Discount on digital Catholic Herald (time’s running out on the ‘tenner’)

The Catholic HeraldWe need to support good Catholic publications.

The UK’s best Catholic weekly The Catholic Herald has a digital web-edition, the whole print edition available online.   You see the paper as it appears in the printed version.   That means you can also get the content they don’t put on their website.  And you don’t have to wait for it in the mail.  They send you an email when each new edition is ready.

I always look at The Catholic Herald.

They have a special discount going right now for the online, web-edition.  Instead of the usual £38 it is £10 … a “tenner” (approx. $16.24 as I write).  This is valid until March 30, 2011.Then it goes up to £12.  Still, good, but not as good.

Direct link to Catholic Herald Digital (the e-paper)

Here is what you do:

  1. Add to basket
  2. Enter CHPROMO in to the ‘promotional field’
  3. Press ‘Go’
  4. Shopping cart calculates and shows the discount from £38 to £10
  5. ‘Proceed to Checkout’
  6. Pay
  7. User gets username and password by email.

You can see how it looks with the Trial Edition

  • The online version is posted up on a Friday – around lunchtime (in England, of course) – in line with the publishing date
  • Multi-user licensing is available eg. a theological college that will have several concurrent users (they need to contact the Catholic Herald by email)
  • Access to all the way back to 2003 archives
  • Quick word searching throughout the archives
  • Cut and paste feature
  • Auto screen width feature on the control panel
  • Quick email and web links from the paper

I don’t live in England, but I find what is going on there interesting.  They are a few years ahead of the US in the culture wars.  Catholics there have a tougher row to hoe in the public square… or should I say ‘common’?  It is interesting to see, for example, how they publish side by side with the Ordinary Form, the Extraordinary Form liturgical calendar notes each week along with places and schedules where you can find it.

Another advantage is that you don’t have to wait for it to come in the mail. If you are not in the UK that takes a while.

And you have the whole thing archived online: less clutter!

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  1. Magpie says:

    I signed up Father. £10 is a very good deal for a year’s subscription!

  2. Magpie says:

    Father Z, if I may ask you one thing, it is this:

    How do you get this material in the hands of priests? I’d like to give them to my local priests. It feels awkward though. Have you any advice on how to get good articles in the hands of priests?

  3. Magpie: Give them a subscription. Send them articles. Nicely.

  4. Magpie says:

    Thanks Father. I struggle with the issue of whether to do things anonymously or using my real name thus risking victimisation. Maybe I worry too much.

  5. FredM says:

    Thank you Father! I will enjoy very much.


  6. jaykay says:

    £10 is excellent! My local newsagent here (Ireland) stocks a few copies, and he even keeps it for me when I’m away, but I think I’ll sign up anyway, ‘cos apart from the great value (and as Fr says, we should support orthodox publications) he’s not the youngest and if anything happens to him… well, I haven’t seen any other newsagent in town stock it. None of the churches has it for sale, but at least they don’t have the Pill either.

  7. puma19 says:

    I usually buy it occasionally but also read on website but with snippets.
    Now I can read the whole paper – for £10 a year.
    Bravo and gratie mille Father.
    Really appreciate the discount offered as I can now read every week in toto!
    You should get commission for every new sub !!

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