Pray for Egypt and the safety of Egyptian Christians

It looks like Pres. Mubarak is not stepping down.  I suspect some of the crowds may go bananas.  Pray for Egypt and especially the safety of fellow Christians in this time of uncertainty.

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  1. JohnMa says:

    Hopefully the unity shown this past week between Christians and Muslims continue. Muslim protesters formed a ring around a group of Christians in one of the squares where protests are happening so that a Mass could be held.

  2. Ralph says:

    I sometimes think we should do for our Christian brethren in the middle east what the Israelis did for the Etheopian Jews during the famine. Get a fleet of airplanes and bring them all over to Europe or North America where its relatively more safe to be a Christian.

  3. digdigby says:

    We are at war with Islam itself. Not ‘Islamists’, not a ‘tiny minority of extremists’ but Islam. It is a false religion of sensuality, violence, inhumanity and hate, especially brutal in its treatment of women and children. It is not an Abrahamaic religion, it is not a ‘heresy’ of Christianity but a truly Satanic inversion of Christianity(Muhammad himself suspected it was a devil speaking to him). The only real weapon? Love. Our Immaculata who appeared at Fatima (itself a Muslim name) loves the Muslim people. Muslims once they understand what God has done for them…. make the BEST Christians. Maybe THEY will save US.

  4. pfreddys says:

    I have attended the Roman Catholic Coptic liturgy several times. It is a very vibrant yet reverent liturgy. The Catholics attending were the finest kind.

  5. becket1 says:

    A Coptic Liturgy is NOT Roman Catholic!. Far from it!!. No matter if it’s Coptic Orthodox or Coptic Catholic. It’s closer to an Eastern Orthodox or Byzantine Catholic liturgy.

  6. irishgirl says:

    I fear for the Christians in Egypt if the Islamists gain power.
    Our Lady of Zeitoun, pray for Egypt and its Christian community.

  7. becket1 says:

    We should pray for the safety of all Egyptians no matter what they believe.

  8. Dennis Martin says:

    But, but, but, he IS stepping down. Leon Panetta heard it on the television. Or did he read it on the internet. In any case, he is stepping down. The CIA says so.

  9. becket1 says:

    The Islamists won’t gain power. Religion is second for the people of Egypt. Being an Egyptian is first. Christians and Muslims in Egypt are united, because they are Egyptian!. Were are not talking Iran here. Keep in mind that the Churches that were bombed in Egypt, were bombed by Palestinian extremists, not Egyptians. The Muslims from Egypt formed a protective circle around the Coptic churches when they celebrated Christmas. Basically telling the extremists if you kill Egyptian Christians, you are going to kill Egyptian Muslims. This is the way most of the Middle East should be!. All faiths equal and protected. This is how you maintain the peace.

  10. PghCath says:

    How is the Coptic CATHOLIC liturgy not Catholic? Coptics use the Alexandrian Rite and Ukrainian Greek Catholics use the Eastern Rite, but they both are in full union with the Roman Catholic Pope. Saying that a Coptic liturgy is not Catholic is like saying the people of Milan aren’t Catholic because they use the Ambrosian Rite.

    If you’re a Catholic and you find yourself in Cairo, a Coptic liturgy meets your Sunday obligation; if you’re in Kiev, a UGCC liturgy meets your obligation. Fr. Z discussed this here .

    Lord, please protect your people in Egypt in the weeks to come.

  11. becket1 says:

    digdigby says:
    It is a false religion of sensuality, violence, inhumanity and hate, especially brutal in its treatment of women and children

    And how would you justify the brutality taking place in Mexico, a Catholic Country. Children dying because of the drug cartels, decapitations, that yes are being done baptized Catholic Christians. Also look at the immorality of Italy’s Prime minister, a Catholic Christian. We can stereotype all day!.

  12. Massachusetts Catholic says:

    Friday morning. Mubarak stepped down. The military apparently is in charge. Prayers going up.

  13. irishgirl says:

    Just came from the BBC website. Watched a live video of the celebrations in Cairo.
    Wow-what a time these last 18 days have been! This is history in the making!
    Wonder where Mubarak will be living, now that he’s not President?
    Prayers going up, indeed.

  14. digdigby says:

    Drug cartels are not expressions of the Catholic Church. Islamic Jihad is THE most direct expression of Islam and its greatest obligation – to conquer the whole earth for Allah. This is not my opinion, this is Islam. Cultural relativism is not ‘being loving’ its being willfully ignorant and seems to me indifferentism.

  15. Dr. Eric says:

    I offer my prayers through the intercession of Sts. Athanasius and Paphnutius.

  16. becket1 says:

    Another Coptic Church of Egypt video.

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