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NCR’s John L. Allen on African symposium about dangers of Western Secularism

Here is a fascinating piece by John L. Allen, who sadly is still writing for the National Catholic Reporter.  In his posting Allen shows both his worth as a Catholic journalist along with his own positions.  He conveys useful information … Read More

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The Feeder… Stream

Some activity at the feeder. Watching the live stream these days you will often see the hummingbird feeder.   But you will sometimes see an unusual visitor. And then there is the usual visitor. Fun! In the meantime, this little guy … Read More

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Expert comments on the music for a Papal event in England

At The Chant Cafe my friend Jeffrey Tucker, a distinguished Church musician, has a few trenchant comments about some of the music for an even during the upcoming Papal Visit to England. My emphases and comments: Damian Thompson reports on … Read More

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MacMillan’s Mass settings for the Papal Visit to England

Here is some great news from The Catholic Herald, the UK’s best Catholic weekly.  Choirs prepare for papal Masses By Mark Greaves on Friday, 20 August 2010 Choirs across England, Wales and Scotland are rehearsing the new setting of the … Read More

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Pounds and Grounds and Compounds

I deeply admire religious communities who make and sell things to support their life and apostolates. Take for example the Carmelites behind Mystic Monk Coffee. How many pounds of coffee do you have to sell in order to build this? … Read More

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NEW TRANSLATION 1st Sunday of ADVENT 2011!

The USCCB issued a press release: CARDINAL GEORGE ANNOUNCES VATICAN APPROVAL OF NEW ROMAN MISSAL ENGLISH-LANGUAGE TRANSLATION, IMPLEMENTATION SET FOR FIRST SUNDAY OF ADVENT 2011 [Do I hear an "Amen!"?] U.S. Adaptations to Mass Prayers Also ApprovedParish Education Efforts Urged To … Read More

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IRELAND: Tell bishops to ‘get the hell out of our cathedrals’, says writer

This is from The Irish Independent: Tell bishops to ‘get the hell out of our cathedrals’, says writerBy Marese McDonagh Friday August 20 2010 Irish Catholics should establish a home-grown church by demanding that the bishops "get the hell out … Read More

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Card. Ouellet, Prefect for Bishops, on how bishops should teach

I have been favorably impressed by Card. Ouellet since I met him Rome.  From LifeSite: Ouellet: We Need Bishops With ‘Spiritual Discernment’ over ‘Political Calculation’“We have suffered from this mentality of dissent” that is “still dominating the intelligentsia,” said Ouellet. … Read More

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PODCAzT 110 & WDTPRSL: Learning the Roman Canon in Latin for Seminarians

I received a nice voice mail from some seminarians who are learning how to say the Extraordinary Form of Holy Mass on their own.  They asked for help with the Latin, since they have not ever heard the Roman Canon … Read More

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Medal of Honor winners to vets returning home: Help is there!

A reader sent me a link to something I found very moving. Some recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor joined together to make a video PSA to encourage America’s military to seek help when adjusting to life after combat, … Read More

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WDTPRS: Sanctus

In the print version of WDTPRS, the weekly column, I have been comparing the lame-duck ICEL translation of the Ordinary of Holy Mass still hear in our churches with the new, approved version we will one day be able to … Read More

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It is good news time

Do you have some good news you care to post? Small things but good… I got an article done for the paper and writing it taught me something about Holy Mass.I am pretty much recovered from a recent malady.I am … Read More


Apostles of Jesus Christ, Priest and Victim

I had an email from a priest today who told me about a new initiative to build up diocesan priests in their lives and ministry.  Their new initiative, which has the approval of Card. George in Chicago, is called The … Read More

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QUAERITUR: keeping Hosts from different Forms of Mass separated

From a reader: We have a sung Sunday Mass celebrated in the Extraordinary Form at a local parish. The priest who says the Mass is not the pastor, but a diocesan priest who says Mass in both forms of the … Read More

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PODCAzT 109: A dust up in ancient Carthage and parishes that schism

Many dioceses are having to close parishes.  Now and then a bishop needs to discipline parishes which go renegade.  It sometimes happens that groups of Catholics just go do their own thing. This got me thinking about a sermon of … Read More

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Sts. Nunilo and Alodia pray for us… at Ground Zero

From Dick we find this about the proposed mosque at Ground Zero. My emphases and comments, to be followed by some irony. The proposed mosque near to ground zero is not really a religious institution. It would be — … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Where did Mass “facing the people” come from?

We should network our brain power for this.  Father’s tired. From a reader: I once wrote (by invitation) an article for a diocesan newspaper in which I mentioned, inter alia, that Vatican II never called for the priest to face … Read More

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QUAERITUR: “self-service” from the chalice

From a reader, edited: Last night I was scandalised, apart from the usual "inclusive" language that the Priest used throughout, he asked, after the Priests Communion (normally the EMHC’s are crawling over each other by now) whether there was a … Read More

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Another technical question: back ups and restores

Those who do a lot of work with a computer may know the old phrase, "Jesus saves, and so should you." We have probably all had the experience not just of losing minutes to hours of work on a document … Read More

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“Don’t equate women priests with pedophiles.” Welllll… Okay!

This is from Diogenes at Off The Record: Janice Sevre-Duszynska, who identifies herself as a "Roman Catholic womanpriest," has chastised the Vatican in an op-ed column written for the Lexington (Kentucky) Herald-Leader. The title encapsulates her demand: "Don’t equate women … Read More

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