Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) wants tax payer money to fund Planned Parenthood

Via Catholic Vote:

Sen. Scott Brown, R-MA, is one of the only Senate Republicans who favor legal abortion. So today’s news that he will vote to keep tax money for Planned Parenthood is not shocking, but it is still disappointing.

Catholics, especially in Massachusetts, can let their voices be heard by calling Senator Brown’s office at (202) 224-4543.

Here’s the statement that Senator Brown issued today:

“I support family planning and health services for women. Given our severe budget problems, I don’t believe any area of the budget is completely immune from cuts,” he said. “However, the proposal to eliminate all funding for family planning goes too far. As we continue with our budget negotiations, I hope we can find a compromise that is reasonable and appropriate.”

Except it isn’t reasonable or appropriate to give this notorious organization another dime.

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  1. Joanne says:

    Just called the Senator’s Boston office, said I was a constituent and a nurse, and that I hoped that Scott Brown would vote AGAINST funding for Planned Parenthood in any bills that come up! Was told by a staffer that she would “absolutely” register that.

  2. Brad says:

    The R behind his name means nothing, is no longer synonymous with conservative. (nude Cosmopolitan, anyone? haha)

    Apparently he is a member of the Christian Reformed Church in North America, which I am left to assume has not informed his conscience as to abortion? Or perhaps it has but he is in incredulity or heresy? I don’t claim to know.

  3. Centristian says:

    Would it be too cheeky to recall that thanks are owed to the Tea Party for this former pin-up boy whom they loudly and triumphantly crowned as the conservative rescuer of Ted Kennedy’s long-held Senate seat (and, consequently, of the GOP push to stop “Obamacare”)?

    Never cared for tea, myself.

    Tu autem Domine miserere nobis.

  4. BobP says:

    I’m sure there are other Senators (and House members) who would vote any which way to get themselves reelected.

  5. wanda says:

    One may, if so desired, google ‘contact Senator Scott Brown’. Up pops an email contact form, which will be sent regardless of whether or not you are a constituent. A reasoned note sent will not do any harm and may do some good. Letting the Senator know that we do not wish to spend any more of our tax money to pay for abortions may help, instead of letting his comments go un-answered.

  6. Jim Dorchak says:

    I really sounds like scott brown supports “scott brown”, and I sounds like scott brown would say anything it takes to get re-elected in liberal MA. It sounds like he has been listening to lindsay graham here in SC.
    Also this shows that Republican and Democrat politicians are all the same.

  7. marthawrites says:

    I suggest that Senator Brown and all other Planned Parenthood supp0rters in Congress watch a documentary called ” Blood Money,” a riveting, wrenching, disgusting, appalling indictment of the greed which fuels PP clinics and the devastating aftermath of abortion in the lives of those who undergo one (or more). Ironically, the phrase most often used by those who succumb to the pressure of pro-choicers is “I had NO CHOICE!”

  8. Random Friar says:

    Abort Planned Parenthood. NOW.

  9. Central Valley says:

    I was somewhat happy to see Brown win the Kennedy seat, only because the seat was no long a “Kennedy” seat. Having been raised in the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts, Brown is typical of a New England republican……liberal. “I support family planning and health services for women.” An organization such as planned parenthood does not support “health” of women or “family”. The destruction of a human life in the womb is murder. Sadly the Massachusetts bishops were silent(negligent) for years with Kennedy and they are the same way with Brown. Even if Brown is not Catholic, the Massachusetts bishops should be speaking out.

  10. robtbrown says:

    It was amusing–and amazing–that upon Scott Brown’s election to the Senate, many TV journalists, even knowing that he was pro abortion, were waxing about him being a possible Repub Presidential candidate.

  11. Gail F says:

    I called and left a message on his answering machine. Folks, please remember that you do not have to agree with politicians on ANYTHING. So what if Scott Brown supports legal abortion? Tell him what YOU think. We are talking about federal money paying for abortion facilities, which is a different matter from the legality of abortion. We are also talking about the allocation of limited funds. One can support cutting off Planned Parenthood while remaining pro-choice. That’s what we need ALL pro-choice congress members to do. If they like PP so much, they can donate themselves.

  12. Pledger says:

    I’ve always wondered what it would be like if Ted Kennedy were reincarnated as a Republican….now I know.

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