Tuesday: Going to London

For you Londoners or others who are around town today… finally it isn’t raining.

I will meet a friend for lunch.  Then probably wend my way across town to the British Library for the exhibit on the English language.

TwitterI have reason to believe I’ll be at Corpus Christi in Maiden Lane this evening.

You can text me 07501852559.  I am using my wonderful old Motorola Razr for the UK vodafone chip.  It isn’t very smart, so you have to say who you are. Don’t send mms, however.  Texts only, please.

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  1. I hope you mean “Monday”…

  2. Peggy R says:


    After you return, I hope you might post on your experiences with airport security. The new “perv-pat-down” as I call it is in place for those who decline the nude X-ray which emits radiation. Drudge has been covering it well.

  3. Gabriel Austin says:

    May one hope that by “British Library for the exhibit on the English language” you meant to write “for the exhibition” at the British Library. They undoubtedly have more than one exhibit in the exhibition.

    You cannot complain about the misuse of our language in translations unless you give a good example and eschew bad examples.

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