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What’s up?

Some blog related good news is that I updated some plugins here and nothing broke.  Also there is going to be some needed server work done in the next couple days.

Another piece of good news: WDTPRS is doing fairly well in Readers Choice Award… but we can do better.  You can vote everyday.  Please help.  Click here or the image above to go VOTE!

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  1. Stvsmith2009 says:

    I changed the colors and added a couple of things to my blogs. At least now they are all the same colors regarding the background and text. And I did it in record time, too. Did ’em all in about 2 and a half hours, which is good when it seems to be an all day and half the night job for most blog changes for me. I have 21 to try to maintain.

    I have also decided to tackle learning Latin. I don’t know of any courses available around here western North Carolina, so I will go on my own. If anyone knows of any good resources for doing so, I’d appreciate an email at: faithofthefathers@gmail.com

  2. APX says:

    I just found out I’m going to Portland for my holidays next week, which can only mean one thing… shoe shopping!. This also means all the papers and assignments I was going to do over my break now have to get completed this week.

  3. twherge says:

    I had a really good turnout at my student group brunch after Mass yesterday. Everyone seemed to have a really good time, and I’d have to say things seem like they’re going up and up.

  4. Ben Trovato says:

    Good news here in the UK is that our High Court has defeated attempts by the abortion industry to reinterpret the law to allow ‘bedroom abortions’ via abortion drugs. John Smeaton, director of the (UK) Society of the Protection of Unborn Children comments on his blog: http://spuc-director.blogspot.com/

  5. Good News! Christ preached repentance and the forgiveness of sins. Some people are responding to His call and amending their lives. Yesterday I preached on the Publican and Pharisee; this week we have the Prodigal Son to lead us to God’s Great Grace. Indeed good news!

  6. jaykay says:

    Ummmm… well, Mass yesterday morning was celebrated by a young priest, new in our parish, who wore a beautiful Roman chasuble. After Mass, when I spoke to him briefly (and complimented him) he said it was his own and that he had a full set.

    The heavens did not fall in. The parish liturgy team did not self-immolate in indignation. No children screamed (well, not more than usual). Not a bad start to the week, all-in-all. I look forward to him wearing the rose and… gasp… black!!

  7. Cliff says:

    At mass yesterday, the priest taught! It was simple stuff, about the difference between genuflecting and bowing and when to do each, but it is a brick in the right direction.

  8. FrCharles says:

    Our local monastery of Poor Clare nuns, where I offer Mass on Mondays, has a new postulant.

  9. Gregorius says:

    Mount 2000, a retreat for high-school aged youth just ended yesterday. We had a Mass with the Archbishop of Baltimore as the main celebrant and homilist. Vice-rector of the Mount’s seminary (and author of what could possibly be the definitive book on discerning diocesan priesthood http://www.vianneyvocations.com/store/) gave a great talk on holiness in the context of vocation. Hopefully those 1,300 youth now have the grace to live Christ-centered lives.

    Oh, and I also have a new spiritual director! Now maybe I can grow in holiness and discern what God has in store for me as well.

  10. AnnAsher says:

    Things are going well with my son and a venture which requires A LOT of my trust in him and hope in God! Please pray for David.

  11. Guillaume says:

    I am a priest. Since monday is my rest day, and as on every monday, I went to confession. Our Lord is so good !!!


  12. thickmick says:

    My son got into a good school in Manhattan. Thank you Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy; our life, our sweetness and our hope for Your intercession.

  13. Baylor_convert says:

    I finally have a day off and am not too sick to drive, so it’s off to confession today. :) I thank God often that there’s a location in my city, albeit downtown, for confessions during the day on a weekday. (Please, South Texas fathers, offer more times for confession!)

  14. Eric says:

    Second day in a row that it’s above freezing!. Yesterday there was this great yellow glowing thing in the sky. It hasn’t returned today but I’m hopeful.

    Pitchers and catchers report in two days.

  15. benedictgal says:

    I am close to 5,600 visitors on my blog!!!!!

    Cardinal Ranjinth took possession of the magnifcent San Lorenzo in Lucina! I hope pictures are posted soon.

