ANOTHER PONTIFICAL MASS at the National Shrine in Washington DC!

Pontifical MassYou all remember the spectacular Pontifical Mass last April at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.  Bp. Slattery of Tulsa was celebrant and gave that spectacular sermon..  It was broadcast on EWTN and the undersigned was one of the announcers.

I am pleased to announce that that great event was not a one-timer.

Mark your calendars.  Make plans to come to Washington.

The Mass will have a little different character this time, for it will be Saturday in the Fourth Week of Lent.

I received this press release:

Solemn Pontifical Mass, Extraordinary Form,
April 9, 2011, at the Basilica of the National Shrine, Washington, DC, Honoring Pope Benedict XVI

Celebrant is American Archbishop DiNoia of the
Curial dicastery for Divine Liturgy

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Following the gloriously reverent Pontifical Mass in the Extraordinary Form last April 24 at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, The Paulus Institute is pleased to announce a Pontifical Solemn High Mass, to be offered Saturday, April 9, 2011, at 1 p.m., also in the Extraordinary Form at the High Altar of the Shrine, honoring Pope Benedict XVI on the 6th anniversary of his inauguration.  All the Catholic Faithful are invited.

The celebrant, from the Vatican, will be the American Archbishop Joseph Augustine DiNoia, O.P., Secretary of the Congregation for Divine Liturgy and the Discipline of the Sacraments.  His Excellency holds four theology degrees or certificates.  He taught theology for 25 years at the Dominican House of Studies and was executive director for 7 years of the Secretariat for Doctrine and Pastoral Practices of the now United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

“We are pleased to once again honor Pope Benedict XVI and to give to Our Lord the great glory offered by Holy Mass at the High Altar of the majestic National Shrine,” said Paulus Institute president Paul King.  “The Mass will be celebrated in the Extraordinary Form, as His Holiness has encouraged in his Apostolic Letter Summorum Pontificum.  We are grateful to have Archbishop Joseph Augustine DiNoia to celebrate this Mass, who was suggested by His Eminence Antonio Cardinal Cañizares Llovera, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Liturgy.  Archbishop DiNoia is an eminent theologian and an instructor of seminarians.   We especially invite seminarians and novitiates to participate in this Mass.”

We invite all the Catholic Faithful to a most beautiful—and unique—celebration of a Lenten Mass.  As explained by Paulus Institute Director Jonathan Terrell, “This Mass will be a unique liturgical opportunity that the Catholic Faithful are unlikely to ever see again.  Rarely is a pontifical Mass said in Lent, especially on a Saturday, let alone in the Extraordinary Form.  The readings for this day, though Lenten and therefore usually penitential, are in this case inspirational, while the violet vestments and a cappella sacred music will provide us with an extremely rare celebration of the Mass, both solemn and glorious.”

All the Catholic Faithful are invited to again fill the Shrine to capacity.  Please see our website at, where donations are accepted with our heartfelt thanks.

Donations will be used to pay for the expenses and the TV broadcast.

Here is a YouTube video about the Pontifical Mass last year.

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  2. Great news! Watching last year’s Pontifical Mass is what sparked my love of the TLM. It was the first EF Mass I had ever seen. At the beginning I was a little unsure if I liked it or not because it was so different. By the end of the Mass I concluded, “This Mass MUST come back!” As for my love of the TLM, the rest is history…

    As a side note, I didn’t know you were one of the announcers, Fr. Z! Back then I didn’t even know about your blog. You all did a great job. During Pope Benedict’s papal Masses some of the commentators drive me crazy. Instead of silence during the canon, one of them tried to translate the entire EP #1 on the spot! During the elevation they’ll say “The Holy Father now presents the bread to the congregation.” Umm…excuse me but it’s no longer bread and he’s not presenting it to the congregation, but rather he, standing in persona christi, is presenting it to God to the Father. Sigh. Ad orientem would be a big help here, wouldn’t it?

  3. Golatin5048 says:

    That is my story too! Watched that day, had never seen it, then after fell in LOVE for the EF mass! I have attended one know and the rest is history.

    I am half tempted to jump on the 23 hour Amtrak trip to D.C just for that… Could happen!

  4. irishgirl says:

    This is wonderful news!
    I echo what Golatin5048 said-I’d jump on the Amtrack train in a trice to go to this! If only I had the money to do it….sigh…
    EtVerbum-I know how you feel about some of the commentators on Vatican Radio! They drive me nuts too! They never know when to close their mouths at key moments of Papal Masses!
    Father Z and Father Calvin Goodwin of the FSSP were perfect commentators for the Mass in Washington this past April; they knew when to talk, and knew when to keep silent . They did a great job-and I hope they will do it again for next year’s Mass!

  5. MissOH says:

    I am thrilled. The mass this past April was an incredible experience and our 3 year old daughter also attended and was very good. There were many other families with infants and children as well. I encourage anyone who can to come to this mass and bring your children.
    I wonder if there will be any additional celebrants at Old St. Mary’s the day after the mass… I may have to bring my own mug for the social after mass.

  6. Childermass says:

    Archbishop Gus DiNoia as celebrant, wow! There should be quite a contingent of Dominican friars at this Mass, and there are a lot of them! Vocations are overflowing in the good Archbishop’s province, the headquarters of which is literally across the street from the Basilica.

  7. TomO says:

    It says, “We especially invite seminarians and novitiates to participate in this Mass.” What is the best way to contact them inorder to express interest in helping?

  8. New Sister says:

    This news is just tremendous! and so are the stories of those whose first exposure to the TLM was at last year’s Pontifical Mass. I had not even dared to hope for an encore so soon – Deo gratias!

    I hope the Paulus Institute might consider making the instructions in the handouts (programs?) more conspicuous, to assist new-comers to pray the Mass properly (and to know when *not* to recite prayers, such as the Pater noster)

  9. ecclesiae says:

    Will Archbishop Joseph Augustine DiNoia, O.P. be saying a Dominican Rite Mass?

  10. Henry Edwards says:

    ecclesiae, since the FSSP will be assisting at this Pontifical Mass as they did last year, a Dominican Mass doesn’t seem likely, does it? (I have no actual knowledge.)

  11. Henry Edwards says:

    know when *not* to recite prayers, such as the Pater noster

    I understand the Pontifical Commission Ecclesiae Dei has stated that it’s alright for the people to sing the Pater Noster at an EF high Mass, as is now not uncommon. (Though I personally think the older way still has a certain appeal.)

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