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America Magazine: Pastor Apologizes for Vatican’s “Insensitive” Words

From America Magazine with my emphases and comments: Pastor Apologizes for Vatican’s "Insensitive" WordsAugust 18, 2010James Martin, S.J. A pastor in Oak Park, Ill., has apologized to the women and women religious of his parish for the Vatican’s "insensitive and … Read More

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Benedict XVI: First Communion at “age of reason”

From CNA: Benedict XVI affirms first communion for children at age of reason Castel Gandolfo, Italy, Aug 18, 2010 / 06:01 am (CNA/EWTN News).- The Holy Father remembered Pope St. Pius X and reviewed his Church reforms and renewals during … Read More

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A Preferential Option for the Poor Ignoramuses

There is a new blog The Motley Monk (which also has some food posts, btw).   There are some very smart posts there.   My interest was captured by the mention of one of the better profs in the Theology Department at … Read More

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Mexican Bishops on Supreme Court about same-sex “unions”

From CNA: Bishops of Mexico: Homosexual adoption an attack on natural order Mexico City, Mexico, Aug 17, 2010 / 09:59 pm (CNA).- The Bishops’ Conference of Mexico released a statement on Tuesday rejecting the decision by the country’s Supreme Court … Read More

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Help! I need technical advice!

I need help from you knowledgeable readers. Is there any software that will allow me to record – on a single computer – 4 usb webcams with 1 or 2 audio sources? The idea is to record simultaneously four different … Read More

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Why are groups of liberal Catholics splitting from their bishops?

Schism and disobedience, undermining one’s ecclesial identity, are hardly new in the Church. Still, I have noticed that coverage of these aberrations has increased. There is the renegade community in Brisbane, Australia.  Pretty much heretics as well. In St. Louis … Read More

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Printed forms for penitents outside confessionals

Today I was talking to a friend about a parish he visited.  He saw that penitents waiting for confession were using a printed form or sheet that had a structured form for making a confession as well as an Act … Read More

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What Is Confession Time Really For?

I am ever more impressed with the quality of posts on Fr. Bill Baer’s blog.  He is a priest acquaintance of mine in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis.  I have posted about him before. He has been talking … Read More

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Italian liturgist Manlio Sodi fears Summorum Pontificum

Manilio Sodi, SDB, is virulently opposed to Pope Benedict. The Italian blog Messa in latino reports that Sodi has been on Italian radio a couple times recently running down Pope Benedict’s Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum.The good news is that its … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Pastor tells me, a deacon, to omit dalmatic on weekdays

From a reader: I am a transitional deacon on pastoral placement.  Please include me in your prayers for thorough preparation for the priesthood.  [Will do.] The Parish Priest has said that I should not wear the dalmatic for weekday Masses.  … Read More

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Richard McBrien’s latest: pure gift

Imagine this if you can… but I saw something a little weird in Richard McBrien’s most recent blurb in the National Catholic Fishwrap. McBrien’s piece is about Popes of the 20th Century!  As you might guess, he points out their … Read More

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A counter-proposal for the Mosque at Ground Zero

I have been following the debate over the building of a mosque at Ground Zero in Manhattan. I have a counter proposal. Let us build a chapel dedicated to Sts. Nunilo and Alodia next to the mosque. Saints Nunilo and … Read More

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Sister Act

I read the National Catholic Fishwrap piece about the change of sisterly presidency of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious. They had their rite of farewelling and leadershiping for the outgoing prez. What the hell is this?  Star Trek?

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QUAERITUR: bishop won’t allow choir to be in choir loft

From a reader: Our priest wanted to move the choir loft into the open attic space at the back of our church (over the narthex), [the logical place for a choir loft] but he said the bishop would not let … Read More

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The Feeder Feed and a saint who couldn’t stand another saint

I haven’t posted anything about the feeder activity lately. Here is an action shot! This Blue Jay does not like the other flying competition. Mr. Indigo Bunting likes millet. A nice shot of a young female Oriole.  Most of the … Read More

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The Assumption – from the Patristic Rosary Project

Here is a resumption of my entry in the 2006 Patristic Rosary Project for the: 4th Glorious Mystery: The Assumption We do not know for sure if the Blessed Virgin Mary died and was assumed body and soul into heaven … Read More

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If all time is eternally present, All time is unredeemable.

I picked up from Sandro Magister that there is under construction in Mecca a huge building which will be second in height (600m) to the tower in Dubai. The building in Mecca will have 4 clocks, each, as they advertise, … Read More


SUNDAY SUPPER: A Dangerous Liaison!

I sometimes post about my Sunday Supper preparations.  I think people should make something good and eat together on Sundays. However, I have been feeling dreadful for a few days and the thought of food has left me … less … Read More

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Do good confessions lead to good vocations?

Once again I direct your attention to the blog of a friend, Fr. Bill Baer in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis who posted an entry with an interested premise. Here it is, with severe editing and my emphases.  … Read More

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Fr. Pfleger continues to amaze

Remember the wacko Fr. Pfleger in Chicago? I may be feeling wretched this evening, but I got a good laugh out of this. Put down anything you may be reading.  Really… right now.  Put it down. (Oh… how I am … Read More