REVIEW UPDATE: Confession app for iPhone now for Android

Remember that iPhone app intended to help people make a good confession?

It is now released for Android as well.

The developer wrote to say that they had added the ability to add a “count” for the sins, to help people confess sins in both kind and number… extremely important.

Not sure if that applies also to the iPhone version.

And don’t forget …

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  1. HyacinthClare says:

    OK, I live under a rock. WHAT am I supposed not to forget? Does that square mean something?

  2. jmvbxx says:


  3. gkeuter says:

    No updates in the app store so I’m guessing the new features are not on the iPhone yet. Hopefully an update is in the queue.

  4. trespinos says:

    And an app for Windows Phone 7 too, please, thank you.

  5. s i says:

    HyacinthClare : if you have a smartphone, the camera can read that “square”…um…but I forget what it will see…….. ;-)

  6. GoZagsGo says:

    Yay! Thanks for the heads up, Father :) Sometimes we Android users get left out *ncaa*cough*marchmadnessmobile*cough*

  7. tripudians says:

    I can’t find it on android market. Am i missing something?

  8. markomalley says:

    Downloaded it last night and played with it. Very nice app. Appears to be well worth the $1.99 for it.

    If the developer is reading this, I would suggest allowing users to add their own custom items to the examination of conscience (for particular specific issues that they might be dealing with that aren’t listed in the standardized examination).

    But, having said that, I really like the app and appreciate the developers porting it to Android!

  9. dcs says:

    As far as the Blackberry and Windows 7 devices are concerned, the best approach might be to develop a mobile web application. However, that would introduce some difficulties in how one’s data is to be saved.

    It’s not surprising that the iPhone app has not been updated yet as Apple’s review and approval process is tedious.

  10. s i says:

    I can see it now…..some hacker will download it, modify it to steal everyone’s personal sins, upload the modified app back onto the Google apps store site, collect all the data from unsuspecting users – and broadcast it! [Until Google modify their procedures, I would stick with iPhone apps.]

  11. acroat says:

    I prefer the Mea Culpa app. It is more complete and distinguishs what sins are grave abd thus potentially mortal sins.

  12. ChipL says:

    @markomalley: I’m one of the developers and I am listening. That functionality is already built into the app. Within the individual commandments where the sins are listed, you have a lot of functionality. Here is the general functionality:

    If you long click on a sin (hold your finger down until a menu pops up), you can edit, delete, restore default text, reduce the count by 1, and reset the count completely. Each of these changes are done on a per-user basis. So, on my examination, I deleted have I encouraged anyone to have an abortion (among others) because it is simply something that I will never ever do. If you don’t like the wording of a sin, edit it to be what you would prefer and after you edit it, if you want it back to the original, just click restore default text. Accidentally click a sin? Just reduce the count and you are all good to go.

    Of course if you delete a sin, how do you get it back? Click on the menu button on the phone (by the home and back button) and you will be presented with another 2 options: Add Sin and Restore deleted. These are again per-user, so you can add sins to individual commandments.

    None of the above are available on the iPhone edition yet. I’ve also built the database so that I can update the code to include the ability to add categories, add prayer categories, and prayers.

    We are in the process of adding these to the iPhone edition now. We are planning on releasing these changes along with changes to allow us to add foreign languages at the same time. Database structure changes are not fun on actively installed systems, so we are trying to do all of the database changes at the same time. We are actively working on these changes.

  13. acroat says:

    IPieta is a fabulous app. Just added back Divine Mercy devotion and Novena-thanks MIC’s for granting permission. Also added Butker’s Lives of Saints and James Cardinal Gibbson’s Faith of Our Fathers. Can’t believe the values if the fabulous library contained in this application.

  14. Baylor_convert says:

    @ChipL: Any plans to expand this to Android 2.1? I got a new phone a month ago and, having heard so much about this app, would be sad to miss out. Thanks for all the good work on this!

  15. ChipL says:

    @Baylor_convert: Yes, I’m working on it already. For some reason, 2.1 doesn’t like a few of my database queries that work fine in 2.2 – 3.0. Hopefully will have it fixed in the middle of the week.

  16. markomalley says:


    Thanks for the feedback on that. Great job on the app!!!

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