Your good news and request for prayers

Do you have any good news to share with the readers?

For my part, I am embarking today on a new writing project.  Please say a prayer that my mind be clear and that I not write anything too ridiculous today.

Finally, tomorrow, Tuesday, I will say Mass for the intention of benefactors.  I am always grateful for the support people give and it is a duty and honor to support benefactors in prayer.

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  1. flyfree432 says:

    I am finishing an exam today which will leave me with just 1 class before I have an MA in Theology and we meet with a realtor tomorrow to buy our first house. Wednesday I am also starting a writing project with My Catholic Faith Delivered for new catechist formation materials. :) Busy week.

  2. Patti Day says:

    Today, my S-I-L, main caregiver for my mother and hers, both 87, is leaving on a week-long cruise to the Bahamas, along with fellow care givers. God bless.

  3. Young Canadian RC Male says:

    My Father is finally allowing me to drive short distances in my neighbourhood alone, hopefully starting with a 10 min trip to my nearest parish with First Friday Mass + Adoration March 4.

  4. Sorbonnetoga says:

    Good news? My wife is 6 months pregnant, our 18 month-old daughter is thriving and I’ve just gotten word from my boss that my workload (and pay) will be increasing, so I’ll be able to support my family reasonably comfortably. Oh, and Lent is just around the corner, so Easter is not too far behind. Te Deum laudamus, Te Dominum confitemur …

  5. I am expecting my first grandchild this summer!

  6. EoinOBolguidhir says:

    Our new baby is getting nice and FAT!

  7. Banjo pickin girl says:

    I’m doing better accepting the limitations of my health problems. And some people have been mean to me and I reacted poorly but now I know I am just supposed to put up with it.

  8. I have found a couple of jobs to do to make some money.

  9. mrose says:

    8 weeks until my Reception into Full Communion with Holy Mother Church, Lord-willing!

  10. lucy says:

    Good news – my family is healthy and safe at the moment. Thanks be to God !!

    Prayer request – please pray that our diocese receives a good bishop – a straight shooting, orthodox man who will love us all, not just the Ordinary Mass folks. We pray for our own FSSP parish so that we may have the full traditional parish life that we so ardently desire.

  11. acroat says:

    We have a new Archbishop in LA.

  12. APX says:

    I attended my second TLM yesterday and it was a lot less confusing than the first time. Once I’m back where I can regularly attend a TLM I’m switching over.

    Also, I’m ridiculously sick with a head cold today and have to make a big presentation in class that’s worth a significant portion of my final grade, so if anyone could say a prayer for me that I get through it okay, I would be most greatful.

  13. jorgepreble says:

    I wrote the Church of the Holy Cross in Munster, Germany asking for devotional materials of Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich and they sent me three 3rd class relics. I am very grateful and will beg Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich’s intercession for the spiritual and physical well being of a relative who has had MS for several years.

  14. pookiesmom says:

    We have a wonderful new Archbishop here in Seattle, Archb. Peter Sartain, and a TLM parish , North American Martyrs–the masses are so beautiful–I don’t mind the 100 mi. roundtrip drive. Life is GOOD!! We are praying hard for another FSSP parish for all of us TLM devotees down in the “south Puget Sound “.

  15. Sword40 says:

    Looks like we’ll be getting a monthly TLM on a Sunday afternoon (very soon). We have also found a priest willing to celebrate First Friday Masses. So we have our request for permission into our local OF pastor. Pray for us.

  16. Emilio III says:

    I hope it’s not improper to refer to another blog’s good news, but Taylor Marshall’s “Canterbury Tales” blog has before and after pictures of St Theresa’s in Sugarland TX which I think you will enjoy seeing:

  17. DetJohn says:

    On Wed., 2 March, I will be venerating a Relic of St. Mary Magdalene (partial leg bone) at St. Dominic Chuch in the Eagle Rock area of Los Angeles City. The scheduled times are 1:00pm to 9:00pm. Mass at 6:pm, I hope that other in the Los Angeles area can make it too. The relic is on tour from France.

