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  1. Frank H says:

    We get the privilege of watching our nearly two year old grandson this week while our son and daughter in law go on a cruise!

  2. JonathanZ says:

    Celebrated 1 year or going to daily mass on the 26th (am a convert) by going to my local St. Stephen’s church on their patronal feastday. Was good to see OF with lots of latin and ad orientem.

  3. FrCharles says:

    Two things: First, I had the privilege of blessing a man who had survived a car accident miraculously. Second, when I turned in money received for Christmas to my superior, he said that we would put it toward new rose vestments.

  4. Kerry says:

    The courage of the common man, of whom Lincoln said God must have loved because “He created so many”, floods unchecked as it smothered the attempted fiery bombing of the plane over Detroit.

  5. sherlockgael says:

    Vacation–this is what it must be like to be retired–Happy New Year everone!

  6. Melania says:

    My father completed his long and faith-filled life on Dec. 26th, surrounded by his loving family and fortified by the sacraments. We are grateful for his life.

  7. MOP says:

    Thanks, Fr. Z., for the Catena Aurea announcement from Baronius Press. We sent it to our son for his first Christmas as a priest, in time to use it to prepare his Christmas homily. He was very thankful for our gift.

  8. MOP: That’s great! Thanks for that.

  9. Agnes says:

    I’m sitting by the fireplace with my cup of coffee, morning prayers, and the laptop. Into the second week of an enjoyably lazy Christmas vacation and no major injuries (yet). Bronchitis or whatever is improving.

  10. taximom says:

    Our daughter graduated from college six months early. Now start the ‘job’ novenas…

  11. JaneC says:

    Today is my 25th birthday! My husband and I are going to my brother’s house tonight to celebrate. It is good to celebrate with family; also, my sister-in-law is from northern Italy and is the most fantastic cook, and their kids got a Wii for Christmas. Family, good food, and good fun.

  12. Eugenia says:

    Say the black Do the red mugs have arrived and were given as a Christmas gift to our clergy :)

  13. JenB says:

    My grandfather came home from the hospital, and we had a wonderful dinner with four generations of our family together in our new home.

  14. My great news?

    Hey – I have time off, am trying really hard to stay away from blogging (oops), and am cleaning in my basement.

    I remember the days when I thought my mom and dad were nuts when they were happy to have time off so they could do heavy work around the house.

    Much better news: There is one more opportunity to catch Haydn’s Theresienemesse at Assumption Grotto in Detroit this coming Sunday at Noon. My understanding is that it would be a solemn high EF, but would be according to the calendar. Hence, Ephiphany will wait until the 6th, I believe for those following the EF.

    Here’s the poster (PDF) which was made a few weeks back. This past Sunday’s 9:30 was in the EF, but was not a solemn high.

  15. Leonius says:

    My wife has just had her first ultrasound of our first baby, everything is looking good, Deo gratias, please pray it remains so.

  16. jbalza007 says:

    Lots of good news: 1st, a priest-friend of ours was a victim of a strong-armed robbery by two thieves who threatened him with a gun, “asked” for his money, tore his cassock, and stole his wallet. Thankfully he wasn’t harmed at all. The very next day, his wallet was returned (except for the cash, everything else was there!). 2nd, the digital cam that I’ve been using to record videos of our EF masses — including a Pontifical Mass & Ordination Mass — fell down by accident on Christmas Day. The shutter was stuck and I was preparing to buy a replacement when just last night, the camera shutter (after several attempts of turning the camera on and off) somehow got to fix itself! The third good news is that our firstborn is due Jan. 16 (I’m going to be a dad next month!) :)

  17. RichR says:

    I’ve found peace in how I want to pray. I’ve been on the fence about which version of the Divine Office to settle into. After contacting people who have multiple versions (including Shawn Tribe of the NLM), I’ve gone with their recommendations and purchased the Monastic Diurnal…..which I am eagerly awaiting in the mail.

    Here’s where I found some great reviews on multiple Offices:
    Absoultely No Spin

  18. JimmyB says:

    Good news. Well I am finishing up my last take home test for this year and that will mean only 1 year left til my ordination as a Permanent Deacon!

  19. JonM says:

    A Marine friend I met up with for lunch Christmas weekend said, without any prompting, that he thought that Traditional Latin Mass was a more powerful means of worship.

    Also, after perhaps more than 30 years of not attending at all, I persuaded my mom to go to Midnight Mass.

    Professionally, I have found a new opportunity that is practically exactly what I was looking for as an additional product.

  20. Rose in NE says:

    Just got home from our annual family bowling tournament and pizza feed. It’s a blessing to be part of a large extended family who all get along with each other!

  21. marthawrites says:

    Ditto re: Catena Aurea. Our son gave us the four volumes for Christmas thanks to your notice.

  22. mvhcpa says:

    Myself and my bride just returned safely to the Atlanta area after a wonderful Christmas trip to see my folks and my sister and brother-in-law in Jacksonville. While in Jax, I also reconnected with a friend I haven’t spoken to or seen in thirteen years.

    Tomorrow is “deferred Christmas” with all my in-laws (who all live up here).

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Michael Val

  23. Norah says:

    The dull aching pain in my lower spine [bone pressing on nerve] for the last two weeks seems to have abated. Even if it comes back I thank God for giving me this time of relief. I do ‘offer it up’.

  24. xsosdid says:

    Well, I suppose this is finding God’s goodness amid hardship – which IS good, right?
    My eldest son (he’s 16) is going through a dark emotional period, and he has been quite difficult through this season (including a suicide attempt and coming home falling-down drunk). Our parish priest is a very busy man, and I have wanted to have Matt in for some spiritual councelling. The other day I found on the web a priest I had remembered from 10 years ago who is one of my favourites, as he is an excellent example of virtue and holiness. My wife and I decided, under the pretext of road-testing our new GPS for our van, to go to Fr Paul’s church w, whcih is about an hour’s drive, for the Saturday evening vigil mass. We packed all four grumnbling kids into the van for our adventure (they were promised dinner out), and off we went to find the church. When the GPS finally said “You are at your destination” we looked out at a large pile pf rubble in an otherwise empty field. I was crushed, as we have had many churches close in southern Ontario. As we sat there retrying the GPS, my youngest (7yrs) began to complain loudly about being thirsty. We found, via GPS, a convenience store where I purchased bottled water. I asked the clerk about the church, and she summoned a man who happened to be a firefighter. He walked me out and said “you can see it from here” he pointed to a hill atop which stood a little church. Sure enough, it was our destination, and my youngest’s thirst – not the GPS – had led us there!
    I was there in time to speak to Fr Paul via the confessional before mass, and he couldn’t have been more gracious – inviting us for lunch after mass next time! I intend to set an appointment with him for Matt.
    It was truly a moment where God again demonstrated His guidance to my wife and I!

  25. I have some bad news, but I plead all of your prayers.
    My 41 year old sister , single mom of a 13 yr girl, was diagnosed with breast cancer. I found this out today. She is going to the surgeon this afternoon. Thank you.

  26. my kidz mom says:

    My CT scan came back negative! Praise God!

  27. Nazareth priest,

    Prayers for your sister and her daughter (as well as you and the rest of your family).

    If it helps any, I know of many, many positive outcomes.

  28. Diane at Te Deum Laudamus: Thank you very much for your prayers for us all and your kind words and encouragement. That really helps. Bless you!

  29. leutgeb says:

    A medical scare involving a memeber of my family has been resolved. We are all relieved.

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