Have you tied everything down?

Super Moon is coming!

14%, folks.

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  1. isnowhere says:

    I think I remember the last one… wasn’t in ’93 or 94? I might peep out the window to gaze a bit :)

  2. iudicame says:



  3. Liz says:

    I was telling the family about this. The only reason I remembered was that I noted that the date was St. Joseph’s Feast Day. Wonderful link, RichR, I think I will show them that as well.

  4. fieldsparrow says:

    I hope the skies are clear here tonight so that I can see it.

  5. danielinnola says:

    What does this mean??? Super Moon? sounds scary…. Earthquakes, in diverse places. Tsunamis, the sea and the waves roaring. The Earth shaken to her foundations. wars, rumours of wars. Radiation clouds spreading across the land and Sea, and now “Super Moon”…. Ah yes living in the Endtimes is exhilirating! I would dare to say its downright stimulating…

  6. pelerin says:

    Excellent view of the super moon on a very clear night here in Southern England.

  7. RichR says:

    Pretty view outside. It’s just a little closer. This happens every few years….and no earthquakes or catastrophes happened then. EOTW people need to find a new occurrence to scare dummies with.

  8. BobP says:

    Pretty cloudy here but you can still see it. The tides should be higher or lower.

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