Very cool Benedictine Nuns in England who use technology well!

From The Anchoress I learned about DigitalNunDaily.  This is a very cool site by some very cool Benedictine Nuns of Holy Trinity Monastery in East Hendred, England.

I have a soft spot for traditionally-minded very-cool Benedictine Nuns.

They have audio podcasts, a blog with news roundups (today includes Astronomy Pic of the Day and something about Medieval mystery plays!).  They do online retreats!

And they need money.  They are Nuns, after all.  Very cool Benedictine Nuns.  In habits.  They use technology well, too.

Check them out and give them a hand if you can.  It is Lent and time for alms giving.

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  1. Fr. Basil says:

    I’m happy to see that they’re using Macs!

  2. cblanch says:

    Father, I think it’s wonderful that you’re giving them a plug on your blog! It is indeed a time for extra almsgiving.

  3. jsing says:

    Here’s a website of some more very cool Benedictine Nuns in Greensburg, PA

    They have a shrine to Saint Walburga also and a great bookstore.

  4. ReginaMarie says:

    St. Emma’s…we know the chaplain there, Fr. Joseph Sredzinski. He used to be at St. Hubert’s just over the border from us in Point Marion, PA. We miss him. We shall have to make a trip to the Monastery soon to visit.

  5. MattW says:

    I’m a little surprised that we didn’t see a plug for [CUE MUSIC] Mystic Monk coffee. What better than a cup of Carmelite Midnight Vigils while on your cyber-retreat with the Benedictine nuns?

  6. thickmick says:

    very cool

  7. Bryan Boyle says:

    Very cool. Dropped some coins in their basket (well, more like folding coins…); bravo for their dedication and faithfulness, as well as being on the Right Side of computing with a Mac on their desk. Glad to see they are not on the dark side of things, all around.

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