POLL ALERT! “What If We Just Said ‘FINALLY!'”?

As a response to an entry, one of you readers came up with a great idea:

"What If We Just Said ‘FINALLY’!" about the new translation of the Roman Missal.

And there is a fun POLL!

UPDATE 5 Dec 0018:


UPDATE 5 Dec 1610:



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  1. I just voted (“Full speed ahead!”). Now there are a total of 216 votes and still only 1 agreeing with the article.

  2. Random Friar says:

    I might just lead a local grass-roots revolt: I will refuse to celebrate Mass according to the now-in-force, then-obsolete translation.

  3. The Cobbler says:

    I want to know where these whiney “Wait! Why change what we’re familiar with?!” folks were when the Novus Ordo was in the works.

  4. Could you IMAGINE what would have happened had this process which was offered in the article been done in the first instance?

    Where would we be today? I think JUST THE IMPLEMENTATION of such a process would have created more problems than currently exist.

    There are so many philosophical flaws to his argument that it is hard for me to even discuss the merits. I can’t see past all of the fallacies and contradictions to get to the “meat” of his argument.

  5. ghp95134 says:

    Is it a joke? “…I want a delay for some ineffable reason.”

    Let’s go “full speed ahead!”

  6. tzard says:

    “Ineffable” is a nice touch. Those who vote it are undermining their own position a bit.

    (Or perhaps they might just look it up… “i’ve been seeing “ineffable” all over the place, I wonder what it means?” – just type it into Google and there the definition is – right at the top.)

    I’m all for Latin, but all the structures to teach it to the vast majority of congregations have been dismantled. How would we go that direction when some priests have palpitations about explaining “ineffable” and “incarnate”?

  7. pcstokell says:

    Quick! Anyone know the cost of registering http://whatifwejustsaidgetonwithit.com ??

  8. Scott W. says:

    If find it delicious that an informal, tongue-in-cheek poll is outnumbering the signatures of the petition 2:1.

  9. Josephus Muris Saliensis says:

    Wonderful Fr Z! The Waiters have managed 285 signatures as of this time from all these deeply concerned people, to your 1,003 Finalists!

    Interestingly, they mostly seem to be “lay minsters” with a smattering of permanent deacons. Figures, as you say in the US.


  10. wanda says:

    What would be a good way to behave WHEN the new translations are put into use? I’m serious. How could we best help ourselves and others to settle in and happily learn the new wording? What would be your best suggestions? I know what is going to come..’Oh no! They’re changing everything! ‘Why are they doing that?’ ‘I don’t like it.’ ‘I’m so used to the old way.’

    So, what are your thoughts on how to make a peaceful and hopefully happy transistion?

  11. Melody says:

    This whole idea of protest has just got me depressed and seeing red. After the new translations were passed I was so happy at the idea that I might be able to attend the N.O. without mental pain.

  12. Tom A. says:

    Father, you forgot the option to vote for “Drop the Novus Ordo all together.”

  13. Tom A: You forgot that is not my poll. You also forgot that that was not the subject of the poll.

  14. Bressani56 says:

    Fr. Z, did we win??

  15. ssoldie says:

    Eliminate the ‘fabricated’ liturgy of ‘Annabelle Bugnini and the progressive committee that created the it, N.O.M. Restore the ‘immoral Mass’ (1962) Traditional Latin Mass, T.L.M. that had been surpressed intentionally, not abrogated, which we were led to believe, deception does not bring about unity.

  16. irishgirl says:

    ssoldie-err, did you mean ‘immemorial Mass’?

    ‘Immoral’ sounds like a oxymoron….

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