  16. bookgetaway says:

    Our St. Jude’s Catholic Book Club celebrated its second anniversary this weekend with a potluck dinner and a dramatic reading of “A Man For All Seasons”. It was a wonderful celebration.

  17. mndad says:

    VOTE FOR WDTPRS“WDTPRS is doing fairly well in Readers Choice Award… but we can do better. You can vote everyday. Please help.”
    Father – please – why do you instruct your fans to swindle? [Do I?]
    As a parent I am not impressed – I would not instruct my kids to behave this way-
    sometimes the end does NOT justify the means.
    What kind of victory is thatanyway if lets say 500 dedicated followers manage to vote 5000 times?
    I say one man/women one vote – everything beyond that is perpetuating dishonest behavior .

    [This particular award explicitly says people can vote one time per day. I am sure it gives them more traffic. So… did you indulge in a little rash judgment? For your penance, please vote for WDTPRS everyday until the voting is closed. o{];¬) ]

  18. gatorchant says:

    My friend asked me back in Thanksgiving to sing the proper liturgical chants in Latin at her wedding, since it’s always been her dream to walk down the aisle to Gregorian chant. She never seemed much like a serious “church girl” to me, but I just found out that she asked a local priest to perform the marriage and Mass in the Extraordinary Form!

  19. lux_perpetua says:

    two beautiful experience i have had:

    on Friday i was priveliged to sing in the choir for our solemn high Mass to celebrate the patronal feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. i have wanted to do this for three years and I can’t believe how good our God is to grant my heart’s desire.

    secondly, on Sunday, after going to Mass i went to Divine Liturgy at the local Ruthenian Byzantine Catholic Church. i was put on the spot to sing something during their luncheon afterward and the only thing i could think of was to sing a Salve Regina. Which i did. many in that parish married into the rite or, tragically, changed rites after VII to prevent breaking communion with the Church. afterwards i got three comments, one from a woman with tears in her eyes and a quaver in her voice, saying she had not heard that chant in 40 years and she just couldn’t believe that a young Roman rite Catholic still knew the chant in latin. it was one of the most beautiful experiences i have ever been priveliged to be a part of.

  20. I don’t have strep. :)

    mndad — The rules at the website say that people can vote every day. Why do they say that? Because websites holding votes usually want to attract more traffic, every day. So Father Z is not swindling anybody or even acting shadily.

    Now, if Father Z were to instruct people on how to vote 4 zillion times every day, that would be cheating. Big difference.

  21. Lirioroja says:

    I found out at the last minute about a performance of the Berlioz Requiem at Carnegie Hall yesterday. After Mass and brunch, I marched over to the box office, got my self a ticket, and settled in for an hour and a half of great music. I was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, especially since I always have to look for something to do to kill time between brunch and heading out to Brooklyn for the evening Mass I cantor at. Best. Timekiller. Ever.

    And in other good news, pitchers and catchers report today! Woo hoo!

  22. priests wife says:

    I got to stay at the Divine Liturgy both Saturday evening and Sunday morning; I have a three-year old boy and a one-year old girl so usually I am in the narthax.

    Also- an older couple came to visit our little mission and were in tears. It was the first Byzantine Liturgy they had attended since their families were told in ’65 that they must change to Latin rite if they were to go to the local Catholic school.

  23. bangertm says:

    My wife and I are expecting our second child.

  24. Agnes says:

    The SNOW is melting. I woke to birdsong instead of howling wind. I got to sit with my son at Mass this morning. It’s looking like a quiet week to be spent in the presence of God.

    Thank you for your goodness, Lord God.

  25. Precentrix says:

    Teenagers in our parish have requested extra confession times :)

    Someone I know found herself pregnant out of wedlock; she decided to keep the child and has been to confession etc. Please pray for her as she is now in danger of miscarriage.

    Someone else is gradually regaining faith in the Church’s moral teaching and I managed last night to put him in touch with Courage(RC) after a long counselling session on a social networking site which shall remain nameless.

  26. Flambeaux says:

    It’s back in the mid-60s in N. Texas and the snow and ice have all melted. Our oldest is itching to make his First Communion.

