DETROIT: Sunday 17 Oct – Solemn TLM at Assumption Grotto

This morning I picked up my impedimenta and moved the castra from Manhattan to Detroit.  What’s the old saw?   I just flew in and, boy, are my arms tired.

Tomorrow, Sunday 17 Oct at 12 Noon at Assumption Grotto parish in Detroit there will be a Solemn TLM (Extraordinary Form).  The setting of the Mass is by Igor Stravinsky.   I, the undersigned, will be celebrant for the Mass and I will preach.

Assumption Grotto’s annual benefit dinner is also tomorrow after the Mass.  See their site for details.  I hear there is a raffle.  Shall I win?

I am eager to hearing the Stravinsky Mass in the setting for which it was intended!  It was written to be a Mass and not a concert piece.

Additional music for the Mass will be by J.S. Bach.   That’s not a contrast, is it?

Stravinsky was Orthodox but effectively Catholic in spirit.  He wrote his Mass setting from real piety and not for a commission.  I was told a story by Fr. Perrone that when Stravinsky was at a concert of his music in the 1970’s in Los Angeles, in the old cathedral, whereas everyone was yaking it up in church as in a concert hall, the elderly Stravinsky genuflected to the Lord in the tabernacle when he would pass by.

PS: No gunfire yet.

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  1. JohnMa says:

    Hopefully you have your bulletproof cassock on Father!

  2. “….the elderly Stravinsky genuflected to the Lord in the tabernacle when he would pass by.”

    May God be good to him.

    Wow, it seems strange that he was still alive in the 1970?s, much less visiting St. Vibiana’s in LA.

  3. kat says:

    Welcome to Detroit, Father!
    Hopefully you hear no gunfire this year!!

  4. Welcome Fr. Z! Although Detroit isn’t exactly in my backyard, I will be driving up for the Mass. I hope you have time to visit the city’s many beautiful and historic churches in addition to Assumption Grotto (especially St. Josaphat). As a local resident told me, the churches in Detroit were flat out broke and so lacked the money to destroy altars, statues…oops, excuse me–renovate…when it was popular among most other churches. So sometimes being poor is a good thing!

  5. Mike says:

    I’ll be driving up with my family from Toledo! It will be great to see you in person, Father! We are making a day of driving, going from Toledo to Detroit and 5 hours to Oxford, Ohio where I go to school.

  6. Sandra_in_Severn says:

    Now I wished I did go up to Michigan with my Mom and my niece, and convince them to go to Assumption Grotto and not Shrine of the Little Flower on the way home to Cleveland.

  7. Bill F says:

    Hey, it’s a regular blocnic! My wife and I will be driving down from Port Huron for Mass, too. Maybe someone should whip up WDTPRS nametags. lolz

  8. jray says:

    Fr. Z -I hope you will also attend the Call to Holiness conference in Detroit on June 11 2011. There are such good things going on in Michigan now!

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