Very cool webpage

The Vatican websites have a couple really cool pages.

Here is one of them.

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  1. wow…maybe the rest of the Vatican webpages will catch on and realize they can be a lot better!

  2. jmhj5 says:

    Thank You! A good shepherd always leads the sheep to TRUTH!

  3. bkerns07 says:

    This virtual tour was completed with the help of classmates of mine at Villanova University who were in the Vatican Internship Program

  4. Denis Crnkovic says:

    I’ve always liked the trompe l’oeil curtains, especially where they look like they’re falling of the curtain hooks (‘liked’ among other things of course). Note that the background audio for the site does NOT feature the Sistine Chapel Choir.

  5. catholicmidwest says:

    Fr Z,

    Very cool. Not as good as a visit, because a real visit overcomes the senses in a way a picture cannot. But still very, very cool.

    Where are the other cool new pages? You mentioned more than one.

    PS: One of the fun things about visiting St. Peter’s Basilica is standing near the entrance and watching people as they come in for the first time. The look on their faces….. =)

  6. UncleBlobb says:

    Does anyone know what scene is depicted on the rear wall to the right of the Resurrection?

  7. Lori Pieper says:

    Don’t know if this is what Fr. Z had in mind, but you’ll most definitely want to take the virtual tour of the “scavi” under St. Peter’s basilica with the ancient necropolis and the original tomb of the Apostle:

    The Vatican website has some really cool stuff if you can get past the clunky interface.

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