DVD of the Pontifical Mass in Washington DC

At long last there is a DVD available of the Pontifical Mass for the anniversary of Pope Benedict’s election  celebrated in Washington D.C.’s Shrine of the Immaculate Conception!

Here is the website.  You can preview the DVD.


You might remember Bp. Slattery’s fantastic sermon.

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  1. wolfeken says:

    This screams Christmas present!

  2. Liz says:

    Aw, thanks, Fr. Z. It’s so beautiful. I only read the bishops wonderful sermon, but it will be fabulous to actually hear. His words really hit home for me.

  3. sejoga says:

    I actually almost emailed you the other day, Father, because I knew you had posted that they were planning on releasing the DVD and then there hadn’t been any news about that for months. I wondered if you had the inside scoop… obviously my patience paid off!

  4. Mike says:

    Brings back some great memories.

  5. Konichiwa says:

    I love the message that begins at the 2:00 mark about Catholic identity.

  6. Jacob says:

    For those who have knowledge, is there an option for subtitles or captions? Thanks.

  7. Eoin Suibhne says:

    It was very good to have been there.

  8. Haskell_Catholic says:

    Thanks for the news! I’ve been wondering when this was going to be produced. This is the only chance most of Bishop Slattery’s flock will have of seeing such an event. I’m filled with ineffable joy to have the DVD available.

  9. irishgirl says:

    Is there a phone number that one can call, or a snail mail address to write to, so I can order the DVD? I don’t have a credit card-I only pay in cash or with money orders.

    I love watching the highlights that are in the video you furnished, Father Z-and especially I love hearing your voice and that of Father Calvin Goodwin! Both of you did such a superb job in narrating the Mass!

    I was able to watch it ‘live’ via EWTN’s website on my laptop computer. I wasn’t going to miss this for the whole world!

    As wolfeken said, ‘This screams Christmas present!’ Amen to that!

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