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  1. wanda says:

    ‘When you wore a tulip, a big, yellow tulip and I wore a big red rose..’
    Pretty flowers and great photo.

  2. cblanch says:

    Yes, so beautiful and nice to see. Especially on this gray, rainy day in nw Ohio.

  3. Maltese says:

    The sun shining brightly, and brightly shining on that still life of yellow flowers; illumined and illuminating; very beautiful, Father! Thx! God’s beauty is often in the littleness, the stillness, of things! Often in the stillness, minutiae of things, the things one doesn’t usually see, lies the greatest beauty!

  4. JKnott says:

    That luminous star light in the shadow as contrasted against the center star of the tulip above……….ohhhhhh. Father you have a gift for capturing the beautiful in many ways. Thank you.

  5. EWTN Rocks says:

    Beautiful tulips Fr. Z.

  6. Cazienza says:

    How beautiful!

  7. irishgirl says:

    Lovely flowers-and lovely sunlight!
    This is good to see on a rainy and dreary Monday morning in Upstate New York.

  8. Theodore says:

    First appearance of Passerina amoena on my feeders yesterday.

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