Just some photos

I just liked the way this turned out.

Last night I stuffed and roasted a chicken which was on a super sale.  I almost never stuff chickens.  Usually when I make a chicken I just use rosemary and lemon.  Sadly, I didn’t have my memory stick in my camera, duh, during the preparation.  But here is the final product.

I was so pleased, I had some coffee.

And my little jasmine tree, which came inside for the winter, is flowering.

Now I have to fix my digital thermometer, which died.  I think it just needs a new battery.

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  1. Marcin says:

    I never stuff them either. But I do put some herbal butter under the skin on breast, for extra flavor and moisture. Works great also with turkey.

  2. lucy says:

    That bird is a beautiful thing.

  3. MJ says:

    Mmm, you’re making me hungry! It’s lunchtime…

  4. priests wife says:

    looks very yummy- you browned it perfectly- I had wild rice stuffed Cornish game hens at Thanksgiving

    I think there is a priest in my neck of the woods that might rival you for cooking and hospitality: I blogged about dinner last night here- alas- my camera is dead, so no photos [I am sure there are many priests out there who would surpass my efforts by far!]


  5. s_schmude says:

    Father, the chicken looks great!

    We had that same digital thermometer, and we ruined two of them by getting water inside the compartment. We “splurged” and bought the next one up, which is apparently waterproof:


    Should you be buying a new one, I’d highly recommend it! Thanks for all the cooking tips.

  6. Wow, that is a glorious bird indeed! I wish my Thanksgiving turkey had come out looking that good…

  7. RomeontheRange: You know… some birds just seem to brown better than others. And I am sure some readers have good tips.

    BTW… I do not have an convection oven. I sure wish I did.

  8. off2 says:

    But Father! But Father! Lemon and rosemary great. But tarragon is superlative with chicken. No?

  9. wanda says:

    Father, that bird is beautiful. How delightful to have your jasmine blooming for you in the midst of the snow, surely it’s fragrance must be a hint of heaven. I have a jasmine plant, but the flower looks a little different. I think it is called star jasmine. All worthy of reflection and while reflecting, have some Mystic Monk. I have a package as a gift for someone and a package for myself, too. Midnight Vigils, it’s really swell.

  10. off2: Tarragon is very good with chicken! However, right now my supply of tarragon is rather low. I dried a great deal during the summer and fall, but I will save that for other purposes. I have a huge supply of fresh rosemary, since my plants came in for the winter. The tarragon actually looks as if it may come back up again!

    Here is a shot of one of my rosemary plants. The tarragon is in the foreground. As you can see I have new green growth.

  11. JohnW says:

    Father is that cornbread stuffing ? It looks great.

  12. Maria says:

    Oh Father,
    How I would love it if you invited us for dinner. The Chicken looked delicious.

    Its all too easy to overdo food with trimmings and sauces and the like although I confess I do like sauces and stuff on other occasions.

    Your little Jasmine tree is beautiful.

    We bought an indoor Jasmine plant about 3 years ago and my horticultural husband said “Throw it out” after it finished flowering but I couldnt.

    I used to smoke and each time I went out on the patio for a cigarette, I used to tweak and prune and nip and in the winters we bring it in. It is twice the size and this year the flowers were amazing and the scent heavenly.

    I dont have a picture this year but next year I will post one.

    Some of the simplest things in life turn out to be the best don’t they.

    Truly, I thank God for my little Jasmine each time I smell the fragrance.

  13. off2 says:

    Thank you, Father, for reminding me to pot up some rosemary. This is the season when the runners root. They bloom through the snow in the low Sierra.

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