so.  If you don’t mistreat them as I purposely do, they should last for a long time!

If you are in the USA

You can get the WDTPRS mug here.
You can get the Save The Liturgy mug here.
You can get the Say The Black mug here.

If you are in the UK…

You can get the WDTPRS mug here.
You can get the Save The Liturgy mug here.
You can get the Say The Black mug here.

If you are an Aussie …

You can get the WDTPRS mug here.
You can get the Save The Liturgy mug here.
You can get the Say The Black mug here.

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  1. Frank H says:

    Our kids gave us a year long subscription to Mystic Monk coffee for Christmas last year and we have thoroughly enjoyed it.

  2. Lucas says:

    Royal Rum pecan is the one flavor to rule them all!

  3. JosephMary says:

    I am sending Mystic Monk coffee in all my Christmas packages!

  4. Denise says:

    I drink the Mystic Monk Blend every morning. I have a Capresso coffee maker that grinds the beans for each pot according to the brew strength and quantity you set. I always use the strong brew strength. I got the Jingle Bell Java recently and was disappointed in the flavor. Then we had a brief power failure and my coffee pot reset from 6 cups to 10 cups. With my next pot of coffee I put in enough water for six cups but the machine ground enough beans for 10 cups. The coffee was heavenly. You would not want to do this if you are drinking the Mystic Monks Midnight Vigils blend. That is a very strong brew.

  5. KellyH says:

    I’m proud to be an affiliate of Mystic Monk coffee (through my blog @ and we are giving coffee for gifts this year. We live near an Abbey – and eat only the bread they bake. . They also ship gift packages. The bread freezes very, very well!

  6. nhaggin says:


    You’ve stumbled upon what we might call the Great Coffee Miscalibration: the US cup is 8 fl oz, but the coffee “cup” is anywhere from 4-6 fl oz, depending on who you consult and which side of the Atlantic you’re on.

  7. EXCHIEF says:

    As a long time Mystic Monk consumer let me strongly recommend the dark roast. That’s how (after morning prayer) our family starts its day. You expressed the desire for something a little stronger and dark roast will fill that ticket.

  8. nhaggin: HA! I laugh at your 6-8 oz. cups. I am using my large 15 oz. “Say the Black – Do The Red” mug this morning.


  9. nhaggin says:

    Father Z:

    Oh, I wasn’t saying I drink only 6 oz at a time. Since I work with computers for a living, I must often fend off unwanted requests for assistance with this 16-oz wonder:

  10. pablo says:

    Dear Padre,

    I would love to buy some of the cups and other products, but I try to stay away from Made in China.

    I guess I’ll just stick an extra five’er in the poor box instead.

    God be with you.


  11. Jaybirdnbham says:

    I love their “Carmel” flavor best so far, but the Royal Rum Pecan runs a close second.

  12. gloriainexcelsis says:

    The book/gift shop at St. Stephen’s in Sacramento carries Mystic Monk. It’s a very popular item needing constant restocking. My son and his wife are the best customers , I think. They’ve tried just about all flavors. I can’t remember which is the favorite.

  13. Tina in Ashburn says:

    I haven’t found the kidney-blowing strength that I need, but there are many fans of Mystic Monk coffee.

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