Reminders about commenting here.

Having watched trends in the combox, I will remind oldsters and prompt newcomers about a few points I prefer to see.

In no special order:

  • You must be registered to comment.
  • The software that scans for spam has become more restrictive.  Sometimes it will pull completely innocent comments into the queue.  Sorry.
  • Adding links to a comment will nearly always ensure that it is automatically pulled into the queue.
  • When you are trying to address yourself to or respond to someone’s comment, always make the FIRST THING you write that person’s name or username. That’s important.
  • Think twice about what you write.
  • I consider the combox to be something along the lines of my living room.  I feel perfectly at ease tossing people out.
  • Short comments are good.
  • If you quote someone, it helps to confine yourself only to the pertinent lines.
  • If you quote someone, it helps to use the bold tags.
  • Think before posting.
  • Use each other well.  If you disagree, stick to positions and arguments and ideas.  Don’t make personal attacks.


Finally, Tabula delenda est.

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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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