VOTE FOR WDTPRSA discussion under a different entry prompts me to post a poll.

I ask the help of “trad” blogs to get the word out and get a larger sample.

I have rarely met anyone who is firmly attached, even fanatically attached, to the older, traditional liturgical worship in  the Roman Rite who will say openly that the Novus Ordo of Paul VI is “invalid”.

I stress “invalid”.  They will say many other uncomplimentary things about the Pauline Rite, or Ordinary Form, call it what you will, but they generally won’t say it is invalid.

I am curious.

Here is a poll only for SSPXers and for traditionalists who might be reasonably considered hard-core.

You don’t have to be registered to vote.

There will be NO discussion in the combox.  Vote what you really think.

If you are not an SSPX or otherwise hardcore traditionalist (Sedevacantist, etc. let us not nitpick) then DON’T BUTT IN.

This is an honor thing.  Cheat and you are nothing but a scrub.

I am follower of the SSPX or another traditionalist group and...

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UPDATE 2 March 01:16 GMT:

From an SSPX priest (edited):

In our SSPX circles the question of the validity of the Novus Ordo divides us from Sedevacantists.  It is THE most visible dividing question.

If someone tells me they think the Novus Ordo is invalid, I immediately know I’m dealing with a sedevacantist type of mind.

You can’t maintain that the Novus Ordo is invalid and that the Pope who promulgated it is still Pope, can you?

No, Father, you can’t.  Thanks for that!

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