  18. templariidvm says:

    Good news – my brother-in -law has returned safely from a tour in Afghanistan. No casualties in his unit! Deo Gratias

    Request prayers for an uncle who is recovering from pneumonia.

    Thank you all!

  19. Liz says:

    Emilio III those photos are amazing. I cannot believe that is the same church! That gives me hope for ugly churches everywhere. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for everyone for the happy news and I did pray for all of your intentions.

  20. My father, a good and holy man deeply devoted to the Church, was installed as Acolyte in the Diocese of Camden, NJ, this past Thursday, as part of his formation for the diaconate.

    We’re another day closer to Advent 2011.

  21. snowowl1234 says:

    Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting two very nice, first year Seminarians who conducted our group’s tour of St. Charles Borromeo Seminary outside of Philadelphia.

  22. bookworm says:

    I am finally getting over a nasty case of the stomach flu, and so far it appears that DH and DD have been spared :-) Helped me lose a couple of extra pounds to boot!

  23. Philangelus says:

    I just had to call the cops on my own son because he was melting down and threatening to kill me. He’s only 13. This stinks. Please pray that at least some of these professionals we’re seeing can help us get everything under control. I honestly have no idea what to do.

  24. MarieSiobhanGallagher says:

    The good news is that there is a drug in development which essentially reverses the affects of the genetic disorder cystic fibrosis. This is such happy news since my cousin is affected by this drug and is one of the older living individuals with this disease at age 40. She has had a life long battle with it and I was so happy to read recently that this drug is showing effectiveness and will hopefully be approved for wide dissemination in the next few years. Laus Deo! Thank you, Lord, for those scientists who are using their given talents for the benefit of others.

  25. priests wife says:

    philangelus- that does stink- praying for your son!

    Our good news- an icon writer volunteered her services and has completed 4 life-size icons for us- our little mission (meeting Sat evenings in a large Roman-rite chapel) now has a portable icon screen! (that is the best kind of lay involvement)

  26. Fr Matthew says:

    A few days ago I reconnected with two priest friends I hadn’t seen in years and they are both happy and thriving in their new ministries.

  27. God has been good to me and answered my prayers; by His grace, I will continue to follow His will wherever it leads me. Please pray for the conversion of 2 friends.

  28. Mike says:

    My 17-year old son is on a pilgrimage this week to Santiago with some terrific kids, some wonderful lay adults, and a holy priest. Yes!

  29. Stvsmith2009 says:

    I am very pleased that my “Saint Quote of the Day” blog went over 60,000 page views yesterday. It took over 5 years to get there, but I am a patient fellow.

  30. Stvsmith2009 says:

    Opps…I should have said that was all time, not for one day!!

  31. Goldfinch says:

    I had the privilege of altar serving a High Mass this past Sunday.

  32. The Cobbler says:

    I have a job and am _this close_ to being independent… Which makes waiting for the last bits all the more frustrating. But Mary’s taking care of me, so I can’t be all that down about it. I am in love with a wonderful young lady who has more good sense than almost anyone else I know. And I’m starting to see what I could do with all my thoughts and such, ways to actually help people that I wouldn’t have thought of a few years ago. Life is therefore mostly good, and a lot better than I would have thought during most of my life previously, even if I am frustrated with a few things and need to keep learning patience about certain matters (mostly frustration-related — I don’t know if my besetting sin is anger or if it’s just the only one I’m not currently gung ho on beating down).

    Oh… please pray for me to develop better habits of prayer — there are just a couple things I wish I was praying every day, for various reasons, much as I’ve learned for now to care less about whether I can meet any given goal and more about keeping God in mind as I run about my life. And pray for me to figure out a good Mass situation; long story.

    …While I’m at it, please pray also for a special intention I can’t make public.

  33. AnAmericanMother says:


    Prayers. Been there, done that. The Navy Sea Cadets saved our lives.

