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WDTPRS: Trinity Sunday

At the end of Holy Mass this morning I noted the simple but weighty rubric: Post Missam expirat tempus paschale. We have come back around to the Tempus per annum. But we don’t go green quite yet.  Sunday is Trinity … Read More


Priests v. Satan: the abortion industry’s public acts of anti-Catholic hate speech

Excuse the profanity in the images included with the following.  It is necessary to know what what drives those behind the culture of death (hint: the Enemy of the soul). From the Pro-Life Corner: Rockford Abortion Mill Continues Vicious Attacks … Read More


Being “judgmental”. Fr. Finigan hits for six!

My friend His Hermeneuticalness has hit for six. Here is a sample.  But definitely go over to his place and spike his stats even while reading the rest of this excellent entry. My emphases and comments:     Judge not, that … Read More

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SHOCK! A Cardinal is pro-life!

I got to know Marc Card. Ouellet in Rome.  He is a stand up guy. So, I tuned in when I saw this from CWN: Cardinal Marc Ouellet expressed astonishment at the reaction to his recent statement that abortion is … Read More

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Of rotted fish juice lunch and of gardens and of feeders

I want to thank EC of NY for lunch today.  EC of NY sent some garum… yes… garum.  I have written about garum several times (check here and here.), but most recently in the form of colatura, a super concentrated … Read More

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Of irony and impeachment – wherein Fr. Z makes some observations

I understand that The White House’s Rahm Emanuel asked former President Clinton to give the pitch about a job to Rep. Sestak… drop out of the Pennsylvania primary race in exchange for a job in the administration. This comes from … Read More


Sestack and the “job offer”

This is really interesting: PENN AG TOM CORBETT SHOULD EMPANEL GRAND JURY IN SESTAK AFFAIRBy Dick Morris05.27.2010 By Dick Morris and Judge Andrew Napolitano With a Democratic Attorney General in Washington, a Democratic president, and both houses of Congress solidly … Read More


Mass intention reminder

As I mentioned several days ago, I will say Mass tomorrow, Friday in the Octave of Pentecost for those who follow the traditional calendar, for the intention of those benefactors who have sent donations and used the wish list. It … Read More

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Congo paraplegic band

I love this story: Congo paraplegic band rocks around the worldFrom Neil Curry CNN Cannes, France (CNN) — A group of disabled Congolese musicians could soon become a global sensation after an acclaimed documentary about the group was shown at … Read More

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Receiving Communion: “the turf the devil does not want to give up without a fight”

I am always enheartened when a find a parish where large percentages of the congregation receive Holy Communion on the tongue directly, and even more when kneeling. In his entry, Fr. Heliman first presents a Youtube of Bp. Morlino preaching, … Read More

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Watch for this link in the liberal media

Today’s email inbox has the feeling of the traditional night of the week a thug comes home after a few with the guys and beats the tar out of the wife and kids. The clerical abuse of children is the … Read More

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More bigotry from the New York Times

Nicholas Kristof has written blasphemous and historically inaccurate pieces for his mack Hell’s Bible.  He now turns attention to the situation of a Catholic woman religious who, as a hospital administrator in Arizona, approved the killing of unborn child through … Read More

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Grave desecration

Pretty sad and steamed about this following story from CNA: St. Michael statue stolen from US Marine’s gravestone in New York Allegany, N.Y., May 27, 2010 / 10:47 am (CNA).- Police are investigating the theft of a marble statue of … Read More


Brick by “ad orientem” brick in Seattle

For your "brick by brick" file… from a reader: Dear father, with all the negative publicity that the Archdiocese of Seattle has received lately with Fr. Ryan’s public dissent and Fr. Jan Larsen’s column, it is refreshing to know that … Read More

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What group of blog commenters do you belong to?

Matthew Warner offered this on the site of the National Catholic Register. After comparing blog comments to graffiti (perhaps he is a facebook devotee with a "wall") he sallies forth to identity 10 types of commenters…. or should it be commentators?  … Read More


It’s not about the money… well… not just about the money

There was story recently that, mirabile dictu, the Obama administration filed a brief with the Supreme Court backing Holy See’s claim of immunity from a lawsuit brought against an alleged pedophile priest in the United States. You have to wonder … Read More

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NYC 3 June – Corpus Christi Mass and Procession – Eucharistic procession on Broadway, literally

The Blessed Sacrament on Broadway, literally on Broadway… on the street itself. CORPUS CHRISTI PROCESSION MARKS END YEAR FOR PRIESTS New York, May 25th – Manhattan’s historic Church of the Holy Innocents will mark the final First Thursday of the … Read More

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Bishops and priests must do public penance

Some time ago I posted this entry about bishops and priests doing public penance. Is it time for bishops and priests to do public penance for, well, the crimes of bishops and priests? I have often written that the way … Read More

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UK: Bishop with priests using new translation – wordy but a huge improvement

Fr Michael Brown of Forest Murmurs: I`m on the diocesan clergy retreat at Ushaw this week so this is just a quick post. Some priest bloggers have discussed recently using the new translation of the OF Mass before the official … Read More


CORRECTION to PODCAzT 102 on the new translation of the 1st Eucharistic Prayer

I received word from a couple people via email that in my reading of the new translation of the Roman Canon I omitted the name of St. Anastasia, which surprises me.  This was an odd lapsus linguae given the fact … Read More

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