A few minutes of what the Italians call “un pò di relax”.


Fr. Z's Soon To Be Replaced Glasses

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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. digdigby says:

    Dolce far niente. [“far niente”… ha! Right now it’s just “un pò di meno”.]

  2. wanda says:

    Ahhhhh..very nice.

  3. EWTN Rocks says:

    Does look relaxing…almost resort-like, or on a cruise ship floating on the sea (but maybe that’s just me in need of vacation). Don’t tell me that the pictured martini represents an answer to the which one is Fr. Z’s Martini vs. Manhattan post a couple of weeks ago!

  4. EWTN: That is a very good question. Thanks for raising it!

  5. EWTN Rocks says:

    Come to think of it, I don’t think a resort or cruise ship would be that relaxing…how about the Italian country-side? Yes, that’s better (a girl can dream can’t she, at least before reality sets in?).

    Actually, I think it’s called vacation deprivation (I haven’t been away from work for more than a week in over 5 years – pitiful I know).

  6. BTW.. the flowers were immediately taken to the altar.

    The martini and the apple stayed with me for a while.

  7. digdigby says:

    I’ve always figured there must be at least three Father Z’s to blog on top of all the rest.

  8. dig: Maybe there are!

  9. RobertK says:

    Looks your enjoying a nice Spring afternoon Father.

  10. CatholicinCA says:

    I’m curious about the translation of this, if any one can help: Nemo tibi fabulas uendat, non latret rabies haereticorum de angulo. (It is tangentially related to Fr. Z’s glasses as evidenced by an earlier post). I also love the lighting of that picture–it looks like a still life portrait.

  11. Looks good to me! Extra-dry with two olives!

  12. Rob Cartusciello says:

    As my cousin in Campania says: Tutti OK!

  13. joecct77 says:

    Just curious, but what is a typical day for Fr. Z??

    I know you say Mass and keep the blog going, but I can’t picture you staring at the computer or bird feeder the rest of the day.

  14. irishgirl says:

    Nice picture, Father Z! The flowers look fresh and pretty, and the apple looks yummy!
    The martini looks good, though I myself am a teetotaller.
    And it’s so wonderful to see the sunlight on everything!

  15. joanofarcfan says:

    Gin or vodka?

  16. glennbcnu says:

    To: CatholicinCA

    Google translates: “Nemo tibi fabulas uendat, non latret rabies haereticorum de angulo. ” as “No one let him sell you stories, not of heretics, causes the barking madness of a corner of the”

    Sorry it was too funny not to post!

  17. JKnott says:

    What a strikingly beautiful still life . It would be wonderful painted in Pastels. Hmmmm
    And now we know. Subtle Father. The martini. And I voted for the manhattan. Oh well.

  18. That Latin, from Augustine’s sermon 238,3 is:

    “Let nobody sell you fairytales, and let not the rabid heretics bark from their corner.”

    Augustine had a dim view of heretics.

  19. asophist says:

    From the photo, that martini appears shaken, not stirred (a la James Bond). Personally, I prefer mine stirred. I comes out crystal clear, with no ice film on top.

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