I enjoy getting photos of my coffee mugs out there being used in the wild.

A reader writes:

Ave Zedissime Pater,

An example of “startin’ em off right!”  The red, the black, the Mother of God, and Christ the teacher…

You remain in my prayers very frequently.

Thanks for the prayers!

Lucky child.

And while there may be juice in that mug, I hope junior is getting a….

… richly aromatic mug of Mystic Monk Coffee!

Yes, you cannot start too early in building that life-long relationship with good coffee and, in particular, the virtuous habit of refreshing your supply by using my link!

Help Monks.

Help Fr. Z.

Help… the children.

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  1. Iconophilios says:

    Help… the children.

    Father, sometimes you are shameless…

  2. capchoirgirl says:

    Well, since you mentioned “The children”….!

  3. TonyLayne says:

    Hopefully, the child has a “Save the Liturgy” teddy bear ….

  4. Luke Whittaker says:

    Now that young one needs a brown Mystic Monk Coffee Hoodie to stay warm this winter.

  5. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    It is funny that in the (old) Penguin translation of the Dutch children’s classic ‘Afke’s Ten’, about a poor Frisian family with 10 children, set at the time of the Boer War, the children drink hot chocolate for a treat, but in the Dutch original, it is coffee! The Dutch also have something more like the warm equivalent of coffee ice cream (assuming you sweeten it) than like cappuccino, a little strong coffee to which is added a lot of warm milk, in translation something like, ‘coffee the wrong way round’.

  6. Norah says:

    I emailed the Mystic Monks for the price plus P@H for some of their sample coffee so that I could decide what I liked before ordering a large quantity and possibly not liking it. The price for postage to Australia was so reasonable that I re-sent the email stressing that I was writing from Australia and the reply came that the price was correct. I will certainly be ordering some samples and, if I like the coffee, a larger quantity.

    This is part of the email:

    I did double check and yes that is the price. We do not charge the
    total price to ship as it is expensive sometimes. We help pay the
    shipping costs so it is more affordable.

  7. Coffee’s got antioxidants, so it can’t be wrong…. :) Of course, it’s long been a home remedy to give coffee to “hyper” children, because sometimes it actually calms them down. (My older brother was like this as a kid.)

    Re: the Dutch coffee thing, you’d have to use an army of sweeteners to get coffee past the anti-bitter tastebuds of kids.

  8. becket1 says:

    Quote: And while there may be juice in that mug, I hope junior is getting a….

    … richly aromatic mug of Mystic Monk Coffee!

    Yeah!. Than he can play the Exorcist on his mommy’s shirt.

    How about some Cistercian coffee from Spring Bank Abbey!. Some “Highlander Grog – Rum-Vanilla” or “St. Benedict JAVA JUMP Light Roast”

  9. Patikins says:

    I have a friend whose young (preschool age) children like “coffee.” It’s mostly milk but they do have a taste for it and ask for it though they don’t get this treat very often.

  10. Norah says:

    Here in Australia mums can order a “baby chino” for their toddler. It is warm milk, a little sugar with a cappucino froth.

  11. Robert_H says:

    My kids have “boy coffee” at my in-laws every Wednesday with Grandma and their great grandparents. It’s mostly hot chocolate and whipped cream but occasionally there’s some coffee mixed in.

    Fr Z, you’ve just about worn me down about ordering some more Mystic Monk. We might split a 5lb bag with the neighbors.

  12. Robert_H: I think you will like it. And if you can share a larger bag you can lower your cost even more!

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