Church sign

Speaking of signs, a reader sent me this shot taken somewhere in Dallas, TX.

It made me chuckle.

church sign

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  1. pattif says:

    Wow. That long?

  2. St. Louis IX says:

    Dear Father Z

    The more I read your Blog, the more I enjoy it!!! The dust on some of my books are older than this church

  3. Thomas G. says:

    That’s priceless. I assume those who erected that sign do not see the irony, which makes it even more priceless.

  4. Kerry says:

    Father Z, I presume you have seen the Church near Wm. Mitchell Law with its sign, “Our faith is 2000 years old, our thinking isn’t”. And I believe on the front drapes a banner reading, “Never put a period where God has put a comma”. And now they have a smaller sign up front, “Think globally, worship locally”. Perhaps next it shall be “Free Wifi”? Heh.

  5. Desertfalcon says:

    If it’s only the “same God since 1975”, which “God” was it before then? Baptists are funny… :-)

  6. JohnE says:

    I wonder if they sing “Faith of Our Sons” rather than “Faith of Our Fathers”.

  7. Supertradmum says:

    Americans always think that something started in the seventies is “old”. Amazingly droll….

  8. tzard says:

    Cute, but I suspect it was created by a “sign generator”.

  9. laurazim says:

    Funny. And expensive. Very expensive. Electronic reader board signs like this one START at about $10,000. Changeable copy signs (the kind with a cabinet which opens and the letters can be manually changed) start at about $500. (My husband works for his family’s business–designing, selling, installing and maintaining signs, so I’m very familiar.) So…….same stewardship since 1975, too?

  10. Rob Cartusciello says:

    Catholics: the Original Non-Denominational Church

  11. Flambeaux says:

    It could be genuine. There are plenty of places like this in the Dallas area, with names this generic and high-end signs.

    Many of these evangelical mega-churches, aka “Six Flags Over Jesus”, have laser light shows, coffee bars, bookstores, round the clock daycare, and packed auditoria every Wednesday and Sunday.

    At many of them, you submit a paystub or a tax return when you join and they bill you your membership dues on a monthly are semi-annual basis. The bill starts at 10% but all are “encouraged” to give as much as they can. Many of them have between five and ten thousand members although the larger ones boast several times that.

    Plus they sell their Bible study workshops, recorded talks in both audio and video, special series for every marketing sub-category you could imagine. Your “dues” don’t pay for any of that.

    Some run restaurants and catering halls, like the KofC do, but your dues don’t pay for that, either.

    There are books about how to build churches like these, how to manage the truckloads of tax-free money that come rolling in once you hang out the shingle with an impressive-enough operation.

    Also, boasting about how “old” your novel church community is has become quite the thing in this area. Lots of folks impressed by the idea of teachings that haven’t changed since the 1970s or, as one Baptist place up the street from my house has it, “old fashioned church, just like it used to be”.

    It really is a different world from the Catholic experience. And some of these places have no idea what to do with the money they are rolling in.

  12. Mary Bruno says:

    I drove past a church nearby (don’t remember which denomination) and it had similar sign!

    It made me laugh!

  13. And that is why I am a Roman Catholic….

    Great stuff!

  14. GrogSmash says:

    Supertradmum: If something started in the ’70’s is old, and I was started in the ’60’s… I guess that makes me ancient? Just wonderin’! LOL

    Great sign Fr.!

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