Brick by brick, literally

Remember Fr. George David Byers?  He is the priest who has begun life as a hermit with the aim especially of praying for priests.   I wrote about him before, HERE.  His web site is HERE.

When you are using my donation button, which I hope you will do often, also think of him.   He is building his place.

Gotta support someone who supports priests in prayer.

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4 Responses to Brick by brick, literally

  1. Frank H says:

    Fr. Byers is indeed worthy of our support. I had met him on one occasion after he celebrated a TLM in Columbus, and had later heard of his hermitage dream. Your first post on him a month ago provided me the opportunity to contribute, and I plan to do more as I can in the future.

  2. berenike says:

    And you get more hermitage for you money, since he’s not setting out to build a flippin’ great Gothic wedding cake!

  3. benedetta says:

    I hope all is proceeding well for Fr. Byers.

  4. Liz says:

    God bless him!

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