    Son is now a proud U.S. Marine. Best day’s work he ever did.

    Now we’re praying that he will return to the Church.

  34. bootstrap says:

    I showed the app, “Confession, A Roman Catholic App” to my third grade CCD class yesterday and more than one said they were excited to make their second confession.

  35. DIgoe says:

    I had choir practice tonight and we’re singing a Mozart Mass on Sunday at the 11am Novus Ordo in Latin. Then tomorrow night I have the privilege of acolyting at Adoration and Benediction.

    I have two special intentions: one is that my friend has told me that his family is going through some rough times right now (I’m not exactly sure what he meant by that). So if someone could please say a Hail Mary for him and his family I – and he – would greatly appreciate it.
    Also, please pray for me that I may make a good confession this week. There have been a few sins that have been greatly troubling me recently that I could use your prayers and the Divine Mercy of God for. Many thanks.

  36. MaryW says:

    Father William Casey O.P.M. will be a speaker at our Parish March 14th through the 17th to host, as our Sunday bulletin states, a Lenten Revival. There will be two daily sessions, morning and evening giving many an opportunity to attend. Am looking so forward to this.

    Philangelus, so sorry for your pain. You and your family are in my prayers.

  37. Charivari Rob says:

    I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in a wonderful volunteer project on Monday.

  38. Rose in NE says:

    My parish (FSSP) will host a full and true Forty Hours Devotion beginning on March 31 with a votive High Mass of the Blessed Sacrament. At the end of Mass, the Blessed Sacrament is exposed and a special litany and procession is made. From that time on for the next 40 hours, the Blessed Sacrament remains exposed, day and night, on the high altar. During the entire period of exposition there must always be at least two people keeping watch in the church. On the second day at a side altar a votive Mass for Peace is sung. On the third day a votive Mass of the Blessed Sacrament is sung once again at the high altar. At the end of Mass a procession is made, the litany is sung and the devotion is concluded with Solemn Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.
    I am so looking forward to this beautiful devotion and am grateful to our priests who make it possible.

  39. Singing Mum says:

    In hosp about to deliver my fourth boy, Dominc Miguel.
    He is Dominic for the holy founder and Miguel for St Michael and Bl. Miguel Pro.
    I love my men!! God willing, He may have one or all as priests.

  40. JMGDD says:

    I arrived 30 minutes early for confession this evening, and the priest (whom I do not know aside from prior confessions) stopped what he was doing to hear my confession, rather than make me wait. I normally read the act of contrition from a card since I’m always afraid I’ll stumble over it, but since I was not “prepared” in this case, I found that I really do have it memorized!

  41. tmitchell says:

    I was inspired by the Holy Spirit to offer to teach Gregorian Chant to my parish. I e-mailed my preist, and was expecting a “thank you, but no,” but instead he was excited about the possibility (but has to check with the “Liturgy Committee.” Ugh.). I’ve only just learned the basics, but if the HS wants me to do it, I’m sure it will work out fine.

    I’ve also been taking care of my elderly grandmother as of late. She doesn’t talk very often anymore. I was walking around the house practicing chanting the Gloria, and all of a sudden I heard her singing along. She hasn’t been to a TLM since VII. It was so wonderful.

    And God constantly reminds me that He is wonderful and amazing, even though I am a miserable, doubting sinner. Things are looking good! I will pray for everyone here, please pray for me!

  42. momoften says:

    My daughter received Anointing of the Sick this morning after Mass-she is now ready to face surgery on Friday morning. Please keep her in your prayers for a successful surgery and persistence in a long recovery…and the rest of the kids who will be 3 hours from me while I stay with her at the hospital for 5 days-the house better be standing when I get back!

  43. Hans says:

    I expect to be installed, Deo volente, as Reader this coming Sunday as part of my formation for the permanent diaconate.

  44. Maxiemom says:

    I posted some news yesterday and it appeared in the comments for a while, then disappeared. This isn’t the first time one of my comments has been deleted. What gives?

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