    After 5 years of prayer my prayers for vocational discernment have been answered. I’m not sure whether this vocation will remain an amateur pursuit or become, in time, a professional activity.

    I am gainfully employed in a company doing good work and seemingly run by good people.

    Our youngest was Baptized a year ago today — we’re having a feast tonight to celebrate.

  27. Dr. Eric says:

    Our new baby, Ava, is two weeks old and very healthy.

  28. benedetta says:

    Was able to get out to see The King’s Speech. Outstanding movie.

    Had not known I was permitted to vote “often” for blogger’s choice. That will be my next stop.

  29. MJ says:

    Just learned that our women’s schola will be tackling the Tenebrae office of Holy Week – our goal is to chant it completely in Latin! Sounds like the men’s schola may join forces with us to help out. What an awesome thing it will be!

    Weather is great here – warm, sunny, and I think it’ll be a good night to grill something yummy. :D

  30. suzanka says:

    My husband and I were honored to host a birthday dinner for our youngest son, who is in the seminary, and 10 of his fellow classmates, on Saturday. The young men prayed and sang (in Latin) at our home; it was joyful and awe inspiring! Truly am extremely excited about the future of the Catholic Church. God bless them!

  31. Liz says:

    There is this priest (who writes in red) that made me literally laugh out loud today! That’s my good news today…that and the fact that the shine is shining and the kiddies can go out!

  32. Torpedo1 says:

    After a scarry visit over the weekend to the hospital for my Twin sister, it was determined that what she had was a nasty case of food poisoning. She’s home now and is feeling much better. I get to have a nice evening with my Sweetheart tonight, even though I made the banana pudding the wrong way, all the fun of being a blind cook. It’s above freezing… again, weeh! Pitchers and catchers report in 2 days and that’s my good news.

  33. Andy Milam says:

    Representative Kim Pearson (R) from the Iowa House…..


    That is my good news…

  34. Sandy says:

    Hate to show my age :) but this morning I pulled out the Valentine card my husband gave me over 4 decades ago, right after we met! We’ve had good times and hard times, and thank you, Lord, for my dear husband! (I know it was providential to consecrate my marriage to Mother Mary and present flowers to her at my wedding. Couldn’t have done it all without her!)

  35. Adam Welp says:

    First ultrasound went well today! My wife and I are expecting our second child in 29 weeks! Thank you Saint Gerard!

  36. DIgoe says:

    Choir practice tonight. I just joined in the middle of January and have never really sung in this capacity before nor can I read sheet music well, but I enjoy it!

  37. Joseph-Mary says:

    A couple dozen people came out for the Vigil for Victims at Planned Parenthood and we prayed for its unfunding by tax dollars.

    And we have a Father of Mercy here to do a mission. And he is a wonderful confessor!

  38. TomB says:

    My daughter, who hasn’t been able to work in many years, got a job, and seems to be doing well at it!

  39. green fiddler says:

    I heard Mass with my loved ones and received our Lord in the Eucharist. A desire that I’ve held deep in my heart for nearly 17 years, a spiritual grace that I longed to receive, was given to me today. Praise be to God!!!

  40. juxta crucem says:

    We went to a beautiful EF Mass yesterday. The priest has been offering it one Sunday afternoon a month. This month he will begin offering the Mass at another parish monthly as well, and helping the pastor to learn the Traditional Mass. Our choir will have the joy of providing chant and polyphony!

  41. Supertradmum says:

    Good news. The Rev. Msgr. who is pastor at Sacred Heart Cathedral, has instructed that people and children are no longer able to come up for the blessing at Holy Communion time-presenting themselves with their hands crossed over their fronts. He said it was not acceptable for several reasons. He said there was nothing wrong with staying in the pews. He was in Rome for three years and perhaps has been influenced by Our Dear Holy Father.

  42. AnnAsher says:

    I didn’t knowi can vote more than once?! Where has my head been? Going to vote again now… Tmro too! And so on… When ever does it end? I had my kids and my bff vote. I was disturbed that it went : Fr Z, Hindu, budha, budha, Hindu, new age…. Finally Fr Finegan! Let’s get out the Catholic muster!

