Your good news and yesterday’s events

What is your good news?   Did you, in the USA, have a good day yesterday?

For my part, I ate a bird.   This time it was duck.

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  1. torch621 says:

    My good news is that I had a very good Thanksgiving meal with loving family and friends. What’s better news than that?

    And, a question. Could you describe the taste of duck? I’ve been meaning to try it for a while now.

  2. thickmick says:

    My good news is I just found this blog and enjoy it very much. When are the Father Z t-shirts going to be released?

  3. david andrew says:

    Good news and God’s graces abound!

    My mother is completely recovered from her open heart surgery on August 31.

    I am told that I will be approached by a local private seminary to become a visiting lecturer in liturgy and music beginning next Fall.

    I am thankful that I am gainfully employed and working as an organist and music director in a parish that is mercifully free from the ravages of the “season of silliness.”

    And, the liturgical new year holds many promises for more advances in solid liturgical music.

  4. Adam Welp says:

    I woke up on this side of the ground, that’s always good news! Also had a great start to my 4 day Thanksgiving weekend yesterday!

    Anyone else catch the VIS for today? Could the Anglican Bishop of Gibraltar be considering a swim in the Tiber?

  5. beez says:

    My good news is an excellent Thanksgiving dinner with family, my friend being ordained a transitional deacon tomorrow and my ordination to the same a little more than six months away!

  6. Got into a minor (one-car) accident on the way to my in-laws. No one hurt, minor damage. We have a second car, thankfully.

    Went to Mass this morning to offer thanksgiving for our health and protection.

  7. RichR says:

    Yummy duck, Fr. Z.

    My good news is that, amidst the economic slowdown, my dental practice is booked up solid between now and Christmas. Blessings from the Lord when many are struggling. I give Him all the glory in providing for me, an unworthy son.

  8. ecclesiae says:

    Our sixth grandchild was born at 5:30 am CST yesterday.

    Grace was born in Chicago.

  9. shadowlands says:

    In the UK. All the lovely descriptions and photos of thanksgiving dinners are making me wish it was Christmas Day ( but for the wrong reasons, be still flesh!).

    Good news. I have been delivered of a fear that was oppressing me, day and night. Thank you Lord. You are the mighty one.

  10. Toan says:

    I also are duck last night. It was quite amazing. I’d say it’s like chicken except a bit more flavorful.

    Good news -my brother, whose previous job deteriorated over the last year, has recently gotten a generous job offer.

  11. catholicmidwest says:

    Duck is very good if it’s cooked correctly. If it’s not cooked correctly, it’s sodden with fat which makes it stringy.

    Duck cooked correctly is something like a cross between dark meat chicken and good quality white pork, only more so. It’s scrumptious and decadent. Dense and tasty and succulent with crispy skin. Very, very good.

  12. Fr Matthew says:

    My good news: yesterday I spent my first Thanksgiving at home with my family since 1990 – in the intervening years, the rules of my religious community did not allow it. It was great to have Mom’s turkey dinner and spend time with my parents and friends!

  13. bookworm says:

    I made Thanksgiving dinner for my husband and daughter yesterday (just us; since our families live some distance away we usually wait until Christmas to do extended family gatherings). Everything turned out perfect and my husband said I was getting to be a pretty darn good cook, which wasn’t always the case :-)

    I started taking a greater interest in home cooking and cooking from scratch a few months ago in an effort to lose weight and save money. It seems to be working, so far, on both counts.

    And, I’m also planning to order us some Mystic Monk coffee for Christmas!

  14. bookworm says:

    Speaking of small roasted fowl, Father, have you ever done Cornish hen? I picked up a couple of frozen ones and we’re probably going to roast those for Christmas. My husband has a really neat recipe for a Cornish hen sauce that uses Madeira wine and currant jelly (although we usually substitute grape jelly and it turns out fine).

  15. Yesterday was good, with a tinge of sadness. I am in my novitiate year, and it was wonderful celebrating Thanksgiving with my community, and we were joined by the local nuns in the area, as well. It was a lovely celebration, a wonderful meal, two turkeys, lots of all the great dishes from home, which of course reminded me of home and how this is my first Thanksgiving without my family. I called my parents’ house, knowing that there would be 30 or so people there, but for some reason the connection wasn’t working, so I wasn’t really able to talk to anyone.

    I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me a little sad, but today in Mass I was able to give thanks for the great gift with which Christ has blessed me in this vocation, and I thank God for the blessing of such a loving community of friars.

  16. MargaretC says:

    My parents, both in their 80s, were involved in a car wreck on Wednesday. (Not their fault, the other driver ran a red light and T-boned their car.) Both are alive, and their injuries, while painful, will heal with time.
    We have deferred Thanksgiving dinner until it can be eaten without pain, but in the meantime, I give thanks to God for: EMTs, emergency room doctors, nurses in general, and the fact that both my dear parents are still here.
    Thanks be to God!

  17. susanna says:

    Four traditional Latin masses in a row this weekend. Thanksgiving dinner with family. The “perfect” sibling burned the sweet potatoes. It was wonderful.

