BLOG RENEWAL: mobile browsers again

I received an email from a reader having a hard time getting the blog on his Palm phone.  He actually offered to do some research to help figure out how to solve the problem.  And he did.

He pointed me to how to add a setting for his type of mobile browser.  I added “blazer” and now he is now able to get the mobile version of the blog, rather than the desktop version.

This information may help others.  If I can find out what browsers/platforms to add, perhaps some people having trouble with the blog on their mobile devices will have more WDTPRS at their fingertips.

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  1. Fr Matthew says:

    Hurray for readers who don’t just point out problems, but also offer solutions!

  2. Fr Matthew: Do I also hear an “Amen!”?

    The same dynamic applies in parishes.

  3. Patikins says:

    Thank you for trying to make your blog accessible to all the various mobile device users. I continue to have problems loading it on my Blackberry curve with the RIM browser version 4.5.0. It loads in Opera Mini version 4.2.14912 but it is the full version, not the mobile one.

    While I would appreciate being able to access the mobile version, wouldn’t spend too much time trying to find the “blazer” for the BB. I am frustrated with the way the Blackberry works and can’t wait to get a new (non-Blackberry!) phone when my contract expires (next summer).

  4. Luvadoxi says:

    That reminds me to thank you, Father, for straightening out my connection problems (from my computer). I can now log in and post!
    As to my iphone, I downloaded an app–not sure if it’s the mobile version or regular one–what’s the difference? It does tend to give only the current article sometimes; but then again, I’m not quite sure what I’m doing…sometimes the other articles come up too but I’m not sure how it happens–I’m still learning my iphone.
    Again–thank you and God bless you, Father!

  5. birgit says:

    I was unaware that I could receive a feed for your blog on my iPhone. What is the name of the app?

  6. albinus1 says:

    Like Patikins, I have been having trouble getting the blog on my BlackBerry Curve. I was getting the mobile version just fine until about a month or so ago; now it only loads the desktop version.

  7. B.C.M. says:

    Father, I use an LG Versa, and it takes an epically long time to load. It seems to load your blog in frames, if that’s possible. It loads your top image as one page (which then blinks), then loads the entries separately as, what looks like, a separate website… It’s very odd, and takes upwards of five minutes for it to load and calibrate or what have you.

    It’s to the point that I can no longer check your blog every seven and a half minutes as used to be my custom when waiting for work to pick up. If you were somehow able to get a setting for us “dumb-phoners” out here… That would be wonderful…

    Unfortunately I don’t have ANY know-how regarding blogs, and wouldn’t even know what to search for to do any research on it.

  8. jaykay says:

    It’s now downloading quite promptly on the web application on my Nokia E51. Also, the comment feature has returned (couldn’t access it on the previous version). Many thanks, Fr.

  9. I am sorry if people are having a hard time accessing the blog with mobile devices. I am running the blog without too much timely support and I am not sure how to make it easy to load for every possible device out there.

    I hope to get this sorted soon.

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