The Feeder Feed: New old arrival!

TwitterThe seasons come and go.  You can watch the shift in the constellations in the sky, the length of nights against the length of days, the changing of the leaves.  The ancient Romans had special priests who watched the flights of the birds to understand the favor of the gods.

A few days ago, I looked out and saw a familiar bird I haven’t seen for a while.

Here is  Junco hyemalis hyemalis the Slate-colored Junco.


They like to peck around on the ground and they will winter here, having come from Northern Canada.

And here is Nuthatch Triumphans!


There is, by the way, a bird feed sale going on right now at the place I usually go.   I’m just sayin’….

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  1. wanda says:

    Great photos of Mr. Junco. He looks very formal and serious. (Nicknamed Snow Birds.) Just

    Mr. Nuthatch is gorgeous as well, so triumphant with his sunflower seed. I’d say, Father, that you qualify as one of the special priests, with an eye on the birds.

  2. irishgirl says:

    What a pretty little bird is the Junco! I’m surprised he didn’t fly away when you photographed him!

    The feathers look so soft….’all you birds of the air, bless the Lord!’

  3. chloesmom says:

    Juncos are some of my favourite birds, too, Father — we get lots of them at our feeder — lovely photos — how did you get up so close, or was it a telephoto lens? Sweet birds, God bless ’em!

  4. Supertradmum says:

    I love it when an entire flock of juncos descends into the backyard of my parents’ house, which is surrounded by sugar maples and red maples. The contrast of the leaves and birds creates a magnificent, natural tableaux vivant.

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