  18. irishgirl says:

    I went to Thanksgiving dinner at the home of a member of our TLM chapel. He’s a dentist. I took an elderly (but feisty) widow who is also a member of the same chapel.
    There were only seven of us there: the host, his wife, their daughter, and two female relatives. Not the noisy crowd that was at last year’s gathering, which I and my companion also attended.
    We had turkey, lasagna, mashed potatoes, green beans, squash, hot peppers (stayed away from those), cranberry sauce and rolls. For dessert, apple and pumpkin pie with homemade whipped cream.
    The two of us-my passenger and I-took home doggy bags of yummy leftovers. I brought along a couple of Tupperware-like containers to carry them home in.
    My host and his family like their wines. He gave me a small flute glassful of champagne. I felt my ears burning (literally) afterwards-I’m unused to drinking alcohol.
    All in all, a very good day-even the driving weather in the dark was fine when I took my passenger to her house. She gave me ten bucks for gas money….pretty cool!
    Speaking of cool, Father Z–those are two awesome looking ducks! Did you ever have duck and turkey together? Not as two separate dishes, but literally folded into the same carcass and pan? I heard about this from my host yesterday-pretty weird!

  19. Tantum Ergo says:

    Do you remember the Diocese of St. Augustine’s harsh reaction to Summorum Pontificum when it first came out? It took two years to get the TLM started in our parish.
    After a year at twice a month, we just got the news that the TLM will take place weekly. What a great Thanksgiving!
    Deo Gratias!

  20. priests wife says:

    good news? Everything! health, (relative) wealth, and an episode of Monk to watch on netflix

    Father- it looks like you like to cook- we had Cornish game hens stuffed with rice pilaf for lunch- very easy- much faster than turkey and a nice presentation for guests

  21. poohbear says:

    I was told last week that a job transfer was approved, and I will be able to change my work schedule to one that will be much healthier for me, both physically and spiritually. Thanks be to God!

  22. rakesvines says:

    My estranged brother accepted my dinner invitation and plans to come again for Christmas. Later at my goodnight talk to my family (it’s a Salesian thing more at ), I spoke about the difference between liking and loving – as my brother and I don’t like each other much (He’s a Democrat.) but we have shown that we can still love each other.

  23. Eric says:

    it was duck

    Fa ra ra ra raah ra ra ra raaah

  24. fizzingwhizbee says:

    I am joining the Passionist nuns on Jan. 5th. I thought I would have to take the bus (a 2 day ordeal) but my family pulled together for a plane ticket for me.

    My nephew is strong and healthy.

    Yesterday I was surrounded by my family. They are all terribly excited about me becoming a nun. :)

    I am truly blessed.

  25. teaguytom says:

    Stayed home and had a turkey with family and grandparents with other goodies.

  26. irishgirl says:

    Eric: ah yes, the final scene in ‘A Christmas Story’!
    That ‘fa ra ra’ was sung just before the goose’s head was whacked off in the Chinese restaurant that Ralphie and his family went to after the Bumpuses’ two dogs rushed in and devoured their turkey dinner!
    Sick movie, that one is….

  27. Lori Pieper says:

    Thanksgiving for a single lady in NYC:

    My roommate left to be with her family, but I was alone — I can afford only one trip a year, at Christmas. Went to the store to get a small roasting chicken to go with my stove-stop stuffing and store-bought pumpkin pie. When I got home I couldn’t get the rarely-used gas oven to light. The whole bird had to be cut up and fried (it was delicious though). The best part – hanging on the phone with my family and hearing about their Thanksgiving. Wednesday was my parents’ 58th wedding anniversary! Great joy all around. Wish I could have been there. Can’t wait for Christmas.

  28. The Kernel says:

    Experienced my first ever thanksgiving watching the Macy’s parade in NYC. Good fun.

  29. My mother had been suffering from myasthenia gravis for the last couple of months and had to spend the last week and a half in the hospital on a feeding tube because she couldn’t swallow food. It was starting to look as though she wouldn’t be with us for Thanksgiving. With proper treatment and many prayers from friends, she was released from the hospital on Tuesday evening and actually ate dinner with us yesterday.

  30. The Cobbler says:

    I had a great Thanksgiving with the family, I’m going to visit my girlfriend tomorrow (about an hour and a half away, though at college it’s more like four or five), I might get interviewed for a job in the next couple weeks, and I’m feeling ready to take on the world (which feeling will probably go away promptly sometime early next week, but I may as well try to get something done with it while it lasts).

  31. Girgadis says:

    Thanksgiving dinner capped off a grace-filled week that saw our oldest, who was estranged from the church, go to confession and attend her first TLM last Sunday, and our developmentally delayed son begin training as an altar server. We had Thanksgiving dinner at our house with our kids and my parents and two people who would otherwise not have a place to go. One of them is my son’s friend and this parent-less boy was mesmerized by the food and the joy of family. My parents said having him there was the best part of the dinner. When God blessed me with my son, I had no idea how many other children He would give me as well who are not so fortunate to have loving parents and a stable home environment.

  32. tianzhujiao says:

    Duck looks good Father.
    I love Cantonese roast duck and Peking duck…….

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