The Big … um… News

People are wondering why I didn’t post about Archbp. Dolan’s election as President of the USCCB.

I was doing far more pleasant things.

Okay… here we go.

Archbp. Dolan was elected President of the USCCB and the other guy wasn’t.

I did get a tweet through Twitter asking what I thought, however.  And since that was something I had time for, seeing that I was at the British Library looking on an exhibit on the English language, I tweeted back:

Yes. I hope he asks the Cong. for Divine Worship for a clear explanation about what is going on with the corrected translation.

And yes, I believe the blogosphere affected the election.

Oh yah… I hope that this breaks what was assumed to be an inevitable line of succession.

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  1. TJerome says:

    I’m starting to believe the Holy Spirit is at work again!!!! This is great news. The USCCB actually has a strong advocate for the Faith. I’m sure the New York Times and the National Catholic Reporter are devastated by this setback to their agenda of neutering the authentic voice of the Church.

  2. TNCath says:

    Congratulations to Archbishop Dolan! A refreshing breath of fresh air.

  3. Liz says:

    Woohoo! ! !

  4. Bryan Boyle says:

    And…I’m sure the other side is full of wailing and gnashing of teeth. This can not be one of their desired outcomes. The only thing that would have made them even more bilious is if +Bruskewitz had been elected 3 yrs ago, or Cardinal O’Connor back in the 80s.

    I can’t wait to hear the shrill keening and shorts-in-a-wad commentary to come out of the Fishwrap.

  5. But — but — SNAP didn’t approve this!!! In fact, he is on their Hit List! Oh no, what are we going to do???

    No, seriously, excellent choice. God bless His Excellency Archbishop Dolan!

  6. TJerome says:

    The folks commenting over at Commonweal are throwing a nutty over this. Their comments are a riot!!!!

  7. There are so many reasons to rejoice over this.

    Joyful orthodoxy triumphs over “seamless garment/Bernadin” wishy-washy faith.

    The runner-up had recently been endorsed by anti-Catholic groups like the Rainbow Sash folks.

    Commonweal, America, National Catholic Reporter crowds are devastated. Another nail in their coffin as nature continues to thin the ranks of the “spirit” generation and their liturgical and doctrinal upheaval of the 60’s and 70’s that caused millions to lose their faith and leave the Church.

    Finally the VP choice is reportedly a friend of the TLM and tradition (and was so even before SP) as well as being an articulate advocate for Church teaching on homosexuality and “gay marriage.”

    Thanks be to God!

  8. Hank_F_M says:

    Bishop Kicanas was the Vicar of our Vicariate before he went to Arizona. A good man and a good priest, about a 100% better than his predecessor. It should be remembered that at the time he was head of the seminary he was working for very liberal Archbishop who did not like public controversy. I suspect that, even though I think it was inadequate, he did as much to correct some serious problems as he could get away with in that administration. However, he is not the person to be the Church’s point man in a hot controversy, which Archbishop Dolan can do with some class. I think is safe to say that the President of the Bishops Conference will have to be the Church’s point man on a number of issues in the next three years.

  9. priests wife says:

    now- can we get rid of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development???

  10. kelleyb says:

    The Holy Spirit is always at work. The question is: Do we always work with the Holy Spirit? Hmm

  11. Prof. Basto says:

    As someone who is not American and who lives in another hemisphere, I, although a constant reader of this blog, am left at a loss. Who is “the other guy” who lost the election and what was the (it seems not so) “inevitable line of succession”? Can someone please fill me in on the details?

  12. Prof Basto:

    The “other guy” was Bishop Gerald Kicanis. Controversy swirled in the blogosphere and Catholic media in recent days about his handling of a priest who was eventually sentenced to 5 years in prison for sex abuse. Kicanis says the reports were inaccurate, and perhaps they were – I really don’t know, and I suspect that this particular issue was not necessarliy the driver. Although, a few bishops may have wanted to avoid a 3-year controversy. Had he been elected, it would have been a nasty 3 years, I’m sure.

    I think for many bishops it was already more of an ideological difference. Kicanis is a protege of Cardinal Bernardin, who might be looked upon as the darling of dissidents.

    You see it in the reactions. I think the most telling reactions are those of the Catholic dissident rags. I have a few links in my blogpost to dissident sources.

    Italin journalist, Paolo Rodari, tweeted earlier today: “Also in the Vatican great surprise for Dolan’s election… in the secretary of state were waiting for Kicanas”

    So, the “gasp” that was heard in the bishop’s conference meeting room when Dolan’s name was announced, also yielded a gasp at the Vatican Sec. of State.


  13. Mitchell NY says:

    I pray things go well with this appointment. He is somewhat invisible though as ArchBishop so far. I will continue to pray the Tridentine, Extraordinary Form is allowed to be prayed in St. Patrick’s Cathedral alongside the Pauline Mass. That would be answer the pleas of many New Yorkers and a sign of great support to the Holy Father and what he is trying to do for all of us.

  14. Prof. Basto says:

    Thank you, Diane.

  15. Jerry says:

    @Justin – “Commonweal, America, National Catholic Reporter crowds are devastated.”

    While I don’t agree with the positions of many of the posters at Commonwealth, by and large they are more charitable than several of those here.