  43. MBeauregard says:

    For the first time in 46 years, St. Michael Church in West Memphis, Arkansas had Mass in the Extraordinary Form on Feb. 4. The nice thing was it was done for the school Mass that is held every Friday for the elementary students. Great response from students, teachers and parishioners!

  44. bookworm says:

    After 2 weeks of snowdrifts and near- or sub-zero cold, I didn’t even need to wear my winter coat today — a heavy sweater was sufficient :-)

  45. Bill F says:

    Our #3 had her 2-month check-up and she’s perfectly happy and healthy (nothing we didn’t know, but it’s still great news).

    One of our parish’s leading men has been officially installed as an acolyte in preparation for his ordination to the permanent diaconate. He has vested and assisted our pastor at Mass the past two weeks – and Father took the time to do a brief catechesis on the role of acolytes the first day.

    A communicant at Mass yesterday tried to receive the Precious Blood by intinction, but the EMHC holding the chalice was having none of it. He saw the communicant approaching, actually COVERED the chalice with the purificator, and made it very clear that it wasn’t going to happen. Yes, Virginia, there *are* conscientious EMHC’s out there. :)

  46. Joanne says:

    Yesterday was my birthday – had a great day and a Mass offered for my birthday intentions; my six-mo-old niece had a routine check up today, everything is fine, thank You, God; Lila Rose! nuff said; I LOVE the hot yoga classes I have been going to and feel great!

  47. eiggam says:

    After 8 months of unemployment, I am starting a new job next week. It is 2 miles from where I live. Found out about it from a recruiter in Texas..I’m in Michigan.

    Thank you all for your prayers in this matter!

  48. mndad says:

    Mea Culpa – thanks for pointing my indeed rushed judgement out.
    I obviously did not read the fine print – amazing one vote a day-
    what an election- Fr.Z. will win this than hands down.
    I guess the added publicity will be good for the Mystic Monks and Fathers Travel Budget.

  49. VEXILLA REGIS says:

    I found out this week via a long lost cousin that my late grandfater who migrated from Germany to Australia in 1901, wrote an 80 page Memoir which I am reading with great interest and delight, He had the same gentle sense of humour in his writing that his Father http://www.conradbeckmann.blogspot.com/ is said to have brought to aspects of his work as a painter. To top off the GOOD NEWS WEEK for me, it is my grandson Chris’4th Birthday to-day, my grandson Stephen’s 8th Birthday to-morrow AND my dear wife Robyn’s 70th Birthday on Friday!

  50. Charivari Rob says:

    I was at a wake & funeral on Sunday evening and Monday.

    * nice Mass at the parish – including the priest addressing the fact that yes, we will face Judgment
    * beautiful service at the cemetery – including military honors. Precision, care, and absolutely spit-and-polish. Thank God we haven’t reached (in that region, at least) the feared point of resorting to someone showing up with a tape recording of Taps. One of the honor guard had a real bugle and could play it well, even to the point of being able to throttle back to an appropriate volume for playing inside the cemetery’s chapel
    * caught up with some family members I hadn’t seen in years/decades – heard some stories I never had before.

  51. Genevieve says:

    My daughter is going to be baptized next month and our priest has agreed to “pull out all the stops” for the ceremony, including chanting the acclamations and other prayers!

  52. Agnes of Prague says:

    There’s a fantastic conversion story at Messa in Latino from a young French chap. His grandparents are Catholic–his parents’ generation are anticlerical, but he has always believed, and has been wanting to be baptized for a few years. He’s had a hard time in the NO getting catechized, and one day by chance he went to a TLM and fell in love. He also managed to have a Requiem held for his late father and his relatives came. He’s hoping that his sister will also come with him.


  53. PghCath says:

    Today is my birthday. My wife made me a delicious dinner and bought me books and two WDTPRS.com mugs!

  54. rakesvines says:

    I thank God for Sophia’s safe delivery. I wanted to name her after her mom. But my wife decided to choose a name that has a profound meaning in my life instead. Cfr. http://divine-ripples.blogspot.com/2009/09/our-lady-wore-blue-jeans.html

    She’s our fifth and of course I see the costs associated with preparing them for life. But God who has began this will see it to completion. I’ll just have to keep asking for our daily bread.

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