When in Newark…

… find a procession!

I went for the afternoon and evening to find a priest friend in Newark.

There was a procession tonight at Our Lady of Mount Carmel for the Peruvian community in honor of El Senor de los Milagros, in Lima.

First we visited the cathedral.  Being with one of the priests of the diocese, and one who knew the cathedral well, we were able to look around pretty well.   I think the Cathedral of Newark my be the most beautiful cathedral church in the USA.

I am sure many of you know this church.  Here is a view most of you will never see.  A panoramic view from the pulpit.



Then off to Our Lady of Mount Carmel.







And some video…

Well… if I can get it converted, I’ll add it.

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  1. Charivari Rob says:

    “I think the Cathedral of Newark my be the most beautiful cathedral church in the USA.”

    I’ve only ever been able to visit it briefly, but I’ve long thought that it is a beautiful church.

    There’s a nice tour function at the cathedral website, with photos and background information. http://www.cathedralbasilica.org/tour/nojava/index.shtml

    I was going to comment more on the question of comparing it to other cathedrals when I really thought about it and realized that I have only ever seen maybe a handful of them.

  2. cblanch says:

    Wow! Beautiful! Although…I have to say my vote for most beautiful cathedral in the US would be for Our Lady Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Cathedral in Toledo, OH. Here’s a link and they have a virtual tour that can give you a rough idea of what it looks like…much, much better to visit in person, though. http://www.rosarycathedral.org/

  3. Eric says:

    Is the building with the onion domes part of the cathedral?

    I haven’t seen many but my vote goes to the Cathedral Basilica of Covington, KY.

    Pre-“Restoration” was better but it is still beautiful.


  4. What is the heart-shaped item with the cross on top?

  5. A Sinner 2 says:

    Welcome to Newark! If this is the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Ironbound, I hope you were able to sample some of the Portuguese/Spanish cuisine of the neighborhood.

    If it is the same Mt. Carmel, though, the parish had a TLM for a short time a couple of years ago, on Sunday late in the afternoon (4:00 or 5:00). When I heard about this, it I tried to attend but found the church door locked. A priest was kind enough to come out of the rectory and tell me that the TLM had been discontinued because of insufficient attendance. I don’t know how long they had tried the TLM, but it had not been well publicized. With a little more publicity and a longer trial period (and perhaps a little later time), I think it could have drawn a larger (and younger) crowd of those unable to attend the early morning TLMs offered at other parishes in the diocese.

  6. Teddy says:

    Anita Moore OPL – That is a Tintinnabulum which is a bell mounted on a pole, placed in a Roman Catholic Basilica to signify the church’s link with the Pope. It is one of two symbols indentifying a church as a Basilica minore. The other one seen in the lower right corner of the photo is the Umbraculum It is found in the contemporary Church at all the basilicas throughout the world, placed prominently at the right of their main altars. Whenever a pope visits a basilica, its umbraculum is opened.

    Great pictures as always!

  7. tianzhujiao says:

    October is “purple” month in Lima, Peru. Purple is the color associated with “El Señor de los Milagros,” (The Lord of Miracles). The image of El Señor de los Milagros is taken in procession through the streets of Lima during this month. These are some of the largest processions in the Catholic world. The Peruvian diaspora has taken this tradition to various corners of the world, especially in the USA. Thank you for sharing these photos Father. They bring me back to my childhood years in Lima.

  8. gio says:

    Is that a Russian church in the sixth photo?

  9. What a beautiful expression of faith in and love for our Lord!
    Thanks, Fr. Z.!

  10. If you have occasion to return to Newark, you’d do well to visit St. Lucy’s parish, just about 2 blocks from the Cathedral Basilica. Same architect, I’m told. They have a website if you want to do some “recon” beforehand.

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