  16. doanli says:

    Coming across the Blue Army’s website, I found out that this country was consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in 2006 per her request at Fatima.

    I think this is the Lord and Blessed Mother making positive strides in our country (along with the recent elections)

  17. cblanch says:

    Happy day!!

  18. AnnAsher says:

    Happy encouraging day for the Church in the USA! I don’t know how to be less than enthusiastic– the darkness of liberalism is lifting in every sphere. The libs are out in congress, the Anglicans are coming home, the USCCB has a true voice if the Faithful! Lord Jesus Come in Glory!

  19. Kevin B. says:

    Perhaps for the first time in its existence, the National Catholic Reporter is upset about a break with tradition :-)

  20. Childermass says:

    Sr. Joan Chittister, meanwhile, thinks that a major Modernist Revolution is about to erupt in the Church:

  21. Central Valley says:

    Where will Fr. Thomas Reese, SJ end up now?

  22. Rosaries for His Excellency!

  23. Andrew says:

    So the church is now back on track? I am relieved. For a while I was really worried. And the Holy Spirit back at work again. Good news. I hate to see the Holy Spirit just sitting around not working.

  24. Fr Martin Fox says:

    When I read the stories highlighting the priest who got through the seminary while Kicanas was in charge–and who ended up being a molester–I wondered what the NCReporter would do with that. They have promoted themselves as the vanguard defending the sex-abuse victims, so would they dig into Kicanas? Nothing! Perhaps they thought it was too flimsy, but…that hasn’t seemed to stop them before.

    Its amusing to read the comments over there; most are lamenting impending doom; but occasionally someone brings up this issue of Kicanas’ handling of the seminarian-turned-abusive priest with a puzzled tone, as if to say, wait, how does this fit into the party line?

  25. Well, sometimes the Holy Spirit works very quietly, in various ways, so His work is harder to see. Other times, He encourages lots of people to line up their ducks in a row, and then His work is hard not to see. :) Though honestly, this is a normal enough voting move, it’s unusual because the bishops broke free of a clique-ish practice that had developed. This will enable more people to be viable candidates for leadership, and maybe fight stagnation a bit.

    Anyway, something came to mind this morning. People used to tease the composer/lutenist John Dowland about his name and his sad songs, to the point that he wrote a piece called “Semper Dowland semper dolens”. But the archbishop is more of a Dolan numquam dolens. :) Even when he’s sad, there’s a lively vigor to it.

  26. Scott W. says:

    While I don’t agree with the positions of many of the posters at Commonwealth, by and large they are more charitable than several of those here

    Provide a concrete example or retract.

  27. 1) When I heard the NPR report on Dolan’s election (hey I was listening to the classical station, OK?), I laughed so hard at the “conservative internet activists” conspiracy theory that my wife asked what was so funny. 2) when in doubt, y’all, just send in the jovial Irish guy from St. Louis…you can’t complain with the results he gets.

  28. Legisperitus says:

    According to a news source, the last time a sitting USCCB (or rather, NCCB) vice president was on the ballot for president and lost was in the 1960’s. Could this signal in other ways the reversal of a tide that began in those years?

  29. TJerome says:

    The NCR supporting/covering for Bishop Kicanas is similar to NOW’s silence on Bill Clinton. If you’re a friend of “The Agenda” you get a pass. By the way I’m not suggesting Kicanas is like Clinton, it’s a criticism directed at these agenda driven organizations.

  30. irishgirl says:

    Congrats to Archbishop Dolan on his election!
    upstate crunchy-what part of Upstate NY are you in? I’m in the ‘central’ part of the state.

  31. TJerome says:

    Scott W, you must be reading a different version of the Commonweal comments than I did. Some weren’t exactly “complimentary” of Archbishop Dolan.

  32. TJerome says:

    Scott W, sorry. I realize now you were responding to a post. You and I are on the same page.

  33. HighMass says:

    AS in April 2005 the Correct Cardinal became Pope….The bishops selected the correct President of the USCCB!

    Maybe the tide is finally turning …………..

    Congrats to His GRACE!

  34. Henry Edwards says:

    Easily understood explanation:

  35. Dave N. says:

    My money is on no “Fr. Pfleger” scandals during Dolan’s tenure–so this is a very welcome breath of fresh air.

  36. slater says:

    What does Fr. Z mean when he wrote: “Yes. I hope he asks the Cong. for Divine Worship for a clear explanation about what is going on with the corrected translation”?

  37. Stvsmith2009 says:

    This morning, I got an email from Kathlicks For Equality (even though I have them blocked from the email server, they ran an end around by using, and they were bemoaning Archbishop Dolan’s election. They seem to see it as a plan by Pope Benedict XVI to “interfere in American politics” by opposing “equality for all Americans”. My only response to that would be….bull hockey!

    This just confirms to me, that the right choice was made when all the “progressives” are having a hissy fit.

  38. Frank H says:

    Dave. N – While I am as thrilled as the next guy at Abp. Dolan’s election, I don’t think I see how that will help avoid another “Fr. Pfleger scandal”. Pfleger is in Chicago, is he not? Cdl. Georg is still the Ordinary there.

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